100 Bengali Girl Names – Best Unique Names

In search of beautiful Bengali Girl Names for your little princess?

Below we have created a list of 100 beautiful, traditional, and popular Bengali girl names along with their meanings.

If you are looking for Bengali names that carry a deep and thoughtful meaning that your child can be proud of, you have found the right place.


Choosing a name is always a big decision, and it’s natural for every parent to want to find a perfect name that’s both unique and meaningful. This requires careful consideration.

Bengali Girl Names
100 Bengali Girl Names - Best Unique Names 6

Bengali names have a rich cultural history and offer a range of beautiful options to choose from.

The most popular choices are Bengali Girl Names which start with the letters T and B.

Whether you’re of Bengali descent, looking for a name that’s traditional or modern, or simply drawn to the beauty of Bengali names, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s something for every parent, as well as, a name generator to decide on your own name.

So, let’s dive into the world of Bengali girl names and find the perfect name for your little one.

40 Bengali girl names

  • Aaratrika – means lamp or light of worship
  • Anulekha – a letter or inscribed
  • Bhavika – emotion or sentiment
  • Dristi – vision or sight
  • Eshani -goddess Parvati or wife of Lord Shiva
  • Falguni – born in Falgun month or spring
  • Gaurangi – fair complexioned or golden limbed
  • Hiral – diamond
  • Ishita – desired or superior
  • Jui – a flower
  • Kadambari – a long novel
  • Lavanya – beauty
  • Malavika – jasmine
  • Nidhi – treasure or wealth
  • Oindrila – another name for the goddess Indrani
  • Parijat – a flower from heaven
  • Rupsha – beautiful or elegant
  • Sanjukta – joined together or conjoined
  • Tithi – date or time
  • Urmi – wave or ripple
  • Aarohi – means musical notes
  • Ananya – unique or incomparable
  • Arpita – dedicated or offered
  • Diya – lamp or light
Bengali Girl Names
100 Bengali Girl Names - Best Unique Names 7

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  • Ishani – goddess Durga or wife of Lord Vishnu
  • Jhanvi – river Ganga
  • Kavya – poetry or poem
  • Megha – cloud or rain
  • Nandini – daughter or delightful
  • Oli – light or radiance
  • Puja – worship or prayer
  • Ria – singer or river
  • Sabrina – legendary princess
  • Sanchita – collected or accumulated
  • Shreya – prosperity or success
  • Tanisha – ambition or desire
  • Trisha – thirst or desire
  • Urvi – earth
  • Vani – voice or speech
  • Zara – princess or radiance

40 Rare and Unique Bengali names

  • Adwita – Unique
  • Aishani – Goddess Durga
  • Amalina – Pure
  • Anindita – Beautiful
  • Anoushka – Grace
  • Antara – Inner beauty
  • Anumita – Respectful
  • Aparajita – Undefeated
  • Aradhya – Worshiped
  • Aranya – Forest
  • Archana – Worship
  • Arpita – Dedicated
  • Arshi – Heavenly
  • Asha – Hope
  • Asmita – Pride
  • Chandra – Moon
  • Chandrima – Moonlight
Bengali Girl Names
100 Bengali Girl Names - Best Unique Names 8

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  • Chitrangada – Name of Arjun’s wife in Mahabharata
  • Debopriya – Loved by Gods
  • Deboshree – Divine light
  • Debarati – Offering of prayers
  • Deepanwita – Illuminated
  • Devina – Resembling a goddess
  • Dhriti – Patience
  • Gauri – Fair
  • Haimi – Golden
  • Harshita – Happy
  • Hiranya – Gold
  • Jyotsna – Moonlight
  • Kamala – Lotus
  • Kantha – Radiant
  • Karuna – Compassion
  • Kaveri – River
  • Khushi – Happiness
  • Kiran – Ray of light
  • Labanya – Beauty
  • Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth
  • Lila – Divine play
  • Madhu – Sweet
  • Madhumita – Sweet friend
  • Mitali – Friendly

20 Bengali Girl names with a B

  • Bithi – means path
  • Bristi – means rain
  • Brinda – tulsi or basil
  • Bani – goddess Saraswati or speech
  • Bithika – a river’s bank
  • Baisakhi – named after the Hindu festival that marks the beginning of the harvest season
Bengali Girl Names
100 Bengali Girl Names - Best Unique Names 9

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  • Bhumika – role or character
  • Baisali – named after the ancient city of Vaishali in Bihar, India
  • Barsha – rain or monsoon
  • Bithika – a river’s bank
  • Bishakha – a star
  • Bandana – prayer or worship
  • Bhavana – feelings or sentiments
  • Bina – melodious or musical instrument
  • Bithika – a river’s bank
  • Bubly – bubbles
  • Bidya – knowledge” or “education
  • Bodhi – enlightenment
  • Bonna – rain
  • Banhi – fire


In conclusion, Bengali baby girl names offer a diverse and captivating range of options for parents searching for a name that is rare, unique, and beautiful.

Each name holds a special meaning and significance, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Bengali people.

By choosing a Bengali name for your baby girl, you not only give her a lovely and distinct identity but also honor the values and traditions of a vibrant community.

You, as a parent, can give your daughter a powerful and unforgettable start to her life journey.

Take your time, consider the options, and choose a name that resonates with you and your family.

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What is the significance of choosing a rare and unique Bengali name for a baby girl?

Choosing a rare and unique Bengali name for a baby girl can help her stand out and have a distinct identity. It can also be a reflection of the parents’ culture and values.

What are some popular Bengali baby girl names?

Some popular Bengali girl names include Anika, Aarushi, Aarna, Ria, Sohini, and Sonali.

Can Bengali baby girl names have both traditional and modern influences?

Yes, Bengali girl names can have both traditional and modern influences. Many Bengali names have a rich cultural history, but new names are also being introduced with modern influences.

What are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a Bengali name for a baby girl?

Some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a Bengali name for a baby girl include the meaning and significance of the name, the ease of pronunciation, and how the name will fit with the child’s last name and overall identity.

Can Bengali baby girl names have spiritual or mythological meanings?

Yes, many Bengali girl names have spiritual or mythological meanings. For example, names like Anindita (beautiful), Aishani (Goddess Durga), and Chandrima (moonlight) all have spiritual or mythological significance.

What are the prettiest Indian girl names?

There are numerous beautiful Indian girl names to choose from, and some of the prettiest ones include Aarohi which means musical note or tune; Alisha meaning protected by God; Anjali, meaning gift; Anoushka, meaning graceful; Jiya, meaning sweetheart; Kavya, meaning poetry; Niyati, meaning destiny or fate; Saanvi, meaning goddess Lakshmi; Saira, meaning princess or happy and Samaira, meaning enchanting or pleasant.

What is the Bengali word for baby girl?

The Bengali word for baby girl is (meye shishu).

What are uncommon Bengali baby names girl?

Some uncommon names are, Ambar which means sky; Binita meaning modest; Deeti meaning knowledgeable; Esha meaning wish or desire; Falguni meaning born in Falgun; Grishma meaning summer; Ipsita meaning desire or longing
and Jui means jasmine.

What are 4 letter Bengali baby girl names?

Isha means goddess; Mira means ocean; Nila means blue and Rupa – means beauty.

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