Finding the Right Fit for Your Baby’s Needs

If you are expecting, it is time to start shopping for baby gear; baby car seats, and baby strollers.

With hundreds of options on the market and many opinions, from friends and family, to listen to, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. Ultimately the best car seat and the stroller will have to be one that works for you, your child, your budget, your vehicle, your lifestyle and so much more!

Why You Can Trust Our Reviews and Guides

At Find My Fit, we’ve been a trusted name in the baby gear industry for three decades.

We’ve helped countless parents like you navigate the often-confusing world of baby products.

Our mission is simple: to simplify and uncomplicate the buying journey for first-time parents.

Does it fit your lifestyle?

Your baby stroller should fit your lifestyle. We have 5 categories to provide clarity.

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City Lifestyle – Indoors

If you live in the city and you’re planning on using your stroller primarily indoors and for occasional walks in town, this is the category you want to focus on.

Citylife strollers are typically stylish in design, modular and diverse in functionality.

They’re equipped with EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) tires which are designed with the intention to glide in a shopping mall and provide a smooth ride on busy sidewalks.

Travel Lifestyle – Indoors

If you’re a jetsetter, busy parent-on-the-go or simply love taking frequent family vacations, this is the category for you.

Travel-friendly strollers are typically compact, lightweight, and practical.

They are perfect for storing away into small compartments, smaller vehicles or for when you need to make use of public transportation.

They’re equipped with EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) tyres which make them the perfect lightweight option whilst providing a more comfortable pushing experience.

Active Lifestyle – Outdoors

If you love exploring the outdoors whilst breaking a sweat, you’re at the right category.

If you lead an active lifestyle that requires you to go running, you will need to consider a professional all-terrain jogger.

Joggers that are made for running typically sport a fixed front wheel and large but slim tires. They are built for speed and sport air-filled or foam-filled tires for better performance for alternating terrain.

Joggers tend to be heavier in weight due to their wheel size and tire material but more importantly, because they are designed to last.

Semi-active Lifestyle – Outdoors

If you enjoy navigating the outdoors but don’t plan on going full throttle on your cardio, you may want to consider this category.

These joggers are ideal for outdoor nature walks or going off-road no matter where you are.

Joggers that are suitable for the outdoors but not meant for professional running, look almost identical to professional joggers. So, how do you tell the difference? The wheels and tires!

These outdoor joggers typically have large wheels in size, but the air-filled or foam-filled tires are thicker and wider (which would slow you down if you tried running) but that will allow your jogger to glide over uneven terrain without flying away. In other words: they give your jogger grit.

The Hybrid Lifestyle – Indoors & Outdoors

If you want the best of both worlds, this category is it! The hybrid lifestyle is for the person who loves the occasional outdoor walks with baby and getting lost in nature but who doesn’t have the luxury of a big enough car or trunk space.

These strollers are suitable for navigating busy shopping malls and exploring the rugged outdoors.

They are equipped with air-filled or foam-filled wheels that are medium in size, practical in design, and diverse in functionality to provide its users with different usage options.

Does it fit your trunk?

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Most first-time parents get swept up by the looks or price tag of a baby stroller. To the point where they purchase it and only realize afterward that it does not fit in their vehicle trunk, and even if it fits, there is no space for anything else!

This is frustrating and can waste time and financial resources.

For this reason, it’s imperative to first check that the baby stroller you’re eyeing, fits in your trunk.

We have set up collages with a wide variety of trunk sizes and styles to help you find your fit!

Does the folding style fit your taste?

Updated Different Folding Styles Of Strollers
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There is nothing worse than holding a crying baby on your hip while struggling to fold a stroller or feeling like you need a degree in strollers to find the folding mechanisms!

If you’re a busy parent on the go and have a no-nonsense attitude, a one-hand fold is a must.

However, if you want a baby stroller that’s incredibly compact or that gives you options to play with, you will need to look at two, three, and four-hand folds.

We have set up a collage with practical examples showcasing the number of buttons that will need to be used to fold different baby strollers.

Does it fit your budget?

We understand that you want the best for your baby.

And while the best isn’t necessarily the most expensive stroller, you have to budget when bringing a child into your life.

We have set up a collage showing the different price categories each baby stroller falls into, in the hopes that you will find a stroller that meets your financial requirements.

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