Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names of 2024

In search of a name for your baby boy that echoes the richness of Bengali heritage? Our thoughtfully curated list presents a harmonious blend of traditional and regal uncommon Bengali baby boy names, each carrying a tale and significance, awaiting your discerning choice.


Welcome to the ultimate resource for discovering Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names!

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 12

This comprehensive guide takes you through an extensive selection of Bengali names, spanning from A to Y. Delve into the captivating world of names like Uday Samudra, Sanjib, Prosenjit, and Saksham, each with deep-rooted meanings.

Explore names associated with revered deities, including Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Rama, or those inspired by the allure of precious gemstones.

Unlock the cultural richness of Bengali names and find the perfect moniker for your child.

The Essence of Uncommon Names

Our list of uncommon Bengali baby boy names offers plenty of possibilities for parents searching for something different, from contemporary names like Prosenjit to classic names like Uday Samudra.

Unearthing Unique Monikers

Parents may choose unique, eye-catching names for their sons by selecting uncommon Bengali baby boy names. These names provide a child’s identity with a sense of originality and distinctiveness because they are uncommon in the mainstream.

Given the wide variety of Bengali names available, parents may go through the options and select one that honors their cultural history while also being unusual and fascinating.

Revealing Uncommon Options

Are you looking for uncommon Bengali baby boy names for your baby? Investigating the depth and significance of each name is essential. These names demonstrate the distinctiveness of Bengali cultures and go beyond generic selections.

Investigating other categories, including names that begin with S or those associated with Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva, might also provide more unique and intriguing naming options.

Extra Details That Shine

There are no restrictions on the meanings of uncommon Bengali baby boy names. When searching for distinctive names for their boys, parents have a plethora of options because of the Bengali alphabet’s extensive assortment.

Numerous charming and distinctive choices are at your fingertips, spanning meaningful picks with initials D or T to renowned spiritually significant names associated with Hindu deities, such as Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesh.

Pro Tip

Make sure your choice of uncommon Bengali baby boy names fits the traditions and values of your family. When choosing a name, think about speaking with elders or specialists who are familiar with Bengali culture to understand the cultural connotations or significance of the past.

Explore the cultural depth of uncommon Bengali baby boy names; instead of settling for a conventional name, offer your son a unique, traditional identity that is interesting to him.

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Cultural Significance of Rare Bengali Names

Your special choice of uncommon Bengali baby boy names must have cultural substance. The various options often represent the parents’ ideals, beliefs, and goals while also reflecting Bengal’s rich past and traditions.

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 13

It gives the kid and the family a sense of pride and identity.
Every name has a special backstory; they were chosen for a variety of reasons, such as their profound cultural importance, historical allusions, religious overtones, or personal relevance to the family.

As an illustration, the Bengali word “Uday Samudra” means “rise of the ocean”. This name represents fortitude, tenacity, and victory over hardship. In Bengali literature and tradition, it also symbolizes the majesty and might of nature.

A name selection is more than simply a label. It forms the basis of the child’s identity from birth and molds his personality as he matures. These names preserve ancestors’ tales, ideals, and customs while accepting more contemporary interpretations.

Now, enter the realm of uncommon Bengali baby boy names. Every single one of them is a gem awaiting discovery.

List of Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names

A carefully chosen collection of uncommon Bengali baby boy names that are meaningful and noteworthy options for parents looking for something unique.

  • Avirup (meaning: Without form)
  • Aniket (meaning: Homeless)
  • Bankim (meaning: Zigzag)
  • Badal (meaning: Cloud)
  • Chirayu (meaning: Long-lived)
  • Chandranath (meaning: Moon)
  • Debanshu (meaning: Part of God)
  • Durjoy (meaning: Difficult to conquer)
  • Ekavir (meaning: Bravest of the brave)
  • Ekalavya (meaning: Renowned for his dedication to his guru)
  • Gourishankar (meaning: Mount Everest)
  • Gourav (meaning: Honour)
  • Haripada (meaning: Vishnu’s feet)
  • Himadri (meaning: Himalaya)
  • Indrajit (meaning: Conqueror of Indra)
  • Ishan (meaning: Sun)
  • Jyotirmoy (meaning: Lustrous)
  • Jagadbandhu (meaning: Lord Krishna)
  • Kuntal (meaning: Hair)
  • Kovidh (meaning: Wise)
  • Loknath (meaning: Lord of all worlds)
  • Labh (meaning: Gain)
  • Madhukanta (meaning: Moon)
  • Mrinal (meaning: Lotus)
  • Niral (meaning: Calm)
  • Nirbhik (meaning: Fearless)
  • Omkar (meaning: Sound of Om)
  • Onir (meaning: Shining)
  • Pradyumna (meaning: Son of Krishna)
  • Partha (meaning: Arjuna)
  • Rupak (meaning: Sign)
  • Ritam (meaning: True)
  • Sarbajit (meaning: Who has conquered everything)
  • Shubhendu (meaning: Lucky Moon)
  • Tanishk (meaning: Gold)
  • Tapas (meaning: Heat)
  • Ujjal (meaning: Bright)
  • Utpal (meaning: Water lily)
  • Vidip (meaning: Bright)
  • Vishwamitra (meaning: Friend of the universe)

It’s important to note that the rarity of names can vary based on regions and periods.

Bengali literature also provides a lyrical haven of originality and inventiveness. When looking for the ideal choice out of uncommon Bengali baby boy names for your baby boy, the following category will make you wonder, “Shakespeare, who?”

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Influence of Bengali Literature on Uncommon Bengali baby boy names

The literary allure of Bengal has a significant impact on original uncommon Bengali baby boy names. Parents looking for something genuinely exceptional for their child might find a vibrant collage of associations and significance with these particular names from Bengali literature.

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 14

View this list of uncommon Bengali baby boy names that come specifically with literary roots:

  • Abhijit: A character from Mahabharata; means ‘one who is victorious’.
  • Aranyak: is the title of a famous novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.
  • Byomkesh: is the name of a famous detective in Bengali literature, created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay.
  • Bankim: After Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, the author of “Anandamath” from which India’s national song is taken.
  • Chitrangada: A character from Rabindranath Tagore’s play.
  • Chandrasekhar: The name of the protagonist in a novel by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay.
  • Devdas: Famous character from Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay’s novel of the same name.
  • Durgeshnandini: Title of a novel by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.
  • Eklavya: From Mahabharata, a prince who became Dronacharya’s disciple.
  • Elomelo: From Bengali poetry, means ‘confused’ or ‘muddled’.
  • Gora: Title of a novel by Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Ghare-Baire: Another novel by Rabindranath Tagore, meaning ‘Home and the World’.
  • Habul: A character from a poem by Kazi Nazrul Islam.
  • Hemendro: Hemendra Kumar Roy, a famous Bengali writer known for his mystery novels.
  • Indranath: A character in some of Saradindu Bandyopadhyay’s stories.
  • Ishwar: Central character in Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay’s novel “Srikanto”.
  • Jogajog: Title of a novel by Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Jibananda: After the poet Jibananda Das, who penned the famous poem “Banalata Sen”.
  • Kapalkundala: Title of a novel by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.
  • Kanchanjangha: The title of a film script written by Satyajit Ray.
  • Lalmohan: A character in Satyajit Ray’s Feluda series.
  • Loknath: A character from Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay’s literature.
  • Meghnadbadh: Title of Michael Madhusudan Dutt’s epic poem.
  • Mrinal: A character from Rabindranath Tagore’s short stories.
  • Nirmal: Protagonist in Tagore’s “Ghawre Bairey”.
  • Nakul: A character from Mahabharata
  • Parashuram: Pseudonym of the famous Bengali writer Rajshekhar Basu.
  • Pather Panchali: Title of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s novel which was turned into a film by Satyajit Ray.
  • Rahula: Character in some Buddhist texts.
  • Robi: Short for Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Sharatchandra: After Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay, one of the most famous Bengali novelists.
  • Srikanto: Title of a novel by Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay.
  • Tilottama: Name of a character in Rabindranath Tagore’s literature.
  • Tarapada: A character from Rabindranath Tagore’s short stories.
  • Udayan: Central character in Tagore’s play “The Post Office”.
  • Urvashi: Character in some Vedic literature.
  • Vimal: Character in some works by Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay.
  • Vikram: Ancient Indian king with many tales and plays written around him.

These are distinctive names that encapsulate the spirit of Bengali culture. Literary roots with deep meaning indicate the connection between language and culture.

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 15

Spiritual symbolism is also present in some names. A child’s name represents the goals, values, and beliefs of its parents.

Bengali literature has a noteworthy influence on unusual names. The naming custom is imbued with a sense of uniqueness and cultural profundity using literary baby boy names.

If you want to look into more possibilities of uncommon Bengali baby boy names, consider naming your child after one of the major attributes, such as the goodness of Lord Vishnu or the prosperity of Lord Shiva, starting with the letters ‘T’ and ‘V’.

Additionally, assuming names that begin with the letter “D” might enhance one’s power and understanding related to Lord Rama.

Parents ensure that their child’s identity aligns with cultural legacy while being distinctive in a modern environment by choosing names that are intentional and less common, like these.

Literary influences, cultural significance, and personal expression through name choices are all strongly connected by these concepts. These Bengali newborn boy names inspired by nature are sure to evoke a lot of “awws”!

Names Inspired by Nature and Landscapes

Select from a variety of uncommon Bengali baby boy names that honor elements, scenery, and the glories of nature.

  • Aranya: Forest
  • Ankur: Sprout or seedling
  • Brishti: Rain
  • Badal: Cloud
  • Chandra: Moon
  • Chayank: Moonlight
  • Dhawan: Air or stream
  • Diptanshu: Sun
  • Eshan: Sun
  • Eeshir: Sun’s ray
  • Gagan: Sky
  • Ghata: Clouds
  • Himadri: Himalaya Mountains
  • Heman: Gold (like golden rays)
  • Indra: Rain God
  • Ishir: Fire
  • Jaladhi: Ocean
  • Jal: Water
  • Kiran: Ray of light
  • Kusum: Flower
  • Lohit: Red (like the sun)
  • Lata: Creeper or vine
  • Megh: Cloud
  • Mayur: Peacock
  • Nakul: Mongoose (Also the name of one of the Pandavas)
  • Neel: Blue
  • Ohas: Sky
  • Omja: Born of the cosmic unity
  • Pavan/Pawan: Wind
  • Pushp: Flower
  • Rohit: Red or the sun’s red light
  • Ravi: Sun
  • Surya: Sun
  • Sankha: Conch shell
  • Tarun: Young, like a young tree
  • Tushar: Snow
  • Uday: Dawn
  • Utsav: Springtime
  • Vihan: Dawn
  • Vata: Banyan tree
  • Yamun: River (Yamuna River)
  • Yogendra: God of clouds and waters
Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 16

These uncommon Bengali baby boy names convey the strength, tranquility, and enduring influence of nature. As you demonstrate your admiration for nature, give your infant boy a unique identity.

Allow the name of your child to serve as a symbol of their relationship with nature.
Give up on the typical names and welcome the latest in unique Bengali newborn boy naming trends!

Talking to aging family members or taking into account literary allusions can also be beneficial.

Strong, uplifting names with significance are becoming more and more popular among parents. When selecting a unique name, things like phonetic attractiveness, pronunciation ease, and cultural importance should be taken into account.

Modern trends in Bengali baby boy names? Here’s a list:

Names with Deep Meanings

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 17
  • Alok: Light, Brilliance
  • Arit: Praised, respected
  • Bihan: Morning, a new dawn of life
  • Bodhan: Awakening, enlightening
  • Chandan: Sandalwood, representing purity and serenity
  • Chandroday: Moonrise, a poetic representation of the emergence of light in darkness
  • Dibyendu: Radiance of the moon, symbolizing calm brilliance
  • Dipankar: One who lights lamps, bringing enlightenment
  • Ekansh: Whole, representing completeness
  • Ekavir: Bravest of the brave, showcasing courage
  • Gaurav: Honor, pride
  • Gambhir: Deep, serious
  • Himadri: The Himalayas, symbolize majesty and serenity
  • Hiranmay: Golden, representing purity and brilliance
  • Indrajit: Conqueror of Indra, showing might and power
  • Ishwar: God, the omnipotent and omnipresent
  • Jagadish: Lord of the universe
  • Jayaditya: Victory of the sun, symbolizing triumph over darkness
  • Kalyan: Welfare, benevolence
  • Kamalaksh: With eyes like a lotus, a symbol of beauty and purity
  • Loknath: Lord of the world, the protector
  • Lakshmidhar: Holder of the goddess of wealth, representing prosperity
  • Manomay: Winner of hearts, loved by all
  • Mahadev: Another name for Lord Shiva, the great god
  • Nabendu: New moon, signifying a fresh start
  • Nirav: Silent, calm
  • Pradyun: Radiant, luminous
  • Pranjal: Honest, sincere
  • Rajanikant: Sun, the king of the day
  • Rohen: Ascending, rising
  • Satyajit: Victory of Truth
  • Sumantra: Good advice, wise counsel
  • Tapas: Asceticism, spiritual practice
  • Tanmay: Engrossed, deeply absorbed
  • Ujjwal: Bright, shining
  • Upal: Stone, symbolizing strength and steadiness
  • Vidyasagar: Ocean of knowledge, immensely learned
  • Vivekananda: Joy of discernment, named after the famous monk representing clarity of thought
  • Yogendra: God of Yoga, master of meditation
  • Yudhajit: Victor in war, symbolizing might and strategy

Interpretations that are specific to a culture or place might change meanings. When selecting a name, it is crucial to comprehend all of the background information.

If you are not sure whether you need to read about Bengali boy names or Bengali girl names, we’ve got you covered!

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Influence of Pop Culture

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 18

Because pop culture is such a big field and there aren’t many names associated with Bengali pop culture, this particular list of uncommon Bengali baby boy names includes both Bengali and more general Indian pop culture influences.

  • Arijit: After Arijit Singh, the famous Indian playback singer.
  • Abir: Actor Abir Chatterjee, is known for his roles in Bengali cinema.
  • Bappi: After Bappi Lahiri, the renowned music composer known for his disco tracks.
  • Badshah: A popular Indian rapper.
  • Chiranjit: After Chiranjit Chakraborty, a well-known Bengali film actor.
  • Chandan: Popular character names in Bengali films.
  • Dev: After Dev, a famous Bengali film actor.
  • Dhritiman: After Dhritiman Chatterjee, a legendary Bengali actor.
  • Emraan: After Emraan Hashmi, a popular Bollywood actor.
  • Ekbal: Names from Bengali literature and films.
  • Fazlur: After Fazlur Rahman Khan, the architect known for skyscraper designs.
  • Farhan: After Farhan Akhtar, the Bollywood actor, and director.
  • Gulzar: After the famous Indian poet, lyricist, and film director.
  • Gaurav: Often used in Indian films and series.
  • Hrithik: After Hrithik Roshan, a popular Bollywood actor.
  • Hemlock: After the popular Bengali film “Hemlock Society”.
  • Imtiaz: After Imtiaz Ali, a famous Bollywood director.
  • Irrfan: After Irrfan Khan, a renowned actor in Indian cinema.
  • Jeet: A popular Bengali film actor.
  • Jishu: After Jishu Sengupta, another leading Bengali actor.
  • Kishore: After Kishore Kumar, the iconic Indian playback singer.
  • Koel: Name influenced by actress Koel Mallick.
  • Lucky: After the song “Lucky Akhand”, a revered Bengali musician.
  • Lata: After Lata Mangeshkar, the legendary Indian playback singer.
  • Manna: After Manna Dey, the iconic Bengali singer.
  • Mithun: After Mithun Chakraborty, a legendary Bollywood and Bengali actor.
  • Nawaz: After Nawazuddin Siddiqui, a critically acclaimed Bollywood actor.
  • Neel: Popular character names in Bengali films.
  • Om: After Om Puri, a respected figure in Indian cinema.
  • Onir: After the award-winning film director and editor.
  • Prosenjit: A leading figure in Bengali cinema.
  • Parambrata: Another top Bengali actor.
  • Ranbir: After Ranbir Kapoor, a leading Bollywood actor.
  • Ritwick: After Ritwick Chakraborty, a well-known Bengali actor.
  • Soumitra: After Soumitra Chatterjee, a legendary Bengali actor.
  • Shahrukh: After Shahrukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar.
  • Tota: After Tota Roy Chowdhury, a Bengali actor.
  • Tapan: Names from Bengali literature and films.
  • Ustad: In reverence to great musicians like Ustad Zakir Hussain.
  • Upen: After Upen Patel, a model and film actor.
  • Virat: After Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket superstar.
  • Vicky: After Vicky Kaushal, a rising Bollywood actor.
  • Yash: After Yash Dasgupta, a well-known Bengali actor.
  • Yo Yo: After Yo Yo Honey Singh, a famous Indian rapper.

Some of these names have wider Indian cultural allusions, even if many of them are Bengali or have gained popularity in West Bengal. This is because Indian pop culture is so wide and interwoven.

Religious and Mythological Influence

Bengali religious and mythological elements were used to create the following list of uncommon Bengali baby boy names.

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 19

Note that the popularity of names may fluctuate, and some may be more well-known than others.

  • Arindam: “Destroyer of enemies”
  • Ayan: “Path” or “Way”
  • Bishnu: Variation of “Vishnu”, a principal deity.
  • Brahma: The creator god in Hinduism.
  • Chaitanya: A saint and proponent of the Gaudiya Vaishnavism tradition.
  • Chandan: Meaning “Sandalwood”, often used in religious rituals.
  • Deb: Short for “Dev” meaning “God”.
  • Daksha: A skilled king, from Hindu mythology.
  • Ekadanta: Another name for Lord Ganesha meaning “one-toothed”.
  • Ekalavya: A significant character from Mahabharata known for his unwavering dedication.
  • Falgun: A month in the Hindu calendar associated with the festival of Holi.
  • Fanish: Another name for Lord Vishnu meaning “The cosmic serpent”.
  • Ganesh: The elephant-headed god of wisdom.
  • Govind: A name for Lord Krishna.
  • Harsha: “Happiness”, also related to Lord Shiva.
  • Hiran: “Gold”, related to various mythological tales.
  • Indra: King of the heavens in Hindu mythology.
  • Ishan: Another name for Lord Shiva.
  • Jagannath: “Lord of the Universe”, a form of Lord Vishnu.
  • Jayanta: Lord Vishnu’s name means “victorious”.
  • Karna: A pivotal character from Mahabharata.
  • Krishanu: A name for Lord Shiva.
  • Lokesh: “King of the world” or Lord Shiva.
  • Lalan: A famous Bengali mystic, saint, and songwriter.
  • Madhav: A name for Lord Krishna.
  • Mohan: “Charming”, another name for Lord Krishna.
  • Narayan: Another name for Lord Vishnu.
  • Nakul: One of the Pandava brothers in Mahabharata.
  • Omkar: A representation of Lord Shiva.
  • Om: A sacred sound in Hinduism.
  • Partha: Another name for Arjuna, from Mahabharata.
  • Pranav: Another term for the sacred syllable “Om”.
  • Ram: The protagonist of Ramayana.
  • Rudra: A fierce form of Lord Shiva.
  • Surya: The Sun God in Hinduism.
  • Shambhu: Another name for Lord Shiva.
  • Trilochan: “Three-eyed”, referring to Lord Shiva.
  • Tribhuvan: “The three worlds”, referring to heaven, earth, and the underworld.
  • Ujjal: “Bright”, can be associated with enlightenment.
  • Upendra: Another name for Lord Vishnu.
  • Vamana: The fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  • Vishal: “Vast” or “grand”, can be associated with Lord Shiva.
  • Yudhisthir: The eldest Pandava prince from Mahabharata.
  • Yogesh: “Lord of Yoga”, a name for Lord Shiva.

Unique Spellings

The following list of uncommon Bengali baby boy names is taken from Bengali origins with distinctive spellings in mind. While some may be less conventional or more contemporary, they all provide a unique naming strategy.

  • Aadhrit: “Supporter” or “one who upholds”
  • Aaryash: “Bright or shining”
  • Bhaivik: “Belonging to Bhava” or “emotion”
  • Bhaumik: “Attached to the earth”
  • Chayon: “Shade” or “shadow”
  • Chintan: “Meditation” or “deep thought”
  • Daivansh: “Divine”
  • Dibyajoti: “Divine light”
  • Eekalabya: Unique spelling of “Ekalavya”, a significant character from Mahabharata.
  • Eeshan: A name for Lord Shiva.
  • Faizik: “Prosperous”
  • Firozsha: “King of Kings”
  • Gyaanesh: Unique spelling of “Gyanesh” meaning “Lord of knowledge”
  • Gyandeep: “Light of knowledge”
  • Harshyl: “Joyful” or “happy”
  • Hiyaansh: “Of the heart”
  • Ikroop: “Embodiment of one God”
  • Indrajeet: A character in the Ramayana known to have conquered Lord Indra.
  • Jayaditya: “Triumphant sun”
  • Jyotirmoy: “Full of light”
  • Kavishk: “Poet”
  • Kaustubh: A gem on Lord Vishnu’s chest.
  • Luvkush: Combined name of Lord Rama’s twin sons.
  • Lokpradeep: “Light of the world”
  • Mayukhik: “Radiant”
  • Mritunjai: One who conquers death, a name for Lord Shiva.
  • Nayaksh: “Leader” or “hero”
  • Nirbhaik: “Fearless”
  • Onirban: “Eternal flame”
  • Onish: Variant of “Aneesh”, meaning “supreme”
  • Pritikh: “Affection”
  • Prokreet: “Nature”
  • Rishabhdip: Unique spelling combining “Rishabh” and “deep” meaning “First ray of sun”
  • Rupaksh: “Beautiful-eyed”
  • Shreeyon: “Fortunate” or “lucky”
  • Saumyadeep: “Mild light”
  • Tirthank: “A Jain saint”
  • Teerthik: Related to a holy place or “teerth”
  • Ujjaal: Unique spelling of “Ujjwal” meaning “bright”
  • Uddipta: “Illuminated”
  • Vyomaang: Part of the sky
  • Vivekjeet: “Wisdom” and “victory”
  • Yaansh: “God’s name”
  • Yatharv: Unique spelling of “Atharv”, a Vedic scripture.

Combining Parent Names

The merged names shown below are fictitious and were made to serve as examples.

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 20

While some names may not be typical Bengali names, they are influenced by the practice of fusing two names into one.

  • Rohitash (Rohini + Ashish)
  • Sanjayak (Sanya + Jayant)
  • Rupankar (Rupa + Aniket)
  • Aniradha (Anita + Radhan)
  • Sudev (Sunita + Devang)
  • Nilkesh (Nilima + Rakesh)
  • Mritesh (Mrinal + Ritesh)
  • Jayarup (Jayanti + Rupesh)
  • Tanudeep (Tanuja + Sandeep)
  • Aritrajeet (Aritra + Ajeet)
  • Kishalay (Kiran + Shalini)
  • Mohanish (Mohana + Ashish)
  • Sumanjit (Sumana + Ranjit)
  • Priyankit (Priya + Aniket)
  • Debatri (Debashish + Atri)
  • Swaranil (Swara + Anil)
  • Paritam (Pari + Tamal)
  • Malharita (Mala + Harit)
  • Rinoyank (Rina + Joyank)
  • Karishanu (Karishma + Anup)
  • Amolinar (Amoli + Narayan)
  • Gaurikesh (Gauri + Rakesh)
  • Rohankit (Rohan + Aniket)
  • Sharmik (Sharmila + Bikram)
  • Bindesh (Bindu + Ramesh)
  • Chayankur (Chaya + Ankur)
  • Pritambar (Priti + Umesh)
  • Lopinar (Lopa + Narayan)
  • Anuvir (Anupama + Virendra)
  • Raniloy (Rani + Niloy)

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Sweet Bengali Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Try these uncommon Bengali baby boy names if you’re looking for something special for your child. The ordinary is just too commonplace.

  • Anurag: Love, attachment
  • Animesh: Bright, open-eyed therefore attractive
  • Bimal: Pure
  • Bishesh: Special, unique in kindness
  • Chirantan: Immortal, everlasting kindness
  • Chayan: Choosing the best
  • Dayal: Kind-hearted, compassionate
  • Debanshu: Part of God, kind soul
  • Ekanth: Peaceful solitude
  • Ekavir: Bravest of the brave
  • Gopal: Protector of cows; another name for Lord Krishna, symbolizing compassion
  • Gourav: Pride, respect
  • Harshil: Joyful, kind-hearted
  • Hrithik: Kind and compassionate heart
  • Ishan: Sun, a kind and generous light
  • Indranil: A bright blue gem, representing calmness
  • Jivitesh: God of life, full of life and kindness
  • Jagat: World, kind-hearted towards the world
  • Karun: Compassionate, kind
  • Kripal: Merciful
  • Lokesh: King of the world, compassionate leader
  • Lalit: Elegant, kind in demeanor
  • Madhav: Another name for Lord Krishna, the compassionate one
  • Mohak: Attractive, kind-hearted
  • Nilay: Home, abode of kindness
  • Naman: Salutation, showing respect
  • Pranav: The sacred syllable Om, representing peace
  • Prem: Love, affection
  • Ritesh: Lord of seasons, kind to nature
  • Rupak: Symbol, showing kindness through actions
  • Snehashish: Blessing of love
  • Sarthak: Meaningful, purposeful
  • Tanay: Son, symbolizing pure affection
  • Trilok: The three worlds: Earth, Heaven, and Hell
  • Ujjal: Bright, clear, pure-hearted
  • Udit: Grown, shining, bright
  • Vihan: Morning dawn, the first ray of kindness
  • Vidit: Understood, kind-hearted in understanding
  • Yash: Glory, fame for being kind
  • Yatin: Ascetic, kind in spirit


This blog about uncommon Bengali baby boy names makes its key points very apparent:
There is a large array of names available to parents, starting with a variety of letter combinations.

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names
Best Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Names Of 2024 21

Some of the names are explained, along with their associations with prominent individuals in Hindu mythology.
Parents looking for a unique name with a Bengali cultural connection will find this guide to be a very useful resource.

But wait, there’s more: don’t forget to check out Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting with R & Bengali Girl Names Starting with B.


What are some uncommon Bengali baby boy names?

Some uncommon Bengali baby boy names include Adrij, Emon, Aahil, Dhritiman, Jyansh, and Suvendu.

What is the meaning of the name Adrij?

The name Adrij means “from the Himalayas” or “son of the mountains”.

What does the name Emon symbolize?

The name Emon symbolizes “love” or “affection” in Bengali.

What is the significance of the name Aahil?

The name Aahil signifies “emperor” or “ruler” in Bengali culture.

What does Dhritiman stand for?

Dhritiman means “patient” or “perseverant” in Bengali.

What does Jyansh represent?

The name Jyansh represents “wisdom” or “knowledge” in Bengali.

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