Home business: A good idea in 2024? A Mompreneur answers.


As a mompreneur for the past 28 years, I’ve navigated the exciting and exhausting journey of combining motherhood with entrepreneurship.

Through my experiences of building a few successful home businesses, I’ve come to understand the true value of mompreneurs in today’s world.

Annelize Van Dyk
Annelize Van Dyk

In this blog, I aim to shed light on what it means to be a mompreneur and why our role is not only important but also impactful.

From managing the demands of running a business to making time for kids, mompreneurs embody 1) resilience, 2) creativity, and a 3) unique ability to balance multiple responsibilities.

I hope my story/journey will inspire, educate and guide you to financial freedom and success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Starting a business from home offers flexibility and the opportunity to be your own boss.
  • It requires careful planning and dedication to overcome challenges.
  • Consider the pros and cons to determine if it aligns with your goals.
  • Learn from insights and tips from someone who has walked the path.
  • Find the perfect work-life balance while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

Why Trust My Blog? My Story.

Let’s rewind to the days after I graduated.

I was filled with hope and determination, armed with a bachelor’s degree in business and psychology. My dream was to become a therapist and nothing else! Fate had clearly other plans.

Home Business

After graduation, I eagerly applied for combined Honors and Masters degrees in Clinical Psychology, envisioning a future where I could make a real difference in people’s lives. But alas, I did not qualify. It was a crushing blow, one that shook my confidence to its core.

I was suddenly transported back again to the insecurities of high school, questioning my abilities and doubting whether I was ever truly meant for greatness.

In the midst of this turmoil, I found solace in love. I married a wonderful man, a mechanical engineer who seemed to have it all—his own car, his own apartment and a steady job.

Home Business
Wedding Bliss.

But with his success came an invisible weight on my shoulders, a silent pressure to prove myself. So, I dove headfirst into the corporate world, determined to carve out my own path of success.

I started as a Human Resource Officer and set my sights on climbing the ranks, fueled by the belief that success was just around the corner. Little did I know, life had other plans in store.

Just as I was gaining momentum in my career, disaster struck. I fell ill with what was then dubbed “yuppie flu,” a stress related ailment that left me confined to crutches for over a year.

It was a dark time, filled with uncertainty and fear. My doctor delivered a harsh ultimatum to me – either accept my fate and never recover, or leave behind the stress of my job and give myself a fighting chance at healing.

In that moment, my world shattered. The dreams I had worked so hard to build seemed to slip through my fingers, leaving me grasping at straws. With nowhere else to turn, I found myself drawn back to my passion for psychology.

I enrolled in a Honors course through a distance learning institution, clinging to the hope that maybe, just maybe, this would be my chance at redemption. But alas, the education system in my African country proved to be more of a hindrance than a help, leaving me feeling lost and defeated.

In a last-ditch effort to find purpose and a small income, I took on a part-time role as a clerk at a local school. A chance encounter with a teacher led me down a path to my first steps into entrepreneurship —

Home Business
Jack Of All Trades!

I started selling software packages to small businesses, offering installation and training services on the side. And just like that, a sliver of light pierced through the darkness.

Fired up with newfound purpose, I threw myself into every opportunity that came my way.

From crafting stuffed parrots that we sold at craft markets to selling strawberries and ice cream as school fairs; I embraced each venture with open arms, determined to make something of myself:

Home Business
My Belly Dancing Studio’S Year-End Event

Fired up with newfound purpose, I eagerly pursued various opportunities. I crafted stuffed parrots for craft markets, sold strawberries and ice cream at school fairs, ventured into jewelry making, started and ran a belly dance studio for seven years.

I also dabbled in painting cushion covers, and selling catchy-printed t-shirts, among other endeavors. Nothing was substantial financially nor scale-able.

Success remained elusive, and financial struggles loomed on the horizon.

Finding Light After Darkness

As the years passed my husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world. I slowly started to realise that the opportunity for me to study full-time or to build a career in corporate world etc. was now but a mere dream.

Watching my husband shoulder the burden of providing for our family alone was weighing more and more on me. I had big dreams for us and everything was hinged onto my ability to earn money.

Home Business
Mikayla And I – 1995

I was raised in a household where my mother was an entrepreneur and I had a strong work ethic. I was struggling to come to terms with my newfound role as a stay-at-home mom.

But just when I thought all hope was lost, a single conversation with friends changed everything. My husband lamented the high costs of Mikayla’s baby gear and the lack of affordable options in our town.

In that moment, my fear and determination collided and a spark was ignited within me. With nothing more than sheer determination and a newborn in tow, I opened my first home based baby shop, embarking on a journey that would forever alter the course of my life and the life of my now adult children. Take note that I had no money, no knowledge of business or the baby products, but I had a car and a phone.

p.s. Pic below is my daughter and I, in 1995. My lounge was my first shop LOL and Hubby was not happy.

Home Business
First Picture Of My First Home Business, The Mom &Amp; Baby House In 1996.

Through the ups and downs, the triumphs and failures, one thing remains constant—my unwavering belief in the power of resilience and perseverance.

For it is in the darkest moments that we often find our greatest strength, and it is in the face of adversity that we discover what we are truly capable of achieving. See my pics below.

p.s. My second business was started in 2006 – Baby seats in my driveway.

Home Business
My Second Baby Business.

Pics of the inside of my shop. What was 6 garages before, is now my shop. Needless to say, my husband gave up his hobby of car renovation, to support my dream!

Home Business
The Mom & Baby House

My first substantial income was spent on buying a brand new Mini Cooper with wait for it, matching number plates: “MOM BABY”

Home Business
Home Business Rewards

My biggest indulgence of working for myself and earning an above average income, is traveling. I have been to many destinations; Russia, Europe and many islands.

And as I look back on the winding road that has led me to where I am today, I can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for every twist and turn along the way.

After 28 years of contributing substantially to our household and building a few businesses, I am ready to help you start your entrepreneurial journey.

What is Mompreneurship?

Mompreneurship refers to mothers starting and running their own businesses while also managing the responsibilities of raising a family.

It’s a blend of “mom” and “entrepreneurship,” highlighting the two roles and the unique challenges and opportunities that come with balancing business ownership and parenthood.

Mompreneurs seek flexible work arrangements to accommodate their family commitments while pursuing their businesses.

Understanding the Home Business Trend

Starting a business from home is becoming more popular. Thanks to remote work and new technology, it’s easier to run a business from home. Let’s look at some statistics in the USA

Small Business Statistics in the US:

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, constituting 99.9% of all businesses and totaling 33.3 million in number. Despite their modest size, these enterprises collectively employ nearly half of the American workforce, providing jobs for 61.6 million individuals, which accounts for nearly 46% of the nation’s total employment.

Interestingly, over 80% of small businesses operate without any employees, highlighting the prevalence of sole proprietorships and independent ventures. Additionally, only 16% of small businesses have between one to 19 employees, indicating the smaller proportion of firms with larger staff sizes.

In essence, small businesses significantly contribute to job creation and economic resilience, with a diverse landscape ranging from sole proprietors to those with a modest workforce.

The Benefits of a Home Business Startup

Cost Savings and Economic Efficiency

One big perk of a home business is saving money. Working from home means you don’t have to pay for an office. This saves you on rent or payments. You also spend less on utilities, travel, and work clothes.

Saving in these areas means your business can be more profitable and financially solid.

Quality of Life and Work-Life Balance Advantages

A home business makes a work-life balance easier. Working from home lets you set your own hours. You can make time for family and hobbies. This balance brings more happiness and fulfillment into your life.

Also, not having to commute saves you time and energy. You can use this extra time for your business or personal activities. This flexibility reduces stress and improves your life quality.

What Makes Mothers the Best Entrepreneurs?

Mothers have skills that are perfect for starting their own businesses. They are great at organizing, finding resources, and doing many things at once.

Being able to handle lots of tasks and manage time well comes naturally to many moms. These abilities help them connect with customers and team members deeply.

They know how to run a household and make big choices. This experience helps them solve problems and make decisions in business. Mothers are great at facing and overcoming challenges.

Photo 1586473219010 2Ffc57B0D282 1
Home Business: A Good Idea In 2024? A Mompreneur Answers. 21

Mothers are also amazing communicators. They listen well, which helps them understand what people need. They can then offer exactly what their customers are looking for. This way, they build loyalty and trust easily.

Working together is something mothers value highly. They know how important it is to combine efforts, whether at home or in a company. By sharing tasks and supporting each other, they enhance their chances of success.

In essence, mothers bring valuable insights and skills to entrepreneurship. Their ability to organize, empathize, and work with others makes them stand out in the business world.

The Toughest Challenges I Faced

Starting a home-based business is not easy.

These were my biggest challenges and in my next blog I will talk in-depth on how to see them coming and how to improve your skills.

  • Lack of bookkeeping skills – learning not only the basics but also to be able to transfer my skill to an accounting package.
  • Understanding HR laws and how to apply it – making sure your employees do not take advantage of you and vice versa.
  • Time management – there will not be enough hours in the day.
  • Work-life balance (good luck with this one (:)
  • Budgeting – to be able to accurate map out your next 1 to 3 years in your business.
  • Isolation – to have only yourself to motivate, praise and challenge yourself.
  • Conflict Management – how to deal with difficult clients and employees.
  • Support System – mine was by far my husband and a housekeeper.
  • Stress and Burnout – this will be on your path and needs to managed.

Which Skills and Mindset Did I Gain the Most?

Starting a business from home taught me many skills and the mindset of success. These are just a few that I feel has empowered me the most. p.s In my next blog I will discuss these skills one by one in order for you to make an informed decision whether you are ready to be an entrepreneur.

Photo 1514517604298 Cf80E0Fb7F1E
Be Strong.
  • Perseverance
  • Tenacity
  • Believing only in solutions.
  • Believing that I live in a sea of oppurtunities
  • Knowing my weaknesses. (this is a big one!)
  • Not sweating the small stuff.
  • Trusting my own opinion
  • Understanding how to budget.
  • Managing my bookkeeping tasks.
  • Acquiring organizational skills for the creatives amongst us!
  • Prioritization of tasks ( I think this might be a pie in the sky for me (: )
  • Dealing with clients (ouch!)
  • Dealing with employees and suppliers
  • Acquire necessary marketing skills
  • Learning digital skills and SEO.
Skill or QualityDescription
Perseverance and TenacityStay determined and resilient in the face of challenges.
Knowing My Own Strengths and WeaknessesIdentify personal strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address.
Not Sweating the Small StuffFocus on the bigger picture and avoid getting overwhelmed by minor setbacks.
Understanding How to Budget and Handle Bookkeeping TasksManage finances effectively and maintain accurate financial records.
Organizational Skills for Those with ADDDevelop strategies to stay organized and enhance productivity.
Trusting Your Own OpinionHave confidence in your ideas and decisions.
PrioritizationIdentify and focus on the most important tasks.
Dealing with Clients, Employees, and SuppliersCommunicate effectively and build strong relationships.
Marketing SkillsCreate effective marketing strategies to promote products or services.
Digital SkillsUtilize digital platforms and tools to enhance online presence and streamline operations.
Home business

Importance of Mompreneurship

It Empowers Your Dreams:

  1. Definition: Mompreneurship transcends mere profit-making; it’s a journey of pursuing aspirations and leaving a lasting impact.
  2. Purposeful Pursuit: Moms entering entrepreneurship aren’t just launching businesses; they’re forging paths to shape their destinies and motivate others.

It has a Heartfelt Impact:

  1. Economic Contribution: Mompreneurs’ ventures aren’t just about financial gain; we are about generating opportunities for ourselves and our communities.
  2. Inspirational Influence: By daring to follow our passions, moms in business spread waves of optimism.

Balancing Acts:

  1. Integration Mastery: Mompreneurs excel in balancing work and family.
  2. Demonstrated Resilience: Through determination, we exemplify the possibility of finding fulfillment and inspiring others with our strength.

Radiant Achievements:

  1. Triumphant Narratives: Each mompreneur’s success story isn’t just about hitting goals; it’s about overcoming hurdles.
  2. Beacon of Hope: With every victory, they beam rays of encouragement, showcasing that love, dedication, and courage can conquer any challenge.


I hope you experienced this blog as encouragement in pursuing your vision for yourself and your dream to contribute financially to your household.

Feel free to also read our other valuable blogs in the Mompreneur section of the website and once you made that decision to start a business, you will find all the possible business names in the relevant section.

Pursuing your dreams and contributing financially to your household is fulfilling. Set clear goals, stay resilient through challenges, and seek support from loved ones and mentors. Keep learning, stay positive, and believe in yourself.

Every step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to your goals. You’ve got this!


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