About Us – a Story of Passion for Baby Gear


I’m Annelize van Dyk, and together with my daughter Mikayla, we established the Find My Fit brand.

A mother of two, I embarked on my first physical and online baby shop over 27 years ago, evolving into the proprietor of three distinct baby-related businesses, each with a unique business model.

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Having once experienced the overwhelming choices, advice, and online information that new parents encounter, I empathize with the stress it can bring. The sticker shock from purchasing a 3-in-1 Elbe travel system for my firstborn prompted a realization—we wouldn’t use all baby products for an extended period. Opting for second-hand over new, we aimed to save money.

In our locale, finding a suitable second-hand shop was a challenge, inspiring the inception of an upmarket, branded second-hand store. Starting this venture with minimal funds and a six-month-old on my hip, I’ve navigated the demanding life of a mompreneur.

The Birth of Our Blog: Guiding Parents with Humor and Insight

The genesis of this blog was rooted in providing new parents an independent, trustworthy, and unbiased opinion on baby products. Over the past 28 years, I’ve observed the stress parents face, especially concerns about not wasting money on unnecessary items.

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My blog seeks to alleviate these anxieties, injecting humor and candid commentary into otherwise factual and in-depth posts.

Recognizing the gravity often associated with parenting decisions, our mission is to lighten the journey, particularly for first-time parents.

Upon entering our shop, overwhelmed first-time parents often express concerns about the abundance of choices, unqualified staff in other baby shops, and the fear of making suboptimal product choices.

Our top priority is to establish a safe space for you.

We strive to make you feel understood and supported.

With our no-nonsense approach and hands-on experience, we guide you through the baby-gear-buying journey, starting with essential purchases and progressing to nice-to-have items.

While we may not physically share moments with you, we endeavor to be part of your journey.

Beginning with baby strollers, we extend our insights to various baby products that we believe will be immensely beneficial.

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P.S. We dressed up for this picture (:

Our dream is to offer future guidance on your baby’s development during pregnancy, assist in choosing a beautiful baby names, evaluate parenting styles, and recommend the best baby products and gear.

Where possible, we create videos showcasing the actual products in our shop and invest personal time into our blogs.

Thank you for stepping into our happy world!

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