Top 259 Punjabi Girl Names: Meaning, A-Z, Sikh

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Discover 259 trendy Punjabi girl names that blend tradition and modern style. Explore an A to Z list of Punjabi girl names consisting of Muslim Punjabi girl names, that showcase cultural fusion and royal Sikh names, reflecting grace and tradition.

Introduction to Punjabi girl Names

Find the most unique Punjabi girl names that exude beauty and strength! These powerful names are sure to make your little princess feel confident and proud. Popular names include Jasleen, Harleen, Amrit, Kiran, Gurleen, Navleen, and Rajveer.

Punjabi Girl Names
Punjabi Girl Names

These names not only sound beautiful but also carry a meaningful significance.

Choosing the perfect name for your little one can be tough but rewarding at the same time.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to pick the right name for your little one but not to worry because we have a long list of beautiful, modern, and unique names.

Punjabi girl names are known for their rich cultural significance and beautiful sound.

20 Modern Punjabi Girl Names

  • Aarohi – ascending or evolving
  • Aashna – friend or companion
  • Aditi – boundless or free
  • Anika – grace or brilliance
  • Arushi – dawn or first ray of the sun
  • Avani – earth or nature
  • Dhara – earth or support
  • Divya – divine or pure
  • Esha – desire or wish
  • Gauri – fair or white
  • Ishani – ruler or goddess
  • Jiya – sweetheart or soul
  • Kavya – poetry or creative
  • Khushi – happiness or joy
  • Lekha – writing or document
  • Mahi – great or mighty
  • Naina – eyes or vision
  • Navleen – new or fresh
  • Prisha – beloved or dear one
  • Rhea – stream or flowing
Punjabi Girl Names
Top 259 Punjabi Girl Names: Meaning, A-Z, Sikh 11

Punjabi Girl Names – List A To Z

  • Aarvi – Peaceful
  • Aarya – Goddess
  • Aashi – Smile
  • Aashna – Beloved
  • Aayra – Noble

Names that start with the letter ‘B’

  • Baani – Earth, speech
  • Baljeet – Mighty victory
  • Baljinder – Powerful
  • Baljit – Mighty
  • Balpreet – Love of strength

Names that start with the letter ‘C’

  • Chahat – Desire
  • Charan – Feet
  • Charanjeet – Winning over the Lord’s feet
  • Charanjot – Light of the Lord’s feet
  • Charanpreet – Love of the Lord’s feet

Names that start with the letter ‘D’

  • Daman – Protector, controller
  • Dalbir – Brave soldier
  • Daljeet – Win over army
  • Daljit – Victorious
  • Damini – Lightning

Names that start with the letter ‘E’

  • Eesha – Goddess Parvati
  • Ekjot – Unity, oneness
  • Eknoor – One light, God’s light
  • Ekpreet – Love for God
  • Esha – Desire, wish

Names that start with the letter ‘F’

  • Fiza: Breeze or atmosphere
  • Farah: Joy or happiness
  • Fauzia: Successful or victorious
  • Falak: Heaven or the sky
  • Feroza: Turquoise or a precious stone
Punjabi Girl Names
Top 259 Punjabi Girl Names: Meaning, A-Z, Sikh 12

Names that start with the letter ‘G’

  • Gagan – Sky
  • Gauri – Goddess Parvati
  • Geet – Song
  • Gurleen: Absorbed in the Guru or divine knowledge
  • Gunjan: Humming or buzzing of a bee

Names that start with the letter ‘H’

  • Hargun – One having God’s qualities
  • Harjas – One who praises God
  • Harleen – Absorbed in God’s love
  • Harpreet – Love for God
  • Harshita – Joyful, happy

Names that start with the letter ‘I’

  • Isha: Desire or hope
  • Ishita: Mastery or control
  • Indira: Beauty or splendor
  • Iman: Faith or belief
  • Iram: Garden or paradise

Names that start with the letter ‘J’

  • Jaanvi – River Ganga
  • Jagdeep – Light of the world
  • Jagjit – One who has won the world
  • Jasbir – Brave like God’s name
  • Jasleen – Absorbed in singing God’s praises

Names that start with the letter ‘K’

  • Kajal – Eyeliner, kohl
  • Kamaljeet – Victory of Lotus
  • Kanika – Small, delicate
  • Kavya – Poem, poetry
  • Khushi – Happiness, joy

Names that start with the letter L

  • Lakhbir: One who is brave like a hundred thousand
  • Lakhwinder: A victorious person who has earned a hundred thousand blessings
  • Laveena: Pure and gentle like the wind
  • Leena: A delicate and graceful woman
  • Lekha: A record or document

Names that start with the letter M

  • Madhuri: Sweetness or charm
  • Mahi: A beloved person or a beautiful woman
  • Mahira: A skilled and knowledgeable woman
  • Manpreet: A person who loves the mind or soul
  • Manroop: A beautiful person with an attractive appearance

Names that start with the letter N

  • Navdeep: A new flame or light
  • Navjot: A new ray of light or hope
  • Navleen: A new absorption or immersion
  • Navneet: A new book or message
  • Neha: Love or affection

Names that start with the letter O

  • Ojaswini: Full of energy and vitality
  • Oorja: Energy or strength
  • Omisha: Goddess of birth and death
  • Ojasvi: Bright or shining
  • Ojaswita: One who possesses great energy
  • Om: Sacred sound or mantra in Hinduism

Names that start with the letter P

  • Palkin: An eyelash or a small gaze
  • Parnika: A small leaf or a seed
  • Parveen: A star or a constellation
  • Prabhjot: Divine light or radiance
  • Prabhleen: One who is absorbed in God’s love

Names that start with the letter Q

  • Qirat: Beautiful recitation of the Quran or holy book
  • Qismat: Destiny or fate
  • Qainat: Universe or cosmos
  • Qudrat: Nature or power of God
  • Qadar: Value or worth

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Names that start with the letter R

  • Raman: Pleasure or delight
  • Ramneek: A beautiful person with a pleasant demeanor
  • Ranbir: A brave warrior or a hero
  • Ravinder: Lord of the sun or a courageous person
  • Ria: A singer or a melodious voice

Names that start with the letter S

  • Sahiba: Lady or mistress
  • Samaira: A nocturnal visitor or a pleasant breeze
  • Sania: A brilliant or radiant person
  • Simran: Meditation or remembrance of God
  • Sonam: A beautiful and fortunate person

Names that start with the letter T

  • Tanvi: A delicate and gentle woman
  • Tejaswini: One who is radiant or full of energy
  • Tisha: A joyful or happy person
  • Trisha: A thirst or a desire
  • Tavleen: One absorbed in meditation or prayer

Names that start with the letter U

  • Upasana: Worship or devotion
  • Urvashi: A celestial maiden or an apsara
  • Urmi: A wave or a storm
  • Usha: Dawn or sunrise
  • Urvi: Earth or soil

Names that start with the letter V

  • Vanshika: A descendant of a noble family or clan
  • Varsha: Rain or monsoon
  • Veerpal: A brave protector or guardian
  • Vibha: Radiance or brightness
  • Vinita: Modest or humble
  • Veer: Brave or courageous

Names that start with the letter W

  • Waheeda: One who is unique or peerless
  • Wamiqa: A lover or a beloved
  • Warispreet: Love for the inheritance or legacy
  • Warisleen: Absorbed in the inheritance or legacy
  • Warisjeet: Victory of the inheritance or legacy

Names that start with the letter X

  • Unfortunately, the Punjabi language does not have many words that start with this letter, and as such, it is difficult to find Punjabi names that start with the letter X.

Names that start with the letter Y

  • Yuvika: Young or youthful
  • Yamini: A nocturnal or a night-time person
  • Yashika: Success or fame
  • Yasmine: Jasmine flower
  • Yatri: Traveler or a pilgrim
  • Yuvraj: Prince or heir apparent

Names that start with the letter Z

  • Zainab: Fragrant flower or a daughter of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Zara: A princess or a star
  • Zoya: A living or an affectionate person
  • Zeba: Beauty or elegance
  • Zehra: Bright or shining
  • Zareen: Golden or precious
  • Zayan: Bright or shining

20 Muslim Punjabi Girl Names

  • Aisha – living, well-off, happy
  • Alia – exalted, noble
  • Anisa – friendly, sociable
  • Ayesha – lively, womanly
  • Farah – happiness, joy
  • Fatima – one who abstains, weans, motherly
  • Hafsa – gathering, collecting
  • Halima – patient, gentle, mild-tempered
  • Hana – This name means “happiness, flower, blossom
  • Khadija – premature child, first wife of Prophet Muhammad
  • Mahira – skilled, proficient
  • Mariam – beloved, sea of bitterness
  • Naila – achiever, attainer
  • Naima – tranquil, calm
  • Rabiya – spring, springtime
  • Safia – pure, chosen
  • Sana – radiance, brilliance, to gaze
  • Shazia – fragrant flower
  • Tahira – pure, chaste
  • Zainab – fragrant flower, daughter of Prophet Muhammad
Punjabi Girl Names
Top 259 Punjabi Girl Names: Meaning, A-Z, Sikh 13

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10 Royal Sikh Punjabi Girl Names

Some of these beautiful names include Sikh girl names from Gurbani.

  • Amardeep – eternally divine light
  • Gaganpreet – love of the sky
  • Harleen – absorbed in God
  • Inderpreet – lover of God
  • Jasmeet – famous and friendly
  • Kaur – princess and is a title given to all Sikh girls.
  • Manpreet – heart of the mind
  • Navjot – new light
  • Rajveer – brave king
  • Simran – remembrance of God

20 Punjabi Girl Names

  • Amanat – treasure
  • Anjali – tribute or offering
  • Avleen – benefit
  • Davinder – goddess of the moon
  • Gaganpreet – love of the sky
  • Gurbani – words of the guru
  • Harleen – beloved by God
  • Isha – desire or wish
  • Jasleen – absorbed in praise of the Lord
  • Kiranpreet – love of the sun’s rays
  • Mahika – earth
  • Navjot – new light
  • Parveen – star
  • Rupinder – a beautiful warrior
  • Simran – remembrance of God
  • Taranpreet – love of salvation
  • Urvashi – heavenly maiden
  • Vaishali – an ancient city in India
  • Yashika – success
  • Zoya – alive or full of life


From names inspired by nature to names with deep cultural significance, there’s sure to be a name that perfectly captures your little princess’s unique personality.

We hope our list has inspired you in your search for the perfect name for your baby girl. Happy name hunting from one mother to another (:

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What are some common Punjabi names and their meanings?

Some common Punjabi girl names and their meanings are Amrit, which means nectar; Harleen, which means humble and meek; Jasleen, which means a person absorbed in singing praises of God; and Kaur, which means princess.

What are some unique Punjabi names for girls that are not commonly heard?

Some unique Punjabi girl names that are not commonly heard are Arohi, which means musical note; Avleen, which means indestructible; Daman, which means protector; Harpinder, which means God’s love; and Jasroop, which means embodiment of praise.

What is the significance of naming a baby girl in Punjabi culture?

In Punjabi culture, naming a baby girl is an important ritual. It is believed that the name given to a child has a deep impact on their personality and future prospects. Parents often choose names that have positive meanings and associations, and that reflect their hopes and aspirations for their child.

How do Punjabi parents traditionally choose names for their baby girls?

Traditionally, Punjabi parents consult with family members, elders, or religious leaders to select a name for their baby girl. They may choose a name based on its meaning or based on their own personal preferences, family traditions, or cultural and religious affiliations.

What are some modern Punjabi names that have gained popularity recently?

Some modern Punjabi girl names that have gained popularity recently are Aanya, which means grace; Avni, which means earth; Eshaal, which means fragrance of a flower; Harnoor, which means God’s gift; and Jhanvi, which means Ganga, the river.

What is the meaning behind the name Harleen, a popular Punjabi name for a girl?

The name Harleen is derived from the Punjabi words “Har” and “leen,” which mean humble and meek. Together, the name Harleen means someone humble and meek towards God.

What is the meaning behind the name Ravleen, another common Punjabi name for girls?

The name Ravleen is derived from the Punjabi words “Rav” and “leen,” which mean God and humble. Together, the name Ravleen means someone humble towards God.

What is the meaning behind the name Simran, a popular Punjabi name in Sikhism for girls?

The name Simran is derived from the Punjabi word “simar,” which means to remember or to meditate upon God. In Sikhism, the name Simran is associated with the practice of Simran, which involves the repetition of God’s name as a form of meditation.

What are some Punjabi names for girls that have a connection to nature or natural elements?

Some Punjabi girl names that have a connection to nature or natural elements are Aaradhya, which means worshipping; Anjali, which means offering; Asha, which means hope; Harshini, which means cheerful; and Vaani, which means voice.

Are there any Punjabi girl names that have a special significance in Sikhism or Hinduism?

Yes, there are several Punjabi girl names that have a special significance in Sikhism or Hinduism. Some examples include Amandeep, which means eternal light (Sikh); Gurbani, which means the teachings of the Guru (Sikh); Nandini, which means daughter (Hindu); and Radha, which means success (Hindu).

What is the best Punjabi name for a girl?

Jasleen – A beautiful name meaning “absorbed in singing the praises of the Lord.”
Harleen – A lovely name that means “absorbed in the love of God.”
Amrit – A name that means “divine nectar” and is often associated with spirituality and purity.
Kiran – A popular name that means “ray of light.”
Avleen – A unique name that means “in the service of God.”
Harmeet – A name that means “beloved friend.”
Manpreet – A name that means “heart full of love.”
Gurleen – A name that means “one who is absorbed in the Guru’s teachings.”
Navleen – A name that means “new absorption.”
Rajveer – A name that means “brave queen.”

What is the Punjabi name for Princess?

The Punjabi word for Princess is Rajkumari

What is the Punjabi name for beautiful?

The Punjabi word for beautiful is Sundar

What is the rarest Indian girl’s name?

uncommon Indian girl names include Abhithi, Amodini, Arunima, Chitrangada, Devarsi, Devishi, Gaurisha, Jhanvi, Kadambari, Kalpini, Madhulika, Mrinalika, Prarthana, Sanchali, Shalvika, Shubhika, Srishti, Suhani, Tanvi, Vrishti, and Yashica.

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