Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with M – Top Pick 2024

Sikh baby girl names for 2024, starting with the letter M. Find the perfect name, traditional or modern. The top picks resonate with cultural significance.


Explore Sikh baby girl names beginning with M, blending cultural richness and modern appeal. Discover unique, traditional, and meaningful names that carry profound significance.

Dive into the essence of each name by exploring their cultural and traditional values, and let the meanings guide you in choosing the perfect name for your little one, blending heritage with contemporary inspiration

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing a name for your newborn is an important decision.
  • Explore our extensive database for more options and popular Sikh names starting with M.

Unique Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Have a look at these unique Sikh baby girl names that start with the letter M:

MehakpreetFragrance of love
MohinderGod of gods
ManpritOne who cherishes the mind
MoneyA sweet girl with a golden heart

Choosing an original name helps your child stand out and reflects the individuality of your family. Go ahead and choose a name that resonates with your heart and soul!

Meaningful Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Sikh culture emphasizes the importance of names that reflect the values and beliefs of the community.

If you’re looking for a name for your baby girl that has a deep and special meaning, consider these Sikh baby girl names that begin with M:

ManpreetOne who loves the mind of God
MohinderBeloved by God
MuktaFree, liberator
ManjotLight of the mind
MeherBlessing, kindness, grace

These names not only sound beautiful but also carry a deeper meaning that can inspire your daughter throughout her life.

Whether you choose a name that represents love, freedom, or kindness, it will reflect the values cherished by the Sikh community.

As you consider your options, keep in mind that each name has its unique meaning and symbolism.

Think about what you want to impart to your daughter and find a name that aligns with those values.

Traditional Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Sikh culture has a variety of traditional names which often rooted in religion and history. The following table showcases a few of our favorite Sikh baby girl names starting with M that have stood the test of time:

ManreetGod’s wish
ManpuneetOne who has won the heart of God
MalkeetRuler of calmness
MannatA heartfelt prayer
ManjeetOne who wins her heart

As you welcome your baby girl into the world, consider honoring Sikh tradition by choosing a name with cultural significance.

Modern Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Looking for a name with a fresh and current feel? Have a look our handpicked list of modern Sikh baby girl names that start with M.

Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting With M
Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting With M - Top Pick 2024 4

These names are both unique and meaningful, combining the best of traditional values with a modern twist.

Whether you’re searching for a name that’s short and sweet or one that makes a statement, there’s sure to be something on this list that catches your eye.

Maya: This name has roots in both Sanskrit and Punjabi languages and means “illusion” or “magic.”

Manveen: Meaning “one who meditates on soul,” this name is a beautiful choice for your little one.

Mehak: This name means “sweet fragrance” and is an excellent pick for a baby girl.

For more options, take a look at the table below:

Top Modern Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with M

ManpreetOne who loves their soul
ManmeetFriendly with heart
MeherBenevolence or grace
MiraWonderful, peace, or prosperous

These modern Sikh baby girl names are sure to inspire you in your search for the perfect name for your little one.

Whether you want a name that’s popular or something more unique, these names are a great place to start.

Top Sikh Girl Names Starting with M in India

Choosing a name for your baby can be a difficult task. If you want to name your baby girl a Sikh name starting with M, you’re in the right place! Here’s a list of the top Sikh girl names starting with M in India.

ManpreetOne who loves her soulmate from the heart.
ManpreetThe one who is loved by the heart of humanity.
MeherA blessing from the Almighty.
ManmeetOne who wins the heart of others.
ManjotA bright light, symbolizing guidance and hope.
ManroopThe embodiment of the Almighty.
ManveenA peaceful and gentle soul.
MehakAn aroma or fragrance.
MeharKindness and grace from the Almighty.
MohiniAn enchantress who attracts and mesmerizes.

These names are chosen by Sikh families for their daughters due to their beautiful meanings and cultural significance.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern name, consider these options for your little one.

Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting with S 

If you’re looking for Sikh baby girl names beginning with S, we’ve compiled a list of options with meanings.

Take a look at our collection and find the ideal name for your little one.

SatinderController of Truth
SurinderGoddess of Music
SukhleenOne absorbed in peace and bliss
SimarpreetLove for the remembrance of God
SevaService to God
SukhdeepLamp of Peace

Note: These are just a few examples of Sikh baby girl names starting with S. There are many more unique and meaningful options to explore. Take your time and find the perfect name for your daughter.

Hindu Baby Names Starting with S

Looking for a unique Hindi name for your baby? Here are some beautiful options starting with S:

SaanviOne who is surrounded by Gods and Goddesses

These Hindu names offer a variety of meanings and sound beautiful when paired with a middle and last name.

Consider these names when looking for a unique and meaningful baby name.

Expand Your Options: Sikh Baby Names Database

Are you still struggling to find the perfect name for your little one? Look no further than our comprehensive Sikh baby names database!

With a vast selection of names to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that resonates with you.

In particular, if you’re looking for Sikh girl baby names starting with S, our database has got you covered. Some popular options include:

Simranremembrance of God
Sukhpreetlove for peace

These are just a few examples – our database has countless other options to explore! Take your time and browse until you find the perfect name for your little girl.

Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting With M
Sikh Baby Girl Names Starting With M - Top Pick 2024 5


We hope this list of Sikh baby girl names starting with M has provided you with some inspiration for your newborn daughter’s name. Sikh culture offers a diverse selection of names, ranging from the traditional to the modern.

Remember to carefully consider the meanings behind each name, and its significance in Sikh culture. You may also want to explore other letters in our Sikh baby names database for more options.

Choosing a name for your child is an important decision, and we hope that this article has made it easier for you. Best of luck on your naming journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which name is best for girl Sikh?

The best Sikh girl name is subjective and depends on personal preferences, cultural significance, and individual meanings. Popular Sikh girl names starting with M include Meher, Manpreet, and Manjinder, among others.

What is the most popular M name for a girl?

The most popular M name for a Sikh girl can vary, but some commonly used names include Manpreet, Meher, and Manjinder. Popularity may differ based on regional and familial preferences.

How is a Sikh baby’s name chosen?

Sikh baby names are often chosen based on their spiritual and cultural significance. Many Sikh names are derived from Gurbani (the Sikh scriptures) and convey positive virtues, qualities, or attributes. Family traditions, religious beliefs, and personal preferences also play a role in selecting a Sikh baby’s name.

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