Exotic Tahitian Baby Names – Popular Names & Meanings

What is Tahitian Baby Names?

Manuarii: “Bird of light,” embodying freedom and grace.
Taimana: “Diamond,” representing strength and resilience.
Moana: “Ocean,” symbolizing adventure and exploration.
Tavana: “Chief” or “leader,” signifying authority and wisdom.
Hinano: “Flower,” reflecting beauty and growth.
Tehei: “To shine” or “to glow,” exuding brightness and positivity.
Tumatai: “Sunset,” evoking tranquility and serenity.
Vaihere: “Fragrance,” embodying sweetness and allure.
Taaroa: Supreme god in Tahitian mythology, symbolizing power and divinity.
Tiare: Named after the Tiare flower, representing purity and love.

Tahitian names often carry deep cultural and spiritual significance. They reflect the natural beauty of the islands, with many names drawing inspiration from elements of nature such as the ocean, flowers, and celestial bodies.

Additionally, Tahitian names may honor ancestors, convey virtues, or denote social status within the community. Each name is carefully chosen to bestow blessings upon the child and to uphold the rich traditions of Tahitian culture.

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Tahitian Baby Names
Exotic Tahitian Baby Names - Popular Names & Meanings 6

Whether inspired by the sea or the gods, they celebrate a rich and diverse culture.

The Tahitians, known as Mohi in their native language and Tahitians in French, are the Polynesian ethnic group that is native to Tahiti and thirteen other Society Islands in French Polynesia.

Unique Tahitian Baby Names

Tahitian baby names offer a unique and memorable option for parents seeking something special. With their distinctive sounds and meanings, these names add a touch of adventure to a child’s life.

From nature and mythology to cultural significance, Tahitian names capture the imagination. Choose from elegant Tiana, strong Keanu, or mystical Moana for a name that truly stands out.

French Polynesian Tahitian Baby Names

Tahitian names reflect French Polynesian traditions that celebrate island life’s beauty with music, dance, and art. Javelin throwing, surfing, canoe racing, and stone lifting showcase strength and are rooted in this culture.

Tahitian Baby Names
Exotic Tahitian Baby Names - Popular Names & Meanings 7

The population may also include individuals of mixed Polynesian and French ancestry, commonly referred to as “demos” in French, who reside on these islands today.

Popular choices include Teiki, Tui, and Manu, each with its own unique meaning and origin story.

20 Tahitian Baby Names for boys:

Tahitian Baby Names
Exotic Tahitian Baby Names - Popular Names & Meanings 8
  • Manu – bird or free
  • Tane – man or husband
  • Maui – strength or courage
  • Teiva – a gift from God
  • Keanu – cool breeze
  • Mateo – a gift of God
  • Moana – ocean or sea
  • Tama – son or boy
  • Tiai – faithful
  • Taaroa – the great god
  • Rangi – sky or heaven
  • Vaihere – beloved water
  • Ariihau – kingly spirit
  • Teuira – the chosen one
  • Aporo – apple
  • Toa – warrior or hero
  • Heiva – festival
  • Mihimana – protecting hand
  • Mahana – sun or warmth
  • Terii – chief or ruler

20 Tahitian Baby Names for Girls:

Polynesian names for girls are often inspired by nature, with meanings that reflect the beauty and power of the islands of French Polynesia.

Tahitian Baby Names
Exotic Tahitian Baby Names - Popular Names & Meanings 9

Tahitian baby names for girls often feature elegant and lyrical sounds, making them a popular choice for parents looking for something distinctive and memorable. Names such as Hina, Moea, Leilani, and Moana are popular options.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong connection to Tahitian culture or simply love the exotic and enchanting sound of these names, Tahitian baby names for girls are a wonderful choice for any family.

  • Moana – ocean or sea
  • Tia – crown or royalty
  • Vaihere – fragrant water
  • Hina – goddess of the moon
  • Aria – air or song
  • Mereana – bitter or beloved
  • Tumata – to blossom
  • Vaimiti – sea foam
  • Tiare – flower
  • Rauhia – peaceful
  • Raihei – heavenly fragrance
  • Mihirani – royal pearl
  • Mareva – beloved
  • Nani – beauty or splendor
  • Hinatea – white mist or dawn
  • Tihani – heavenly voice
  • Hinatevahia – great goddess of the sky
  • Hinanui – great woman
  • Taimi – time
  • Terehani – dance

20 Unisex Tahitian Baby Names:

  • Enana
  • Hauata
  • Heimoana
  • Heipua
  • Heitapu
  • Hereiti
  • Hinatea
  • Hinavai
  • Hiroa
  • Hitirere
  • Hiva
  • Honui
  • Iriti
  • Kainoa
  • Kaipo
  • Kaimana
  • Kaulana
  • Keani
  • Ohana
  • Tiare


In conclusion, choosing a Tahitian baby name is a wonderful way to celebrate and honor the rich heritage and culture of the Tahitian people.

Tahitian names are often inspired by nature, mythology, and cultural traditions, making them unique and beautiful.

By selecting a Tahitian name for their child, parents can establish a connection to the vibrant history and traditions of the Tahitian people.

With numerous resources available for Tahitian baby names, including lists and cultural references, parents can find the perfect name for their child that is both meaningful and significant.


What is the significance of the title, “100 Unique and Beautiful Tahitian Baby Names”?

The title suggests that there is a list of one hundred Tahitian names that are both unique and beautiful.

What is the origin of these Tahitian names?

The origin of these names is Tahiti and the surrounding Society Islands in French Polynesia.

Are these names gender-specific or unisex?

The title does not specify, but it is possible that the list includes both gender-specific and unisex names.

How might one go about selecting Tahitian names from the list?

One might consider factors such as the meaning and pronunciation of the name, as well as its cultural significance and personal preferences.

Are there any famous individuals with Tahitian names?

Yes, there are many famous individuals with Tahitian names, including athletes, musicians, actors, and other public figures.

What is the importance of preserving Tahitian names and culture?

Preserving Tahitian names and culture is important for maintaining the unique identity and heritage of Tahiti and its people, as well as for promoting cultural diversity and understanding.

Are these Tahitian names commonly used in Tahiti and French Polynesia?

The title does not specify, but it is possible that some of the names on the list are commonly used in Tahiti and French Polynesia.

Can these Tahitian names be translated into other languages?

Yes, some of these Tahitian names may have translations or equivalents in other languages.

What is the meaning behind some of these Tahitian names?

The meaning behind Tahitian names can vary, but some may be inspired by nature, mythology, or cultural traditions.

Are these Tahitian names easy to pronounce for non-Tahitian speakers?

It depends on the name, but some may be more difficult to pronounce for non-Tahitian speakers due to differences in pronunciation and phonetics.

Can these Tahitian names be modified or combined to create unique variations?

Yes, some Tahitian names may be modified or combined with other names or words to create unique variations or new names altogether.

What is the history and significance of naming conventions in Tahitian culture?

Naming conventions in Tahitian culture have a long and rich history, with many names being inspired by cultural traditions, mythology, and significant events or individuals.

How have Tahitian names and naming conventions evolved over time?

Tahitian names and naming conventions have evolved over time with influences from colonialism, globalization, and cultural exchange, leading to changes in name choices and conventions.

Can these Tahitian names be used by individuals who are not of Tahitian descent?

Yes, these Tahitian names can be used by individuals who are not of Tahitian descent, as cultural exchange and adoption of names from other cultures is a common practice.

What does the Tahitian mean?

Tahitian refers to anything related to or originating from Tahiti, which is the largest island in French Polynesia. The Tahitian language is also the official language of French Polynesia and is spoken by the majority of the population. The word “Tahitian” can also refer to the indigenous Polynesian people of Tahiti and the surrounding islands, as well as their culture, traditions, and way of life.

What does Arii mean in Tahitian?

In Tahitian, “Arii” refers to a high chief, a noble, or a ruler. It is a term that denotes someone who holds a high rank in society, and it was traditionally used to describe members of the royal family or other influential leaders.

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