+100 Memorable Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Bengali Baby Boy names starting with A have always been favored by parents due to the cultural and spiritual significance associated with this alphabet.


Names hold immense significance in the Bengali culture, as they not only identify an individual but also shape their identity and reflect their cultural heritage.

The process of naming a newborn baby is considered a momentous occasion, filled with careful consideration and deep thought.

In Bengali culture, names are believed to have a profound impact on an individual’s life. They are chosen based on various factors such as religious beliefs, family traditions, astrology, and personal preferences.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

The selection of a name is seen as an opportunity for parents to bestow upon their child a unique identity that will shape them throughout their lives. Choosing from Bengali baby boy names starting with A holds particular importance in Bengali culture.

It is believed that names beginning with this letter bring good fortune and blessings upon the child. Moreover, in Hinduism, ‘A’ is associated with Lord Brahma, who is considered the creator of the universe. Therefore, naming a baby boy with an ‘A’ not only connects them to their cultural roots but also symbolizes new beginnings and divine blessings.

Bengali society deeply values tradition and heritage when it comes to naming children.

Parents often consult astrologers or religious scholars for guidance in selecting auspicious names for their newborns.

This process involves considering factors such as the day and time of birth along with planetary alignments to ensure that the chosen name will bring prosperity and protect the child from negative influences.

Bengali baby Boy Names starting with a

Furthermore, parents also consider personal preferences while choosing from Bengali baby boy names starting with A. The sound of the name, its uniqueness or popularity within society, and its meaning all play significant roles in this decision-making process.

Some may opt for traditional Bengali names like “Abhijit” which means victorious or “Anirban” which means eternal flame symbolic of divinity. Others may choose more contemporary names like “Arjun” which means bright or “Aryan” which means noble.

Bengali baby boy names starting with A hold great significance in the Bengali culture. They not only connect individuals to their cultural heritage but also bring auspiciousness and blessings.

Parents carefully consider various factors such as religious beliefs, family traditions, astrology, and personal preferences when selecting the perfect name for their child.

The process of naming is a cherished tradition that helps shape a child’s identity and sets them on a path filled with cultural pride and spiritual significance.

Importance of Names in Bengali Culture

In Bengali culture, names hold a profound significance as they not only define a person’s identity but also reflect their family’s values and heritage.

Naming a baby is considered a sacred and thoughtful process, carefully chosen to bestow positive attributes and blessings upon the child.

The importance of names in Bengali culture can be traced back to ancient times when it was believed that a name had the power to shape an individual’s destiny.

One of the key reasons why names carry such significance in Bengali culture is rooted in the belief that they have the power to influence a person’s character and future.

It is believed that by carefully selecting an auspicious name for their child, parents can ensure their well-being and success throughout life.

Names are often chosen based on positive qualities or attributes that parents wish to instill in their children. These qualities may include strength, intelligence, wisdom, compassion, or bravery.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

By giving their child a name reflecting these desirable traits, parents hope to imbibe those virtues into their character. Furthermore, names in Bengali culture are deeply connected to one’s family heritage and lineage.

It is common for families to pass down ancestral names from one generation to another as a way of honoring their roots and preserving family traditions. These ancestral names not only carry historical significance but also create a sense of pride and belonging within the family unit.

In some cases, certain surnames or titles may be associated with specific regions or communities within Bengal, further strengthening the connection between one’s name and cultural identity. Additionally, names play an essential role in social interactions within Bengali society.

A person’s name serves as an introduction or identifier when meeting new people or forming relationships. It acts as a representation of oneself before any personal interaction takes place.

Therefore, choosing an appropriate name becomes crucial as it can shape initial impressions and perceptions others have about an individual. Names hold great importance in Bengali culture due to their perceived influence on a person’s character, future, and social interactions.

  1. Aarav Peaceful
  2. Abir Fragrance
  3. Abhinav New, novel
  4. AchintyaInconceivable
  5. Aditya Sun
  6. Alok Brightness
  7. Amartya Immortal
  8. Aniket Lord of the world
  9. Anirban Eternal flame
  10. AnishSupreme

They are chosen with careful consideration to reflect positive attributes and family heritage. The practice of naming in Bengali culture acts as a way of passing down traditions, strengthening familial bonds, and shaping one’s identity in society.

Cultural & General Significance

Why Choose from Bengali baby boy names starting with A? – Cultural or general significance Bengali culture holds deep reverence for names, considering them to be more than mere labels but rather a reflection of one’s identity, heritage, and aspirations.

When it comes to choosing from Bengali baby boy names starting with A, there are several cultural and general significances that make it an appealing choice.

Culturally, ‘A’ holds great importance in Bengali naming conventions.

  1. Amogh Unerring
  2. Ananda Bliss
  3. Animesh Open-eyed
  4. AniruddhaUnobstructed
  5. AnshuRay of light
  6. AnupamIncomparable
  7. Arjun Bright, shining
  8. ArnabSea
  9. Aryan Noble
  10. Asim Limitless
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

In Bengali astrology, each letter is associated with a specific planet or celestial body.

The letter ‘A’ is linked to the planet Mars (‘Mangal Graha’), which is considered auspicious and influential in shaping an individual’s personality traits. It symbolizes strength, courage, ambition, and determination.

By selecting a name starting with ‘A,’ parents hope to bestow upon their child these positive attributes associated with Mars.

Furthermore, names beginning with ‘A’ often carry historical and mythological significance in Bengali culture. For instance, the name Abhinav (‘unique‘ or ‘novel‘) finds its roots in ancient Sanskrit literature and reflects the rich literary tradition of Bengal.

Another example is Anirban (‘eternal flame‘), embodying the spirit of enlightenment and knowledge celebrated by prominent Bengali figures like Rabindranath Tagore. Apart from cultural associations, opting for a name from Bengali baby boy names starting with A can have general significance as well.

Phonetic qualities play an important role in name selection across various cultures worldwide. The sound of the letter ‘A’ resonates deeply within us; it represents vitality and life itself as it aligns closely with natural breath patterns found universally among humans.

  1. Atanu Cupid
  2. Atish Fire
  3. Avinash Indestructible
  4. AyonLife
  5. Abhik Beloved
  6. AbhoyFearless
  7. Abhra Cloud
  8. Abir Color
  9. Abjit Victorious
  10. Adit First, Sun

Moreover, names commencing with ‘A’ offer ease of pronunciation and are often perceived as strong and impactful due to their sharp initial sound. This can contribute to fostering confidence in individuals throughout their lives as they introduce themselves on numerous occasions.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Additionally, Bengali baby boy names starting with A are likely to stand out in a crowd and leave a lasting impression due to their distinctive quality.

Selecting from Bengali baby boy names starting with A holds cultural and general significance – It connects the child to the rich heritage of Bengali culture, while also offering phonetic qualities that evoke strength, vitality, and impact.

By choosing such a name, parents aim to bestow upon their child desirable qualities associated with Mars as well as reflect the historical and mythological narratives of Bengal.

The significance may even be rooted in ancient scriptures, folklore, or historical figures, adding layers of meaning to the chosen name.

Understanding the cultural and general context behind each name allows parents to make more informed choices, ensuring that the name not only resonates personally but also connects the child to the cultural legacy of Bengal.

Whether it’s a name associated with bravery, wisdom, or devotion, delving into the cultural and general significance enhances the naming journey, making it a meaningful and cherished experience for both parents and their little ones.

Here is a list of Bengali baby boy names starting with the letter A, along with their meanings and additional information:

  1. Aniket
    • Meaning: Lord of All; Homeless
    • Additional Information: The name has dual meanings, symbolizing both mastery over all and the detached nature of a wanderer, making it a complex yet intriguing choice.
  2. Arijit
    • Meaning: Conqueror of Enemies
    • Additional Information: This name signifies victory and overcoming obstacles, embodying resilience and courage.
  3. Abir
    • Meaning: Colored Powder; Fragrance
    • Additional Information: Often associated with the festival of Holi, this name signifies joy, celebration, and a pleasing personality.
  4. Arnab
    • Meaning: Sea; Ocean
    • Additional Information: The name symbolizes depth, mystery, and a sense of boundless possibilities, much like the sea.
  5. Amit
    • Meaning: Limitless; Infinite
    • Additional Information: This name signifies endless potential and is often associated with boundless creativity or intellect.
  6. Ayan
    • Meaning: Path; Way
    • Additional Information: This name represents the journey of life and could signify your hopes for your son’s path to be full of opportunities.
  7. Atish
    • Meaning: Firework; Explosive
    • Additional Information: This name symbolizes a dynamic and vibrant personality, full of energy and life.
  8. Anirban
    • Meaning: Flame That Never Extinguishes
    • Additional Information: The name signifies resilience and an enduring spirit, qualities you may wish for your son.
  9. Anupam
    • Meaning: Incomparable; Unique
    • Additional Information: This name embodies the idea of individuality and the unique qualities that your son may bring into the world.
  10. Arpan
    • Meaning: Offering
    • Additional Information: This name carries a sense of selflessness and devotion, making it a thoughtful choice.
  11. Apurba
    • Meaning: Never Seen Before
    • Additional Information: This name embodies uniqueness and the extraordinary, indicating your hopes for your son to stand out and be exceptional.
  12. Alok
    • Meaning: Light; Brilliance
    • Additional Information: This name signifies brightness and enlightenment, suitable for a child destined for intellectual and spiritual growth.
  13. Avik
    • Meaning: Fearless
    • Additional Information: The name embodies courage and bravery, qualities that could guide your son through life’s challenges.
  14. Agnivo
    • Meaning: Bright as Fire
    • Additional Information: This name represents zeal and enthusiasm, capturing the essence of a fiery spirit and radiant energy.
  15. Arindam
    • Meaning: Destroyer of Enemies
    • Additional Information: The name signifies power and valor, making it a strong and impactful choice for your son.
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
  1. Ananta
    • Meaning: Infinite; Eternal
    • Additional Information: This name represents the concept of infinity and timelessness, often attributed to divine or celestial beings.
  2. Ashoke
    • Meaning: Without Grief
    • Additional Information: The name is rooted in the word “Ashoka,” which signifies a life devoid of sorrow and full of joy.
  3. Asim
    • Meaning: Limitless
    • Additional Information: Similar to “Amit,” this name also embodies the idea of endless possibilities and boundless potential.
  4. Arghya
    • Meaning: Offering to Lord
    • Additional Information: This name signifies devotion and piety, often used in the context of religious rituals and offerings.
  5. Arka
    • Meaning: Sun
    • Additional Information: Representing vitality and life-giving energy, this name could signify a shining personality and radiant charisma.
  6. Anish
    • Meaning: Supreme; Host
    • Additional Information: This name signifies leadership and mastery, indicating your aspirations for your son to be at the forefront of his endeavors.
  7. Animesh
    • Meaning: Open-Eyed, Vigilant
    • Additional Information: The name embodies attentiveness and keen awareness, qualities that are valuable in various aspects of life.
  8. Aniruddha
    • Meaning: Unobstructed; Uncontrolled
    • Additional Information: This name reflects freedom and self-determination, symbolic of a person who cannot be easily held back.
  9. Argho
    • Meaning: Offerings
    • Additional Information: Similar to “Arghya,” this name also signifies devotion and a giving nature.
  10. Anmol
    • Meaning: Priceless
    • Additional Information: This name symbolizes invaluable worth, embodying the preciousness of life and unique talents.
  11. Arij
    • Meaning: Fragrance
    • Additional Information: The name often represents someone with a pleasant and captivating personality, much like a good fragrance.
  12. Alokesh
    • Meaning: Invisible; God of Light
    • Additional Information: This name signifies the divinity and majesty of light, often indicative of spiritual or intellectual illumination.
  13. Arjun
    • Meaning: Bright; Shining; White
    • Additional Information: This name is synonymous with purity and brilliance and is also the name of a heroic character in the Indian epic Mahabharata.
  14. Atul
    • Meaning: Incomparable; Matchless
    • Additional Information: This name encapsulates the idea of unparalleled excellence, reflecting high aspirations for your child.
  15. Anjan
    • Meaning: Not Born Yet; The Sky
    • Additional Information: This poetic name carries connotations of limitless potential and a connection to the vastness of the sky.
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
  1. Anubhav
    • Meaning: Experience; Insight
    • Additional Information: This name represents wisdom gained through life experiences, suggesting a depth of character.
  2. Amitesh
    • Meaning: Infinite God
    • Additional Information: This name combines the boundlessness of the infinite with the divinity of God, making it a powerful and spiritual choice.
  3. Aditya
    • Meaning: Sun God
    • Additional Information: This name is commonly associated with brightness, vitality, and life-giving energy.
  4. Avirup
    • Meaning: No Shape; No Form
    • Additional Information: This name could signify the infinite possibilities in life, being not bound by any one shape or form.
  5. Arun
    • Meaning: Dawn; Sun
    • Additional Information: Often used to represent new beginnings and the promise of a new day, this name embodies optimism and hope.
  6. Ananta
    • Meaning: Endless; Eternal
    • Additional Information: This name signifies the concept of the eternal, often symbolizing long-lasting virtues and qualities.
  7. Anup
    • Meaning: Unique; Talent
    • Additional Information: This name emphasizes individuality and the expression of unique talents and abilities.
  8. Anil
    • Meaning: Air; Wind
    • Additional Information: Symbolic of freedom and unboundedness, this name reflects qualities like adaptability and openness.
  9. Avinash
    • Meaning: Indestructible; Eternal
    • Additional Information: This name embodies resilience and an enduring spirit, resonating with qualities of permanence and invincibility.
  10. Ayan
    • Meaning: Gift of God; Path
    • Additional Information: A name that captures the essence of divine blessings and the journey of life, often used to signify destiny or fate.
  11. Avinandan
    • Meaning: Salutation; Greeting
    • Additional Information: This name exudes warmth and friendliness, representing the idea of welcoming new experiences and people into one’s life.
  12. Atanu
    • Meaning: Cupid
    • Additional Information: Often associated with love and desire, this name could signify your hope for your son to lead a life full of love and meaningful relationships.
  13. Anurag
    • Meaning: Love; Attachment
    • Additional Information: This name represents deep emotional connections and could be indicative of your wish for your son to experience a life filled with love.
  14. Abhijit
    • Meaning: Victorious; One who is Victorious
    • Additional Information: This name embodies the concept of overcoming challenges and emerging victorious, emphasizing qualities like strength and resilience.
  15. Arup
    • Meaning: Formless; Shapeless
    • Additional Information: This name signifies limitless potential, not confined by any set form or structure, making it a versatile and thought-provoking choice.
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Please note that these names, while prevalent in Bengali culture, often have Sanskrit origins and may be common in other parts of India as well.

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Things to Consider Before Naming Your Child

When it comes to naming your child, there are several important factors to consider. Choosing the right name is not just about personal preference; it also carries cultural and societal significance.

In Bengali culture, names often hold deep meanings and reflect the values and beliefs of the family.

Therefore, before you finalize on a name from Bengali baby boy names starting with A there are a few essential things to keep in mind. Firstly, it is crucial to consider the meaning and symbolism behind the name you select.

Bengali names generally have profound meanings derived from Sanskrit, mythology, or religious texts like the Ramayana or Mahabharata. You may want to choose a name that signifies strength, courage, wisdom, or any other characteristic that you wish your child to embody.

Additionally, ensure that the name’s meaning aligns with your cultural background and family heritage. Another aspect to consider is the pronunciation and ease of spelling of the chosen name.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

While unique and uncommon names can be intriguing, they may also become a source of confusion or mispronunciation for both your child and others they interact with throughout their life.

Opting for a more familiar or easily pronounceable Bengali name can help avoid unnecessary challenges for your child while still retaining cultural significance.

Furthermore, it’s important to think about how well the chosen name will age with your child. While adorable baby names are delightful in their own right, they may not sound as appropriate or professional when your child grows up into adulthood.

Consider how well the chosen name will suit them at different stages of life – from childhood through adolescence and beyond.

Choosing a suitable option from Bengali baby boy names starting with A involves careful consideration of various factors such as meaning and symbolism, pronunciation ease, and long-term suitability.

The selected name should align with cultural heritage while also being practical for daily use by both your child and those they interact with throughout their life journey.

By taking these aspects into account, you can ensure that the name you choose for your child holds significance and brings joy in their life.

Top 10 Bengali Baby Boy names starting with A

Here are the Top 10 Bengali Baby Boy names starting with A:

  • Abir: Meaning “color,” Abir is a popular Bengali name symbolizing vibrancy and diversity. It reflects the rich cultural tapestry of Bengal.
  • Aarav: A modern choice, Aarav means “peaceful” and is gaining popularity in Bengali households. Its simplicity and positive meaning make it a favorite.
  • Ayan: Ayan signifies “bright” or “soaked in the divine.” It has a timeless appeal, connecting the child to positivity and enlightenment.
  • Aniket: A traditional name, Aniket translates to “Lord of the world” or “Homeless.” It carries a profound sense of responsibility and spirituality.
  • Arjun: With roots in Hindu mythology, Arjun was a heroic prince in the Mahabharata. The name represents strength, valor, and moral integrity.
  • Advait: Meaning “unique” or “one-of-a-kind,” Advait is a modern name emphasizing individuality and distinctiveness.
  • Arun: A classic choice, Arun signifies “red” or “glowing like the morning sun.” It has timeless appeal and cultural significance.
  • Amit: Amit translates to “infinite” or “boundless.” It conveys a sense of limitless possibilities and is a modern yet culturally rooted name.
  • Ashwin: Associated with the deity Ashvins, Ashwin means “light” or “horse tamer.” It reflects celestial beauty and strength.
  • Arya: Meaning “noble” or “honorable,” Arya is both traditional and modern, embodying virtues that parents aspire for their child.
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Unique and Modern Choices

Bengali culture embraces modernity while retaining traditional values.

Here are unique and modern Bengali baby boy names starting with A:

  • Alay: A contemporary name meaning “exalted” or “sublime,” Alay represents upward aspirations and spiritual elevation.
  • Ariyan: A modern twist on the traditional name Aryan, Ariyan signifies “noble” or “warrior.” It blends cultural roots with a contemporary touch.
  • Abeer: A stylish and modern name, Abeer means “fragrance” or “scented.” It brings a sense of freshness and uniqueness.
  • Adrik: A unique choice, Adrik means “lord of the mountain” or “dark one.” It adds a touch of mystique and strength to the name.
  • Avyukt: Avyukt translates to “clear” or “unambiguous.” It’s a modern name reflecting clarity of thought and purpose.

Traditional and Timeless Names

Here are traditional and timeless Bengali baby boy names starting with A:

  • Asim: A timeless name meaning “limitless” or “infinite.” It reflects the eternal nature of certain virtues and values.
  • Alok: A traditional name, Alok means “light” or “brightness.” It represents the enduring presence of positivity and knowledge.
  • Amal: A classic choice, Amal translates to “pure” or “unblemished.” It carries a timeless charm and simplicity.
  • Akash: A traditional name meaning “sky” or “open space.” It symbolizes vastness, freedom, and limitless potential.
  • Ashutosh: A name with deep cultural roots, Ashutosh is derived from Lord Shiva and means “one who is easily pleased.” It conveys devotion and humility.

Aesthetic and Pronunciation Tips

Here are some aesthetic and pronunciation tips for Bengali baby boy names starting with A:

  • Aarav (pronounced Ah-raav): Emphasize the soft ‘a’ sound at the beginning, followed by a gentle roll of the ‘r.’ The emphasis is on the first syllable.
  • Aniket (pronounced A-nee-ket): Pronounced with equal stress on each syllable, this name has a flowing and harmonious sound.
  • Arjun (pronounced Ar-jun): The ‘r’ is pronounced with a slight roll, and the emphasis is on the first syllable. It has a strong, impactful sound.
  • Advait (pronounced Ad-vait): Pronounced with a clear ‘d’ sound in the middle, the emphasis is on the first syllable, creating a rhythmic pronunciation.
  • Alok (pronounced A-lok): The ‘a’ is pronounced as ‘uh,’ and the ‘o’ has a short ‘o’ sound. The emphasis is on the first syllable, creating a gentle and melodious sound.
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Famous Personalities with Names Starting with A

And last but not least, here are some famous personalities with names starting with A:

  • Amitabh Bachchan: One of Bollywood’s legendary actors, Amitabh Bachchan’s name translates to “one with boundless splendor.”
  • Abdul Kalam: Known as the “People’s President” and an eminent scientist, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s name reflects his cultural roots and humility.
  • Aparna Sen: A renowned filmmaker and actress, Aparna Sen’s name signifies grace and tradition.
  • Amartya Sen: A Nobel laureate in Economics, Amartya Sen’s name reflects his intellectual and cultural background.
  • Aishwarya Rai: A global icon, Aishwarya Rai’s name signifies wealth and prosperity, reflecting her cultural heritage.

How to Choose Perfectly from Bengali baby boy names starting with A

When it comes to choosing the perfect option from Bengali baby boy names starting with A, there are several factors to consider.

From traditional names steeped in cultural significance to more modern and unique options, this section will delve into the various aspects that can guide parents in making an informed decision.

  1. Abhishek Ritual, consecration
  2. Adarsh Ideal
  3. Aditya Sun
  4. Ajay Unconquered
  5. AkashSky
  6. Akshay Immortal
  7. Alok Brightness
  8. AmalPure
  9. Amar Immortal
  10. Amit Limitless

Firstly, it is essential to explore the rich heritage and cultural background of Bengali names.

This region of South Asia has a long history and a vibrant tradition of naming children with meanings that carry deep symbolism.

Parents may opt for traditional Bengali names like Abhinav, which means “innovative” or “new,” reflecting their desire for their child’s future success and progress in life.

Another popular choice is Aarav, meaning “peaceful” or “calm,” emphasizing values like tranquility and harmony within the family. Secondly, parents should consider personal preferences and family traditions when selecting a name.

Some families may choose names that have been passed down through generations as a way to honor their ancestors or maintain continuity within the lineage.

For instance, Aditya symbolizes the sun god in Hindu mythology and is often chosen as a way to bring prosperity and brightness into the child’s life.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Conversely, families seeking a more contemporary vibe may opt for modern Bengali names like Arjun or Aryan, which exude strength and power. Parents need to take into account practical considerations such as pronunciation and ease of spelling.

While it is important for a name to hold meaning and significance, it should also be easy for others to pronounce correctly.

Opting for simpler names like Akash (meaning “sky“) or Anik (meaning “soldier“), makes communication smoother both within immediate circles as well as outside interactions.

Choosing from Bengali baby boy names starting with A, involves striking a balance between cultural significance, personal preference, and practicality.

  1. AnuragLove
  2. ArnavOcean
  3. Arya Noble
  4. Ashwin Light
  5. AtishFire
  6. Avik Diamond
  7. Avir Brave
  8. Ayush Long life
  9. Ayan Bright, beautiful
  10. Abhijit Victorious

By exploring the rich history of Bengali names, acknowledging family traditions, and considering practical aspects, parents can find a name that not only reflects their aspirations for their child but also resonates with their unique identity.

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Selecting from Bengali baby boy names starting with A is not just a matter of personal preference, but also a way to honor traditions and cultural significance.

The careful consideration of various factors discussed earlier ensures that you choose a name that both resonates with your personal taste and aligns with the rich heritage of Bengal.

By choosing from Bengali baby boy names starting with A, you are instilling in your child a sense of identity and connection to their roots. These names often carry deep meanings rooted in religion, history, mythology, or nature.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A
Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Embracing these names also helps preserve the language and cultural heritage for future generations.

Remember, when selecting a name for your little one, it’s crucial to consider its pronunciation, meaning, and relevance to your family’s values.

Take into account how it may sound when combined with the surname and ensure that it carries positive connotations. While naming your child is undoubtedly an important decision, it should also be an enjoyable experience filled with anticipation and excitement.

Embrace this opportunity to celebrate the beauty of Bengali names while carrying forward the legacy of your ancestors.

May you find joy and fulfillment as you embark on this journey of naming your beloved son!


What is the best Bengali boy name?

Here are some top picks:
Dulal: meaning Dear
Hrishab: meaning One with good morals
Hridyanshu: meaning Light from the heart, moon
Indroneel: Another name for Lord Shiva, a blue gem.

What are some unique Bengali baby boy names starting with ‘A’?

Explore our curated list for distinctive and meaningful names.

Do these names have cultural significance?

Yes, each name carries cultural richness and significance.

Are there modern and traditional options?

Our list offers a blend of modern and traditional Bengali names.

How can I choose a name with a specific meaning?

We provide meanings for each name to assist you in your selection.

Are these names popular in Bengali culture?

Discover names that resonate with the cultural heritage of Bengal.

Can I find Hindu baby boy names in this list?

Yes, explore Hindu baby boy names starting with ‘A’ as well.

Any tips for naming my Bengali baby boy?

Consider meanings, cultural significance, and personal preferences.



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