#1 Stokke Trailz Reviews: The Best Stroller Review

Discover the ultimate guide to the #1 Stokke Trailz with our comprehensive review. We delve into every aspect, from its description and features to an in-depth analysis of its suspension, wheels, weight, and overall pros and cons.

Don’t miss out on our star rating, offering a holistic view of the Stokke Trailz to help you make the best stroller choice for your needs.

Will it Fit your Lifestyle, Trunk, Budget, and The Fold?

Let’s tick off the boxes!

Stokke Trailz
#1 Stokke Trailz Reviews: The Best Stroller Review 6


Did someone turn the temperature up? Cause it’s about to get hot!

From walking down busy sidewalks, and exploring in the snow (yes, really) to navigating off-road paths, the Strokke Trailz can do it all. Innovative in design, practical in features, and stylish enough to match your daily wardrobe.

We love a stroller that can do it all!

Stokke Trailz
Stokke Trailz

It’s is a highly adaptable all-terrain stroller that offers a range of features and benefits for parents and their little ones.

With its sturdy design and versatile functionality, the Trailz is built to handle any terrain and provide a comfortable, safe ride for a child, babies, and toddlers.

As one of the most comprehensive Strokke Trailz reviews online, we will explore the various features and benefits of this stroller, and how it can enhance your family’s outings and adventures.

Stokke Trailz Review: Description

When I hear husbands complain about their wife’s spending money, I think to myself ‘You are paying for a lover, a child, and a therapist. It’s a bargain! The same can be said of this stroller! You’re paying for looks, comfort, safety & convenience!

Is this stroller worth the investment? Our review answers the question with a focus on child safety. Despite hesitations about the cost, we believe that the Trailz is a fan favorite for a reason.

By reading our in-depth review you will gain a clear understanding of why this all-terrain stroller is a top choice for parents.

The Trailz all-terrain stroller is similar to the Stokke Xplory, just bigger, better, and with more storage! It is ideal for all-terrain walks and outdoor adventures.

But more about this later 🙂 This stroller is a very popular choice amongst parents because it can handle any terrain. Your child will be having a smooth and comfortable ride and mommy, you do not have to worry because this stroller is designed with safety in mind.

After realizing the importance of child safety, the husband’s initial skepticism about the cost of the Stokke Trailz all-terrain stroller vanished once he saw the spacious detachable shopping basket, making it a valuable investment for any family on the go.

This is largely due to the air-filled tires. The suspension of this stroller will ensure a smooth ride even when going over some bumps.

The front wheels can swivel or lock into a fixed position to allow you to maneuver the stroller better in crowded areas. All of the wheels are removable too in the event you need to save maximum space in your vehicle.

The stroller’s seat is bucket-style, perfect for providing support for your little one, and can face towards you or away from you.

This will allow you to bond and keep a safe eye on your newborn until they are ready to face the world (and the other way around).

The stroller can be used from birth up until 20kg which is more or less 5 years of age. This means it will last you and your little one a long time!

To use the stroller from birth, it is best to use it with an infant car seat. We love that Stokke has paired up with top quality and safety brand BeSafe.

Safety 1st of course

For added comfort and convenience, you can purchase a bassinet for your stroller.

The benefit of using a bassinet is that it offers more legroom and allows your baby to sleep at 180 degrees.

The Stokke bassinettes are also hard-shelled which means you can unclip it from the stroller’s frame and keep it close without disturbing the sleep of your little one. Please note that the bassinette is not intended to be used for overnight sleeping.

Staying true to their signature feature, this stroller’s seat and carry cot are height adjustable. This is a must for parents of different heights.

The higher position of the stroller seat will also promote eye contact and connection with your little one.

Additional add-on accessories that can be bought are a cup holder and bag organizer.

Hotter or wetter days won’t stop you from exploring thanks to the extended sun canopy of the stroller with built-in ventilation and made from water-repellent fabrics with UPF 50+ sun protection.

Walking and general maneuverability are made easier too due to the adjustable and ergonomic handlebar of the Trailz.

Best kept secret: this stroller can double up to facilitate two kids if you add the additional stroller sibling board.

It’s no secret that this stroller is all about aesthetics and this stroller is a testament to its leatherette handle and front bar. We love the finishing touches as they contribute to the premium look and feel of the Trailz.

Guaranteed that this stroller slaps harder than your husband if you know what we mean

Features & Description

Stokke Trailz
Stokke Trailz

Suspension & Wheels

This stroller has all-terrain, large air-filled tires, and is the perfect pram for travel.

The suspension of the Trailz all-terrain stroller will ensure a smooth ride even when going over some bumps.

The front wheels can swivel or lock into a fixed position to allow you to maneuver the stroller better in crowded areas.

All of the wheels are removable too in the event you need to save maximum space in your vehicle.


The weight limit of the child in the Stokke Trailz all-terrain stroller is approximately 45 pounds. However, it’s always best to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations to ensure the safety and comfort of your child.

For the 3-wheeler and all-terrain strollers mentioned in my previous response, the weight limit of the child can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer.

Generally, most 3-wheeler and all-terrain strollers have weight limits ranging from 50 to 75 pounds. It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for each specific stroller model to determine the appropriate weight limit for your child.

Pros And Cons

Stokke Trailz
#1 Stokke Trailz Reviews: The Best Stroller Review 7

Stokke Trailz Price:

The prices and weight capacity of the storage baskets for the Stokke Trailz stroller and some popular 3-wheeler and all-terrain strollers are:

  1. Stokke Trailz Stroller: The price of the Stokke Trailz stroller can vary depending on the specific model and retailer. Generally, the price range is between $1,000 to $1,500. The weight capacity of the detachable shopping basket is approximately 22 pounds.

other strollers that you may Also want to look at:

  1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 All-Terrain Stroller: The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 all-terrain stroller is priced around $450 to $500. The weight capacity of the storage basket is 10 pounds.
  2. Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Jogging Stroller: The Thule Urban Glide 2.0 jogging stroller is priced around $500 to $550. The weight capacity of the storage basket is 10 pounds.
  3. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller: The Baby Jogger Summit X3 jogging stroller is priced around $450 to $500. The weight capacity of the storage basket is 10 pounds.

Or perhaps strollers from the same Outdoor Strollers category?

Feeling Like Your Husband Hates This Stroller and Want to Convince him?

Listen, if you are an active family looking for a stroller that will keep up with all the adventures and want to make memories with your child then the Stokke Trailz is the one for you.

This stroller comes in various colors such as Nordic green, black, and many more. This stroller is suited for all-terrain and contains a bassinet and ample storage as mentioned above. This stroller is the one for every parent seeking adventure.

We also have some guides that may help bulk up your general knowledge on transporting your baby: Stroller Guides

Overall Star rating

A star rating of 3.7 out of 5.

Stokke Trailz


In conclusion, our Stokke Trailz reviews talk about the Stokke Trailz stroller being a great all-terrain stroller that you can use indoors and outdoors.

It’s stylish in design which makes it the perfect shopping companion, but also robust and built for any outdoor adventure!

We love that all parts are interchangeable and height adjustable. This gives you many options to play with to ensure maximum comfort for your little one.

Although this stroller has a high price tag, rest assured that you are paying for a premium product that is long-lasting due to exceptional quality. Stokke isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

Who doesn’t want the best for their child?


What is the correct tire pressure?

With air-filled tires, the user can decide on the softness of the tires.
Recommended tire air pressure for all countries is 0,7 bar/10,2psi

Does the Stokke Stroller parasol protect the baby against UV rays?

”The parasol sold with the Stokke Stroller has been tested by an independent testing institute for the level of UV protection it affords and it was found to have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50, which is classified as “Excellent Protection”.
However, it is still recommended to avoid exposing young children to direct sunlight for extended periods. ”FAQ Stokke® Trailz

What is the Stokke Stroller?

The Stokke Trailz is an all-terrain stroller designed for parents who enjoy taking their babies and toddlers on outdoor adventures.

What are the features of this stroller?

This stroller has a range of features, including adjustable suspension, large air-filled wheels, a reversible seat, and a height-adjustable handlebar. It also has a roomy, detachable shopping basket and is compatible with various infant car seats.

What are the benefits of this stroller?

This stroller is highly versatile and built to handle any terrain, making it ideal for families who love outdoor activities. Its adjustable suspension and air-filled wheels provide a smooth and comfortable ride for your little one.
The reversible seat and height-adjustable handlebar make it easy to customize the stroller to your needs, while the detachable shopping basket offers ample storage space. The Stokke Trailz is also compatible with infant car seats, making it a great investment for growing families. This is the top of all-terrain stroller.

What is the Stokke Trailz classic stroller?

It is a variant of the Stokke Trailz all-terrain stroller. It shares many of the same features and benefits as the standard model, including adjustable suspension, air-filled wheels, a reversible seat, and a detachable shopping basket.
However, the Classic version features a sleek and stylish design, with a durable leatherette handlebar and a textured woven mélange fabric. The Stokke Classic is also compatible with various infant car seats and can support a weight of up to 45 pounds.

What age can you use the Stokke Trailz stroller seat?

The Stokke® Stroller Seat for Trailz has been approved in the EU for use from the age of 6 months, so this is what we recommend.
https://www.stokke.com › USA › en-us › customer-service

What is the weight limit for the Stokke Trailz?

The Trailz comes with a reversible seat, but can also be converted into a travel system or a pram. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 45 lbs.
https://www.momsstrollerreviews.com › stokke-trailz-a…

How big is the Stokke Trailz?

Folded Dimensions (LxWxH): 95 x 62 x 50 cm (37.4 x 24.4 x 19.7 inches)
Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH): 125 x 62 x 115 cm (49.2 x 24.4 x 45.3 inches)

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The comfortable all-terrain stroller (stokke.com)

FAQ Stokke® Trailz

Stokke Trailz review – 3-wheeler & all terrains – Pushchairs – MadeForMums

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