The Alluring Joie Mytrax Stroller: Best Review [2024]

The Joie Mytrax is one of the most practical and versatile strollers in our opinion.

It can be challenging to find a stroller that is compact and suitable for all-terrain walking, compact and all-terrain traditionally don’t go together!

Will it Fit your lifestyle, trunk, budget, and fold?

Let’s tick off the blocks!

Joie Mytrax
The Alluring Joie Mytrax Stroller: Best Review [2024] 6


Did someone say fifty shades of grey? This stroller is stylish and strong in every way we can ask for!

The Joie Mytrax brings together the best of the indoors and outdoors. It’s compact enough for city living but can simultaneously accommodate outdoor adventures with its air-filled wheels with suspension.

This is a rare combination and perfect for the person who would like a primary stroller for daily errands and weekend adventures.

The Joie Mytrax stroller is innovative in design, practical functional, ty and aesthetically pleasing.

A winning combination!

Description of the Joie Mytrax

Prevent your wife from spending time on her knees and get her a self-standing stroller!

The most convenient feature of this stroller is its one-hand fold and self-standing frame. It is easy enough to fold down the stroller whilst carrying your baby.

And once folded, it’s not necessary to awkwardly bend forward and pick up your stroller at a strange angle. The self-standing frame also prevents your stroller from touching the ground and getting dirty.

The Joie Mytrax stroller is suitable from birth when paired with its i-Gemm infant car seat and can be used for up to 15kg.

The i-Gemm infant car seat is amazing on its own as it sports an expandable sun canopy and adjustable headpiece which features other infant car seats on the market don’t normally have.

Other must-have features of this stroller are its height-adjustable telescoping handle, multi-position reclining seat, and UPF 50+ oversized sun canopy.

This will ensure your child is protected from the sun and won’t be disturbed during nap time.

Protection was not a priority for you otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

The Joie Mytrax stroller has air-filled wheels with all-wheel suspension. This will ensure a smooth ride when adventuring outdoors and it will absorb any shock that might disturb your child’s nap time.

Both front wheels can lock into place to assist with different terrain.

The best-kept secret about this stroller? All fabrics can be removed, and the seat unit can be unzipped which transforms the physical appearance of your stroller.

This will allow you to only travel with the i-Gemm infant car seat with its adapters clipped onto the stroller frame. Talk about saving space!

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Features & Specifications

Design and Build:

  • The Mytrax stroller boasts a sleek and modern design, combining style with functionality.
  • It features a sturdy and durable build, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Joie Mytrax
The Alluring Joie Mytrax Stroller: Best Review [2024] 7

Suspensions & Wheels

The Joie Mytrax stroller has air-filled wheels with all-wheel suspension. This will ensure a smooth ride when adventuring outdoors and it will absorb any shock that might disturb your child’s nap time.

Both front wheels can lock into place to assist with different terrain.

The power of thrust was remarkable thanks to the smooth ride!

Joie Mytrax
The Alluring Joie Mytrax Stroller: Best Review [2024] 8

Open Size: 90cm x w 59.5 x h 101cm
Folded Size: 81.5cm x w 59.5 x h 33.5cm
Product weight: 11.85kg
Product usage: birth to 15kg


  • Equipped with all-wheel suspension, the stroller provides a smooth and comfortable ride for your little one.
  • Lockable front swivel wheels enhance maneuverability, making it easy to navigate different terrains.

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Infant seat/Bassinet

Joie Mytrax Stroller
The Alluring Joie Mytrax Stroller: Best Review [2024] 9

The Mytrax stroller is compatible with infant car seats, creating a convenient travel system for newborns.

Seamless Transition: Parents can effortlessly transition their infants from the car to the stroller without disturbing their sleep or routine. This convenience is particularly valuable during short errands or when on-the-go.

Safety and Security: Infant car seats are specifically designed to provide optimal safety for newborns during car travel. By attaching the car seat to the Mytrax stroller, parents can maintain a secure and snug environment for their little ones while strolling.

Versatility: The ability to use an infant car seat with the stroller adds versatility to the travel system. Parents can choose a car seat that best fits their preferences and safety standards, creating a customized and adaptable solution.

Long-Term Use: As infants grow, they can transition from the infant car seat to the stroller seat, ensuring that the Mytrax stroller remains a functional and valuable investment throughout the early years of a child’s life.

Convenience for Parents: Managing a newborn’s needs involves carrying various essentials, and having a compatible travel system simplifies this process. Parents can seamlessly move their child from the car to the stroller without juggling multiple items.

Travel-Friendly: Whether it’s a family vacation or a simple outing, the travel system facilitates a smoother travel experience. Parents can easily navigate through airports, public transportation, or crowded places without compromising on their child’s comfort.

Enhanced Bonding: The proximity of the infant car seat to the parent while attached to the stroller fosters a closer connection. Parents can interact with and monitor their newborns more easily, promoting a sense of security and bonding during outings.

This thoughtful design caters to the specific needs of newborns and their parents, offering a convenient, safe, and adaptable solution for various travel scenarios.

Additional Features


  • Some models may include features like cup holders, parent trays, and additional accessories for added convenience.

Recline and Comfort:

  • The multi-position recline allows you to find the most comfortable position for your child.
  • Padded seat and adjustable leg rest contribute to a cozy and ergonomic seating experience.

Folding Mechanism:

  • The one-hand fold mechanism makes it easy to fold and store the stroller, perfect for on-the-go parents.
  • The compact fold ensures convenient storage in tight spaces.

Canopy and Sun Protection:

  • A large and extendable canopy provides ample sun protection, shielding your child from harsh sunlight.
  • Peek-a-boo window allows you to keep an eye on your little one during strolls.

Safety Features:

  • The 5-point harness system ensures your child’s safety and security during every ride.
  • The stroller meets safety standards, offering peace of mind to parents.

Storage and Convenience:

  • Ample storage options, including a spacious basket, allow you to carry essentials during outings.
  • Adjustable handlebars cater to the comfort of parents with varying heights.

Video of the Joie Mytrax


In conclusion, the Joie Mytax stroller is a great option to consider if you need a practical option for everyday errands in the city but would like to explore the outdoors on the weekends without purchasing an additional stroller or bulky jogger.

This stroller’s one-hand fold and the self-standing frame are a game changer for parents as most all-terrain strollers are joggers. And we all know how big and heavy those are!

“If you were a car, I would drive you all night long.”- is what you’ll be saying in the long run to the Joie Mytrax! Trust us

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What age is Joie Mytrax suitable for?

The pushchair is suitable for children weighing under 25kg, while the car seat is suitable from birth to around 1.5 years or under 13kg
The car seat is i-size, so this means that it goes with your child’s length.

How does the Mytrax fold?

A hidden handle in the middle of the pushchair pulls up to enable the one-handed folding system.

Is it worth its price?

Yes, it is worth the price! Essentially you are paying for two strollers in one

What is I-size?

”I-size’ is a new EU safety regulation for child car seats (ECE R129). It was introduced in July 2013 to make child car seats easier to fit, provide better protection from side impacts, and keep children rearward facing for longer. I-size only applies to Isofix seats. UK legislation has been amended to allow i-size seats to be used.” i-size Seats | Child Car Seats

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