Joie Muze LX Travel System: Best Review [2024]

What is Joie Muze LX Travel System?

  1. City Stroller
  2. All-wheel Suspension
  3. Auto Gravity Fold
  4. 1-Hand Folding stroller
  5. Free Standing when folded
  6. Retractable Hood
  7. Compatible with Juva Infant Seat
  8. Affordable
  9. Fits into a mid-size sedan

Imagine effortlessly folding your stroller with one hand or reclining the seat flat for your newborn—all while seamlessly integrating with the Juva infant seat.

Will it fit your lifestyle, trunk, budget and folding style?

Let’s tick off the boxes!

  • City Stroller
  • 1-Hand folding
  • Does not cost too much
  • Fits into mid-size sedan
Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze Lx Travel System: Best Review [2024] 13
Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

Joie Muze LX Features

The Joie Muze LX Travel System is an all-in-one solution that’s here to help parents navigate the obstacle course of parenthood—without breaking a sweat or a swear jar.

Offering higher weight capacity; from birth to 15 kgs, don’t forget about its all-wheel suspension for rough terrain and generous storage space, providing both comfort and practicality.

Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

This versatile travel system features not just a stroller, but also a car seat to ensure you can use it from birth onwards for your little one.

From its one-hand folding mechanism, which is perfect for those days when your other hand is occupied holding a diaper bag, a coffee, or a pint-sized escape artist, to its Juva infant seat compatibility.

No adapters or engineering degree is required—this stroller is all about making your life easier.

Ideal for busy families who juggle more than a circus clown, the Joie Muze LX Travel System combines functionality and style in a package that even fits in small car trunks.

Joie Muze LX Travel System

Because let’s face it, if you’re trying to fit a stroller into a compact car while wrangling a toddler, you deserve a medal—or at least a stroller that cooperates.

Joie Muze LX Travel System – Suitable Age Range

From birth to approximately 33 lbs/14,97 kg: Yes, you read it right. This stroller doesn’t play around when it comes to age limits.

One minute you’re bringing your newborn home, and the next minute they’ve turned into a 33-pound ball of energy, all set to explore the world—or at least the local park.

Auto Gravity Fold

Automatic folding mechanism operable with just one hand: Because let’s face it, your other hand is probably busy holding a diaper bag, a cup of coffee, or—more likely—your child who has decided that walking is so last year.

Manual Fold Latch

Allows manual latching for folding with one hand: Sometimes, you just want to feel in control, even if it’s only about folding a stroller. It’s the little victories, people!

Joie Muze LX Travel System – Seat Recline

Suitable from birth with a flat reclining seat: Perfect for naptimes or for when your baby decides to practice their royal wave to the adoring public.

Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

Compatibility with Juva Infant Seat

Pairs without the need for adapters: Because nobody has time to be an engineer when you’re already a chauffeur, chef, nurse, and entertainer.

Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

Free Standing When Folded

Stands upright and fits in small car boots: It’s like the Transformer of strollers. One minute it’s a full-on stroller; the next, it’s auditioning for a role in a space-saving commercial.

Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

Multi-Position Backrest & Calf Rest

Flat reclining seat and two comfortable calf rest positions: More positions than a yoga instructor—your baby will be stretching and lounging in peace.

Joie Muze LX Travel System – Retractable Hood

Viewing window and custom shade options: It’s like a VIP booth for your baby. “No paparazzi, please!”

Oversized Storage Basket

Ample space for personal items: Let’s be real; you can almost fit your entire life into that basket. Don’t get too carried away, though. Your kitchen sink probably won’t fit.

All-wheel suspension and front Swivel Wheels

Smooth ride on rough surfaces and lockable wheels: Because life is already bumpy enough, your stroller doesn’t have to be.

Parent’s Tray & Child’s Snack and Play Tray

Double cup holder and storage, pivoting child’s tray: Because both you and your little one deserve VIP treatment, complete with snacks!

Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

Shoe Saver Brakes

Single-step braking system: You spent good money on those shoes. No scuffs allowed here!

5-Point Harness & Height Adjustment

SoftTouch harness with adjustable heights: Think of it as your baby’s first seatbelt. Safety can never start too early!

Joie Muze L X Review – Specifications

When it comes to choosing the perfect travel system for your little one, specifications aren’t just numbers—they’re the nuts and bolts of your parenting game plan.

It’s like buying a new car, only this one comes with baby food stains as a standard feature.

Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

Jokes aside, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty details of the Joie Muze LX Travel System.

Hold onto your diaper bags, because here we go!

Open SizeL 37.2″ x W 21.3″ x H 34.1″
Folded SizeL 34.1″ x W 21.3″ x H 31.9″
Product Weight25.6 lbs
Product UsageBirth to 33 lbs
Testing CertificationEN 1888:2012
Joie Muze LX Travel System

These specifications spell out some vital information.

From the open and folded dimensions to the weight and usage guidelines, everything is designed to provide a smooth and safe ride for your child—minus the auto-pilot feature, of course.

It would be nice, though, wouldn’t it?

Ease of UseOne-hand operation for folding and latching, convenient for busy parents.CostOn the pricier side compared to similar strollers.
CompatibilitySuitable from birth to 15 kg’s, flat reclining seat, and multiple calf rest positions.BulkinessTakes up more space than expected when open.
VersatilitySoftTouch, 5-point harness, and ShoeSaver brakes for added safety.WeightWeighs12 kg’s, which can be hefty for some people.
StorageOversized storage basket for all your essentials.Limited CustomizationHandle height and wheel settings aren’t highly adjustable.
Smooth RideAll-wheel suspension for more comfortable rides even on grassy parks.
Compact DesignFree-standing when folded, fits neatly in small car boots.
Safety FeaturesSoftTouch, 5-point harness and ShoeSaver brakes for added safety.
Joie Muze LX Travel System
Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

The Joie Muze LX Travel System is like your best friend for parenting on the move!

Its lightweight design and easy one-handed fold mean you can breeze through life’s adventures with ease. Plus, it’s a perfect fit for busy lifestyles, making transportation and storage a breeze.

With a car seat that effortlessly clicks into the stroller, switching between car rides and walks is a cinch.

And the stroller itself? It’s got your baby’s comfort covered with multiple recline positions and an adjustable leg rest for those growing spurts.

But, like any buddy, it’s not without its quirks.

Some users have mentioned durability issues, especially with the stroller’s wheels and overall build. While the car seat meets safety standards, it might lack a bit of cushion compared to pricier models. Maneuvering the stroller in tight spots can also be a bit of a challenge.

In a nutshell, the Joie Muze LX Travel System is your reliable sidekick, offering convenience and functionality without breaking the bank. Sure, it’s not perfect, but its user-friendly features and compatibility with car seats make it a solid choice for budget-conscious parents looking for a travel solution that’s both practical and affordable.

Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System


Children remind us of all the precious things in life, like uninterrupted sleep, extra spending, money, and sanity.

At least with this Joie Muze LX Travel System, you will be sane and save money!

The Joie Muze LX Travel System offers an affordable, convenient solution for parents who need both a car seat and a stroller.

Joie Muze Lx Travel System
Joie Muze LX Travel System

It is well-suited for families looking for basic, functional options without a hefty price tag. However, for those seeking advanced comfort features or a lightweight design, other options may be more appropriate.

In a nutshell, the Joie Muze LX Travel System is your go-to for getting from Point A to Point B without any fuss. But if you’re aiming for a smoother, cushier ride with all the extras, you might want to keep shopping.


What is the difference between Joie Muze and Joie Muze LX?

The Muze is an entry-level stroller with basic features, typically lighter in weight, and may have fewer recline options and smaller wheels. On the other hand, the Muze LX is an upgraded version offering advanced features like better wheel suspension and more reclining options for added comfort.
It’s generally heavier due to these extra features, which may also include a larger canopy and additional storage space. While the LX version aims for more comfort and versatility, it may come at a higher price point.

Is Joie Baby a good brand?

Joie Baby is generally considered a reputable and good brand in the realm of baby products like strollers, car seats, high chairs, and more. The company is known for its focus on safety, functionality, and affordability.

Which country brand is Joie?

Joie is a UK-based brand that specializes in baby gear including strollers, car seats, high chairs, and more. The company aims to create high-quality, functional, and affordable products for families. While headquartered in the United Kingdom, Joie products are distributed and sold in many countries worldwide. Always remember to check specific product details and safety guidelines, as these can vary by country.

What age is Joie Muze LX car seat for?

The Joie Muze LX Travel System is typically designed to accommodate children from birth up to approximately 33 lbs. The system often pairs with the Juva infant car seat, which is also suitable from birth. However, the age range can vary based on the specific model and configuration of the travel system and car seat, as well as local safety regulations.

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