Silver Cross Wave – Best Double Stroller Review 2024

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller is designed with twin travel in mind.

This remarkable stroller is designed to bring peace to the chaos, offering 10 amazing features that ensure comfort, convenience, and safety.

Will It Fit Your Lifestyle, Trunk, Budget, And The Fold?

Let’s tick off the boxes!

Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 16


Navigating through busy streets or exploring peaceful parks with twins or siblings is no longer akin to orchestrating a symphony with spoons – thanks to the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller.

Key features that may contribute to its reputation as a game-changer:

  1. Adjustable Seating Options
  2. Smooth Handling
  3. Robust Safety Features
  4. Spacious Storage Options
  5. Versatile Design
  6. Ease of Use
  7. Customizable Accessories
  8. Energy-Absorbing Suspension
  9. Eco-friendly Materials
  10. Car Seat Compatibility 

From adjustable seating that pleases even the pickiest of tiny passengers to smooth handling that feels like steering a luxury car rather than a family wagon, the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller makes every outing a walk in the park (literally and figuratively).

In this article, we’ll delve into these 10 features, and explore why this double stroller is fast becoming the go-to choice for modern families.

10 Amazing Features

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller is specifically designed to cater to families with twins or children close in age.

Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 17

Offering an elegant solution for parents looking for practicality without sacrificing style, it’s the go-to stroller for accommodating two children simultaneously.

30 Convertible Seat Configurations for Twins: With the ability to arrange seats facing forward, backward, or facing each other, this stroller provides versatility to ensure both children are comfortable.

Whether your twins want to interact with each other or enjoy the view ahead, the stroller’s seating options make it possible.

Twin Car Seat Compatibility: The Click-and-Go system allows for the effortless attachment of two car seats, facilitating smooth transitions from car to stroller for twins or children of different ages.

Universal adapters enhance the compatibility with various brands, adding to the convenience.

Adjustable Footrests for Different Leg Lengths: The stroller adapts to accommodate children of various sizes, providing first-class seating comfort for both twins.

Weather Protection for Two: The adjustable canopy and weather shield accessories provide simultaneous protection for both children against varying weather conditions, ensuring a pleasant ride regardless of the climate.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Durability: Constructed with sustainable materials, including recycled fabrics and non-toxic finishes, and designed for durability, the stroller represents a long-term, environmentally responsible investment.

Compact Folding with Space for Twins: Despite accommodating two children, the stroller offers a compact folding design, fitting effortlessly into storage spaces and providing easy transportation.

Customizable Accessories for Individual Preferences: With mix-and-match colors, personalized handlebars, adaptive foot muffs, chic diaper bag attachments, and more, parents can tailor the stroller to suit their twins’ needs and their personal style.

Smooth Ride Guarantee and Shock Absorbers for Two: The advanced suspension ensures a smooth ride for both children, effectively absorbing shocks from uneven surfaces and ensuring an enjoyable outing.

Adjustable Seating

The adjustable seating feature in the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller is like having a personal concierge for your twins’ comfort. No reservations are required!

Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 18

Independent Reclining: This feature allows each seat to recline independently, catering to the individual needs of each child. If one child wants to sit up while the other prefers to recline for a nap, this stroller can accommodate both.

Multiple Positions: The seating offers various positions to support different activities such as eating or sleeping. This flexibility can be helpful in managing the children’s comfort throughout different parts of the day.

Adaptation to Growth: The adjustable seating can be modified as children grow, ensuring that the stroller remains suitable for them over time. This adaptability helps in extending the stroller’s usability, making it a long-term investment.

Ergonomic Design: Thoughtfully designed for comfort, the ergonomic seating supports the children’s posture and well-being. It’s crafted to be not only comfortable but also healthy for the little ones.

Seamless Transition: Changing the seat position is designed to be a smooth and effortless process. This feature ensures that adjustments can be made easily and without disturbing the children.

The adjustable seating feature of the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller emphasizes flexibility and convenience for both the children and the parents.

It’s a practical aspect of the stroller that responds to the diverse and changing needs of growing children, while also considering the parents’ need for ease of use and long-term value.

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Smooth Handling

With the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s smooth handling, maneuvering it feels as effortless and refined as driving a luxury sports car, all while safely accommodating your precious passengers.

Unparalleled Maneuverability: Designed for agility, the stroller offers precise steering that can easily navigate tight corners and narrow aisles. Its responsive handling allows parents to smoothly maneuver through various obstacles.

Advanced Suspension System: Equipped with a high-quality suspension system, the stroller provides a smooth ride, minimizing the impact of bumps and uneven surfaces. This ensures a comfortable ride for the twins, even on rough terrains.

One-Hand Steering: The stroller is engineered to be steered with one hand, providing convenience for parents who may need to multitask while out and about. This design feature adds to the overall ease of use.

Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 19

Lockable Swivel Wheels: The wheels on the stroller can swivel for better maneuverability or can be locked for straight-line travel. This adaptability allows parents to control the stroller’s movement according to the situation, offering both stability and flexibility.

Lightweight Frame: Constructed with a lightweight frame, the stroller is easier to push and handle. This design consideration makes it suitable for daily use, even over longer distances or durations.

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s smooth handling features combine to offer a superior experience for both parents and children. These characteristics provide enhanced control, comfort, and convenience, likening the stroller’s handling to that of a well-engineered vehicle.

Robust Safety Features

When it comes to the safety of your little explorers, the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller doesn’t just play by the rule book – it wrote the rule book!

Equipped with features that seem like they were dreamed up by a superhero’s design team, this stroller is ready to take on everything from the sudden urge to chase pigeons to the irresistible pull of the ice cream truck.

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 20

5-Point Safety Harness: This harness system is designed with five contact points to securely hold the children in place. It ensures that they are safely restrained and reduces the risk in the case of sudden movements.

Brake System: The stroller’s brake system allows for immediate stopping with a simple click. This feature ensures stability and control, particularly when stationary, providing added safety.

Padded Barriers: The barriers are cushioned and soft to ensure comfort. They are designed to protect children while still providing enough flexibility for movement.

Reflective Edges: The reflective edges are included for increased visibility during low-light conditions such as twilight walks. This feature enhances safety by making the stroller more noticeable to others.

Wrist Strap: A wrist strap is provided to ensure that the stroller stays with the parent or caregiver at all times. It adds an extra layer of security by preventing accidental separation from the stroller.

Anti-Tip Design: Engineered with stability in mind, the stroller’s design minimizes the risk of tipping, even when loaded with bags and accessories. It is balanced to handle various weights and stay upright.

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s safety features are not merely add-ons but integral to its design. Each element works cohesively to offer a secure environment for your child while providing peace of mind to parents.

From secure restraints to increased visibility, these features collectively ensure that safety is a priority in every aspect of the stroller’s design and functionality.

Spacious Storage

If Mary Poppins had a stroller, the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller would be it! Who knew that under the seats of a stroller, you could fit the equivalent of a small apartment’s worth of necessities?

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 21

Expansive Under-Seat Basket: The stroller features a large under-seat basket that can accommodate a wide variety of essentials such as diapers, wipes, snacks, extra outfits, and toys. Its spacious design allows for significant storage.

Easy Access Compartments: Thoughtfully designed compartments enable quick and convenient access to necessary items. These compartments are positioned to make locating specific objects effortless.

Insulated Bottle Holders: Equipped with insulated holders, the stroller keeps beverages at the desired temperature, whether hot or cold. This feature adds a level of convenience for both the children’s and parents’ drinks.

Detachable Bag Hooks: The stroller offers additional storage capacity through detachable hooks that can hold extra bags. These hooks provide flexibility for carrying additional items when needed.

Waterproof Zippers: Designed with waterproof zippers, the storage compartments ensure that contents are protected from liquids, such as spills or rain. This design feature helps to keep stored items dry and secure.

Customizable Organization: Adjustable compartments provide the option to customize the storage arrangement according to specific needs and preferences. This feature allows for flexibility in organizing various items.

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s spacious storage capabilities reflect a well-thought-out design that emphasizes convenience and practicality.

From ample space to specific storage solutions, these features work together to support the parents’ needs, allowing for a more organized and enjoyable outing experience.

Versatile Design

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s versatile design is like the Swiss Army knife of parenting tools. Why be ordinary when you can be all things to all people – or at least to a pair of demanding toddlers?

Convertible Seat Configurations: The stroller offers various seat positions, including facing forward, facing backward, and facing each other. These options provide flexibility and cater to different needs and preferences, giving a personalized experience.

Car Seat Compatibility: Designed with simplicity in mind, the stroller allows for easy transitions from car seats with just a click. This feature ensures smooth and hassle-free switches between the car and stroller.

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 22

Adjustable Footrests: The stroller includes adjustable footrests that cater to different leg lengths, providing a comfortable and customized fit for growing children.

Weather-Ready: Equipped with an adjustable canopy and weather shield accessories, the stroller is prepared for various weather conditions, including sun, rain, and wind. These accessories provide protection and adaptability.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Committed to environmental responsibility, the stroller is made from eco-friendly materials, aligning with sustainability goals and reducing environmental impact.

Compact Folding: The stroller’s compact folding design allows for easy storage and transportation, fitting into various spaces such as car trunks, closets, or tight corners. This feature adds to its convenience and portability.

Stylish Options: Available in a range of colors and designs, the Silver Cross Double Stroller offers stylish choices to suit individual tastes and preferences, combining functionality with aesthetics.

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s versatile design emphasizes adaptability, comfort, style, and convenience. Its features are engineered to provide a wide array of options that can meet diverse needs and situations.

Whether considering seating arrangements, weather preparedness, or aesthetic appeal, the stroller’s design embodies a thoughtful approach to functionality and elegance.

It’s not just about moving from one place to another; it’s about doing so with grace, comfort, and a touch of flair.

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Ease of Use

Ease of Use with the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller? It’s like having a personal parenting assistant on wheels!

Whether juggling daily errands or enjoying a stroll, this stroller turns complex tasks into a walk in the park. Literally.

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 23

One-Hand Fold: This feature simplifies collapsing the stroller, making it quick and easy to store or transport.

Intuitive Controls: With clearly marked buttons and levers, adjusting the stroller’s settings is user-friendly, not require complex understanding.

Lightweight Lifting: The stroller is designed to be light enough for easy lifting and carrying.

Quick Assembly: Snap-and-click components allow for fast and uncomplicated assembly.

Effortless Cleaning: Its materials and design facilitate easy cleaning of spills and stains.

User-Friendly Manual: The manual is straightforward, guiding users through the features without confusion.

Automatic Locking: Once folded, the stroller securely locks in place, preventing accidental unfoldings.

Together, these features make the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller a practical and convenient choice for parents, helping to make daily outings and tasks with young children less challenging and more enjoyable.

Customizable Accessories

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller doesn’t just stop at being amazing; it lets you add some pizzazz:

Mix-and-Match Colors: This feature allows you to choose different colors to personalize the stroller to match your preferences.

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 24

Personalized Handlebars: Various handlebar options, including ergonomic designs, let you customize the feel and look according to your needs and tastes.

Adaptive Foot Muffs: The foot muffs can be adjusted to keep your children’s feet cozy, providing comfort in various conditions.

Chic Diaper Bag Attachments: There are options for stylish diaper bag attachments that can coordinate with the stroller.

Weather Kits for Every Season: The stroller offers weather kits to accommodate different seasonal conditions, ensuring a comfortable experience regardless of the weather.

These customizable accessories enhance the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s adaptability and aesthetic appeal, allowing parents to tailor the stroller to their individual tastes and requirements.

Energy-Absorbing Suspension

Hitting the road with twins in tow? Fear not! With the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s energy-absorbing suspension, bumps and jolts are yesterday’s news. Here’s why this suspension system is the unsung hero of peaceful strolling:

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 25

Shock Absorbers: The stroller’s suspension system is designed to absorb shocks from uneven surfaces, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough terrain.

Adjustable Settings: These allow you to customize the stroller’s performance according to the surface you’re on, whether it’s a rough trail or a smooth mall floor.

Smooth Ride Guarantee: The stroller is engineered to provide a seamless ride, minimizing bumps and jolts.

Even Weight Distribution: This feature helps maintain balance, even if the stroller is loaded unevenly, ensuring stability and ease of handling.

Cornering Like a Pro: The design of the stroller allows for sharp turns, providing both grace and precision in handling.

Quiet Operation: The energy-absorbing suspension is designed to operate quietly, eliminating distracting noises.

These features collectively contribute to the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s ability to handle various terrains with stability and ease, providing a comfortable experience for both the passengers and the person pushing the stroller.

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Eco-friendly Materials

Going green with the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller is like giving Mother Nature a high-five, one eco-friendly push at a time!

With responsibly sourced materials, this stroller doesn’t just stroll – it strides towards a better planet. It’s the environmental stewardship your playdates have been missing!

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 26

Recycled Fabrics: Made from recycled materials, the fabrics provide soft comfort for the baby while being kind to the environment.

Non-toxic Finishes: The finishes used in the stroller are non-toxic, ensuring safe contact with the baby.

Solar-Powered Manufacturing: Parts of the stroller are manufactured using solar energy, promoting a reduction in energy consumption.

Biodegradable Accessories: Accessories such as cup holders and foot muffs are biodegradable, contributing to the stroller’s overall environmental friendliness.

Energy-Efficient Packaging: The packaging for the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller is designed to be energy efficient, further aligning with the product’s eco-friendly stance.

Responsible Sourcing: Materials for the stroller are sourced locally, reducing transportation emissions and supporting sustainable practices.

Durability That Lasts: The stroller’s durability enhances its eco-friendliness by prolonging its lifespan and reducing waste, allowing it to be passed down to siblings or future generations.

The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s eco-friendly materials reflect a commitment to environmental stewardship without compromising on style or comfort.

By utilizing responsible manufacturing and sustainable practices, this stroller sets an example for conscientious product design.

Car Seat Compatibility

Ever wish for a stroller that could just “get” your car seat without a fuss? Look no further! The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller’s car seat compatibility is the answer, and here’s why it’s the unsung hero of family outings:

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 27

Universal Adapters: The stroller includes universal adapters, making it compatible with various brands of car seats.

Secure and Safe: Designed with safety in mind, the stroller holds car seats securely in place to ensure a stable and protected ride.

Easy Transfer: The design allows for the smooth transfer of car seats from the car to the stroller, streamlining the process for parents.

Parent-Friendly Design: With its intuitive design, the compatibility system is simple to use, aiming to ease the task of attaching car seats.

Space for Twins or Different Ages: The stroller is adaptable to accommodate two car seats, providing flexibility for families with twins or children of different ages.

Travel System Ready: The Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller is designed to be ready for various travel scenarios, from road trips to everyday outings.

The car seat compatibility of the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller emphasizes convenience and flexibility for parents. With features that allow for easy and secure attachment of car seats, it is designed to simplify the transition between car and stroller and accommodate various family needs.

Single to Double Pram & Stroller

What is a pram?

A pram, short for “perambulator,” (and not to be confused with a device for ambulating perambulators) is a type of wheeled baby carriage designed primarily for newborns and infants who can’t yet sit up, but are eager to be paraded around town.

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 28

Unlike strollers, which are typically used for slightly older babies who’ve graduated to sitting up and surveying their kingdoms, prams (also known as carrycots) have a flat, soft sleeping area that allows the baby to lie down. It’s the infant equivalent of traveling in a luxurious penthouse suite!

Prams often come with a canopy to shield the baby from the elements, because heaven forbid a bad hair day at that age, large wheels to handle various terrains, from suburban sidewalks to urban catwalks, and a handle for pushing – ideally handled by adults, but we know some big siblings are eager to take the reins.

Some modern prams (like the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller) are convertible and can be adapted into a stroller as the child grows. It’s like the mullet of baby transportation – business in the front (pram), party in the back (stroller)!

In some cultures, the terms “pram” and “stroller” might be used interchangeably, but traditionally a pram refers to the carriage specifically designed for those early months of royalty-like pampering. After all, every baby deserves a chariot for their grand entrance into the world!

What is a Stroller?

A stroller, also known as a pushchair or buggy in some regions, is a chair on wheels designed for transporting small children, typically those who can sit up unaided.

It’s the convertible sports car of baby transportation – minus the hefty insurance bill and pesky speeding tickets!

Here’s where the magic happens for busy parents and their mini co-pilots:

Silver Cross Wave
Silver Cross Wave - Best Double Stroller Review 2024 29

Sitting Up: Unlike a pram, made for those who prefer to lie down on the job, strollers are designed for young explorers who’ve mastered the art of sitting up. It’s their front-row seat to the world’s slowest parade – life!

Versatility: From lightweight, umbrella-style strollers for those “in and out like a ninja” trips to the store, to the full-on SUV equivalents that probably have better GPS than your car, there’s a stroller for every parental ambition and baby fashion statement.

Foldable Fun: Many strollers have a magical ability to fold down to a more compact size. It’s like playing Tetris but with real stakes – fitting it in the trunk next to your groceries.

Safety Features: Strollers come with safety belts to keep the wiggly little passengers secure. Because when your child’s idea of a fun game is “Escape Artist Extraordinaire,” you need all the help you can get.

Extra Bells and Whistles: Some strollers come with accessories that even Batman would envy. Need a sunshade? Check! Room for shopping bags, toys, and that pet rock your toddler found? You bet!

In short, a stroller is the go-to vehicle for parents on the move and babies who demand to see and be seen. It’s like a VIP lounge on wheels, complete with bottle service (milk, of course) and a bouncer (that’s you).

Whether you’re headed to the park or navigating the wild aisles of the supermarket, a stroller is your trusty sidekick, always ready for the next adventure!

How to Use the Stroller with Silver Cross Twin:

Using a stroller, especially a twin stroller like those from Silver Cross, is like orchestrating a perfectly harmonized duet of comfort and convenience. Here’s a basic guide to using a Silver Cross twin stroller:

Unfolding the Stroller: Like opening a well-written book, but with less drama, unfold the stroller by unlocking the safety catch and pulling the handlebar up.

Position the Seats: Adjust the seats to face the way you want. Forward-facing for exploration or parent-facing for those “Look at me, not the squirrel!” moments.

Harness Your Passengers: Buckle up those little adventurers. It’s going to be a smooth ride, but we’re not taking any chances with those wiggly escape artists.

Steer with Confidence: Push and steer your Silver Cross Twin Stroller like a seasoned captain steering a luxurious cruise liner – down the aisles of the grocery store or through the park.

Folding it Back Up: When it’s time to pack up, pull the tabs on the handlebar towards you and push down on the stroller all in one motion.

Enjoy the Journey: Whether it’s a quick trip to the corner store or an epic adventure through the mall, every outing is a new journey. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride, even if it’s occasionally interrupted by backseat demands for snacks or the sudden need to investigate every puddle.

With the Silver Cross Twin Stroller, every outing becomes a delightful duet with your little ones. Happy strolling, or as I like to call it, “navigating life’s sidewalks with style and a double dose of cuteness!”


In wrapping up, the Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller proves to be more than just a means of transportation for your little ones; it’s a thoughtfully designed lifesaver for parents of twins or children close in age.

With features ranging from eco-friendly materials to customizable accessories and intuitive controls, it embodies a fusion of style and function. Whether you’re navigating urban sidewalks or suburban parks, this stroller is ready to roll with grace and ease.

It might not cook dinner or do laundry, but when it comes to making outings with your children more enjoyable, it’s the next best thing to having a parenting superpower!


Is Silver Cross better than UPPAbaby?

Comparing Silver Cross and UPPAbaby is subjective as both brands have different strengths. Silver Cross is known for classic, elegant designs and might emphasize eco-friendly materials, while UPPAbaby offers sleek, modern designs. Both provide various features and fall within different price ranges. The better choice depends on individual needs, preferences, and budget, so it’s advised to compare specific models and consult professional advice tailored to your requirements.

What double stroller is best for newborns and toddlers?

The best double stroller for a newborn and a toddler depends on individual preferences and needs. Popular options include the UPPAbaby Vista for versatility, Bugaboo Donkey for side-by-side seating, Baby Jogger City Select for multiple configurations, Silver Cross Wave for elegance and flexibility, and Thule Urban Glide 2 for active families. Factors to consider include size, weight, adaptability, price, and design. Testing in-store and reading online reviews can help in making the best choice.

Is Silver Cross Wave a double?

Yes, the Silver Cross Wave is designed as a double stroller. It can be configured to accommodate two children simultaneously, making it suitable for families with twins or children close in age. Various configurations and attachments allow it to be adapted to different needs and preferences, offering flexibility for parents.

Is it worth getting a double stroller?

Getting a double stroller can be a worthwhile investment for families with twins or two young children close in age. It offers convenience and can be more cost-effective and space-saving than two single strollers. However, they can be bulkier and less practical if there’s a significant age gap between the children. The decision should be based on individual family needs and lifestyle.

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