Cybex Gazelle S: Smooth Like Silk – Best Review [2024]

The Cybex Gazelle S is an all-terrain single-to-double luxury stroller for growing families with a compact, self-standing fold.

Will it Fit your Lifestyle, trunk, budget, and the fold?

Let’s tick off the boxes!

Cybex Gazelle S
Cybex Gazelle S: Smooth Like Silk - Best Review [2024] 6


Did you know that women only need 3.5 inches to achieve maximum pleasure? It is called a credit card! And you might want to get yours out for this pricey, but dreamy stroller!

Despite all of the stroller options on the market, it’s still difficult to find one that’s stylish in looks, innovative in design, and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

What if the Cybex Gazelle S is all that and more? What if I told you that it’s compact for a single-to-double option and lightweight for an all-terrain stroller with foam-filled tires?

This stroller also fits effortlessly through standard doors which is a bonus for any option that converts into a double.

I want to shout it from the rooftops; the Cybex Gazelle S stroller fulfills all my stroller wishes!

Cybex as a brand scooped up more than 400 safety and design awards and all car seats are approved by ADAC safety tests.

Read this article and be prepared to be amazed.

Why choose CYBEX?

Safety 1st of course

This brand has won more than 450 awards for its design, safety, and innovation. Their car seats are regularly tested and evaluated by independent institutes, and products go through hundreds of tests each year.

Cybex is known to have achieved excellent grades in the ADAC Safety Test and the Stiftung Warentest.

As a result, CYBEX is one of the top brands in terms of safety and quality.


Children remind us of all the precious things in life, like uninterrupted sleep, extra spending, money, and sanity.

Thanks to the Cybex Gazelle S, you can have back the last part! After all, it’s about celebrating the small milestones in life that no one talks about.

This stroller grows with your family and transforms from a single to a double stroller with a few simple clicks!

Got three kids? No problem! Just add a glider board and you’re ready to go.

If you’re looking to expand your family, and you need options to play around with without breaking the bank with multiple strollers, the Cybex Gazelle S is for you!

Versatile and innovative in design, this stroller offers the best of both worlds. It’s suitable for navigating busy sidewalks in the city and exploring the open outdoors.

This a rare combination as all-terrain strollers are traditionally heavy and large.

Is the thought of lugging around heavy aluminum making you feel hot and heavy?

Time to consider a compact stroller option!

Besides being ultra-compact when folded, did you know that this stroller is self-standing too?

No need to bend forward or go onto your knees

Despite the width of this single-to-double stroller, it fits through standard doorways with ease. This is good to know when you’re going out for the day and not sure where your travels may take you.

The 20 different seat configurations are a game changer, and we need to tell you why!

All of these seat options will allow you to bond and keep a safe eye on your Newborn babies until they are ready to face the world (and the other way around).

The double rear-facing option on this stroller is unique and ideal for smaller babies.

As they grow into toddlers, they then have the option to face forward and take in their surroundings as life passes by.

Both seat units can also face toward each other which is awesome because it will allow your two children to talk and play with one another. This can be heaven-sent when you need a break to focus on the tasks at hand.

Fun fact: not only is this stroller suitable for twins but for children of different ages.

You can use an infant car seat paired with a seat unit.

The Gazelle S is compatible with the Cybex Aton infant car seats and the S cot or bassinet.

The Aton car seat is available in denim blue, Manhattan grey, and pepper black.

Additional accessories that can be purchased are a cup holder or bag organizer.

Both seat units of this stroller can take a maximum weight of 22kg each and the shopping basket can take up to 11kg.

This is a lifesaver if you’re navigating through a busy grocery store and need to decide whether to take a trolley or your stroller. Due to the heavyweight the storage basket can support, it’s safe to say your Cybex Gazelle can now double up as a trolley when used in single mode.

Besides the extra detachable shopping basket – yes you heard me right, you can detach the basket and place it as is in your vehicle- the stroller already has a huge under-seat space for extra storage. You need this and you will love it!

Side note: don’t overload your shopping basket regularly as this can with time affect the wheel alignment and overall functionality of your stroller.

The seat units of the Gazelle stroller can recline which will allow for a more comfortable nap for your little one and the extended large UV 50+ sun canopy will provide ultimate protection from the sun.

The Cybex brand is all about practicality and shows it with its compact self-standing fold. This is great for parents on the go. Most double strollers are rather bulky when folded but not this one!

The height-adjustable handlebar also ensures ultimate comfort for parents of different heights – a nice touch to the stroller’s overall features!

The Cybex Gazelle S is the ideal outdoor stroller due to its all-terrain tires and all-wheel suspension.

This will ensure a smoother ride and will absorb any shock that may disturb your child’s nap. The all-terrain tires will guarantee an effortless experience whilst out and about as they are puncture-proof.

Features aside, this stroller is one of the sleekest and most stylish on the market in terms of design, finishing touches, and overall look.

When I hear husbands complain about their wives spending money, I think they are paying for a lover, maid, and therapist. It’s a bargain! So, ladies, don’t let your man convince you any differently.

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller is versatile, innovative in design, practical in functionality, and easy on the eye! What more can you ask for?

Features & Specifications

Cybex Gazelle S
Cybex Gazelle S


  • Length 930-1060 mm   
  • Width 650 mm  
  • Height 1000-1100 mm        
  • Max Weight: 22kg in single mode,   
  • 2 x 22kg in duo mode
  • Category: Comfort, all-terrain stroller


  • Length 930-1060 mm               
  • Width 650 mm                        
  • Height 1000-1100 mm   
  • Folded: 86 x 35 x 65cm         


  • Max Weight: 22kg in single mode,   
  • 2 x 22kg in duo mode

Handlebar positions

  • Lowest handlebar position: 98 x 104 x 51 (L x W x H)
  • Highest handlebar position: 153 x 115 x 51 (L x W x H)


  • Inner, and outer fabrics, filling: 100% with polyester
  • Handlebar grips: 100% PU leather-look
  • Bassinet mattress cover: 100% cotton
Fabric TypeMesh
Frame MaterialAluminum
Cybex Gazelle S

Suspension & Wheels

The Cybex Gazelle S has puncture-proof wheels with all-wheel suspension.

The wheels not only support the weight of the child but also give a more comfortable ride with the suspensions and shock absorptions that are installed.

As a result, it gives a less bumpy experience and a more comfortable ride on uneven roads.

Puncture-proof wheels are the way to go if you don’t want any unpleasant surprises on your trips away from home – no more dealing with flat tubes or pumping up wheels at an inconvenient time!

Take a look at our stroller wheel blog: 100 Types of Stroller Wheels – Compare Pram & Stroller Tires

Multiple Configurations

The Gazelle S Frame can support multiple configurations of Gazelle S Seat Units, Gazelle S Cots, CYBEX infant car seats, and the Cocoon S – making it a flexible foundation for your growing family.

Cybex Gazelle S
Cybex Gazelle S

Gazelle Double S VS Baby Jogger City select Double

Cybex Gazelle S
Cybex Gazelle S
Foam-covered Telescoping Handlebar leatherette-covered handle Telescoping Handlebar
Seat weight capacity of 22kg (per seat)Seat weight capacity of 20.4kg (per seat)
Foam-filled tires (Puncture-free)PU – Polyurethane wheels
Large Shoppy basket capacity of 13kgLarge Shoppy basket capacity of 12kg
Cybex Gazelle S

Cybex Gazelle S: Extra Accessories

  • Seat Rain Cover
  • Carry Cot Rain Cover
  • Snack Tray
  • Cup Holder
  • Gazelle S Kid Board
  • Parasol
  • Car Seat Adapters

Compatible infant car seat

Compatible with Cybex infant car seats (sold separately)

Compatible with optional Gazelle S Cot and Cocoon S carry cots (sold separately) 

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How to fold up Cybex Gazelle S – Video

Cybex Gazelle S


There are not many strollers that can compete with the Cybex Gazelle S. It not only ticks off many boxes but with its smooth driving ability and its sleek looks, it exceeds my expectations.

As a mother myself and as a baby shop owner of more than 26 years, I can honestly recommend this exceptional stroller.


How much does the Gazelle S stroller weigh?

12.56 kg or 27.7 pounds

Can I carry my newborn baby in the Gazelle S stroller?

Yes, the Gazelle S is ready for use from day one. The stroller seat also does recline flat which allows babies to be comfortable.

Is it easy to store the Gazelle S stroller?

Yes, it is, when it is folded into its most compact size:L 745 mm / W 560 mm / H 320 mm

How much can I carry in the Gazelle S stroller?

Each seat unit can carry a child weighing up to 22 kg. The extra-large stroller basket can carry up to 13 kg. The detachable Shopping Basket can carry up to 10 kg.

Which accessories can I use with the Gazelle S stroller?

Seat Rain Cover, Carry Cot Rain Cover, Snack Tray, Cup Holder, Gazelle S Kid Board, Parasol, Car Seat Adapters

Which CYBEX car seats can I attach to the Gazelle S stroller?

You can attach any CYBEX or GB infant car seat to the Gazelle S with adapters.

How many configurations does the Gazelle S stroller have?

This stroller can support up to 20 different configurations of seat units, cots, car seats, Cocoon S soft cots, and its detachable Shopping Basket.
 It can be used in the following styles:
Single: For a single child, a cot, car seat, or seat unit can be mounted onto the Gazelle S frame. A detachable Shopping Basket is also included on the frame to carry all of your day-to-day essentials.
Sibling: To carry two children, the Shopping Basket can be replaced with another cot, seat unit, or car seat to allow several different riding combinations.

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