What is the difference between a pram, pushchair, stroller, buggy and travel system?

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 14

Is it a stroller? A buggy? A pushchair? You would not be the first parent that has asked this question, do here’s a breakdown:

  • Pram: This is a carriage designed for newborns and younger babies. It’s characterized by a flat surface that allows the baby to lie down flat, facing up. Prams have larger wheels and a sturdy frame, while pushchairs have smaller wheels and a lighter frame, making them more maneuverable.
  • Pushchair: Commonly used in the UK, this is a seat on wheels where a child can sit upright. Suitable for babies who can sit up on their own and for toddlers.
  • Stroller: Similar to a pushchair, this term is more commonly used in the US. It’s lightweight and can be easily folded up. Designed for toddlers and young children.
  • Buggy: This is a general term and is often used interchangeably with stroller or pushchair. It’s a light, simple, and portable vehicle for a baby or child.
  • Travel System: This is a combination set. It’s a regular stroller that can also attach a car seat. This is convenient for parents as they can move the baby from the car to the stroller without disturbing them.

In summary, while prams are for the youngest babies, pushchairs, strollers, and buggies offer seating options for slightly older babies and toddlers. A travel system provides versatility by combining a stroller with a detachable car seat.


Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 15

Navigating the dizzying universe of baby mobility can feel like deciphering a foreign language, especially when you’re venturing into parenthood for the very first time.

As a fledgling parent, every choice feels monumental, and understanding the nuances of these baby essentials seems nothing short of overwhelming.

They say it takes a village. Where can I get directions to this village?

Welcome to the bustling bazaar of baby transport—the ritzy Rolls-Royces, the swanky SUVs, and the nimble little convertibles all lined up for the youngest of VIPs!

But come, settle down with a comforting cuppa or perhaps a baby bottle (depending on the eager reader), and let’s unravel this complex tapestry of baby transport terminology together, step by step, no rush.

What is a Pram?

Ah, the pram! This elegant chariot of infancy isn’t just about wheeling around the newest family member; it’s a statement of care, comfort, and sometimes even style.

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 16

A pram, short for perambulator, is a regal conveyance designed for newborns and infants. Think of it as the Rolls-Royce for babies, featuring a fully flat, enclosed sleeping area that cradles the baby in a soft and comfortable mattress.

Larger wheels and a sturdy frame are all part of the pram’s luxurious package, ensuring a smooth and gentle ride over smoother surfaces, like gliding on air.

The design of a pram is rooted in the understanding of a baby’s developmental needs. During the first few months of life, lying flat is essential for the baby’s spinal development, and the pram offers that perfect, snug environment.

Unlike strollers and pushchairs, which often cater to the older, sit-up crowd, prams are tailored for the delicate early stages of life. Their construction often includes features like adjustable sun canopies, ventilation, and a well-cushioned interior, prioritizing the baby’s comfort and safety.

And let’s not forget the aesthetic appeal of prams! Some prams boast vintage designs, reminiscent of Victorian elegance, while others offer modern chic aesthetics. It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about traveling in style.

As babies grow and their needs change, many families transition to strollers or pushchairs that offer more upright seating and maneuverability. But the pram remains a symbol of those precious first months, a cozy cocoon that offers the best in comfort and care.

So if you’re looking to make those early outings an experience in luxury and comfort, consider the pram – where every ride is a first-class journey, and the passenger is always treated like royalty.

Difference between pram and stroller

What is a Pushchair?

A pushchair, known in various parts of the world as a stroller or buggy, is like the Swiss Army knife of baby carriages. Designed for infants who’ve graduated from the lying-down phase and are now eager to sit up and see the world!

These marvels of maneuverability feature seats with backrests that adjust to various reclining positions.

Safety straps ensure that even the most adventurous mini-explorers stay secure, and some models even provide additional cushioning for extra royal treatment.

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 17

But the pushchair doesn’t stop at merely transporting the child; it caters to the parent too!

Many come equipped with storage compartments for those never-ending supplies of diapers, wipes, toys, and of course, the all-important snacks.

Some pushchairs offer easy folding mechanisms, turning themselves into compact bundles perfect for car travel or tight storage spaces. It’s like having a transformer that can go from baby chariot to luggage in seconds.

And let’s talk about those wheels! Whether you’re cruising through the mall, navigating crowded city streets, or braving nature trails, there’s a pushchair designed to conquer your specific terrain.

With features ranging from swivel wheels to shock absorbers, pushchairs are the all-terrain vehicles of the baby world.

Pushchairs also offer a style statement, with various designs, colors, and patterns to suit every taste. Whether you want sleek and modern or fun and colorful, there’s a pushchair out there that’ll make both you and your little one strut your stuff with pride.

In summary, pushchairs are the multi-functional, versatile allies of parents and caregivers everywhere.

They’re more than just seats on wheels; they’re the co-pilots in the exciting adventure of growing up, allowing little ones to ride in comfort while parents enjoy the convenience and practicality of a well-designed baby tool.

Difference Between a Pram and Pushchair?

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
Difference Between A Pram And Pushchair

The main difference between a pram and a pushchair lies in their design and functionality.

A pram, also known as a baby carriage or bassinet, is designed for newborns and infants.

It features a fully flat, enclosed sleeping area, allowing the baby to lie down comfortably. Prams usually have larger wheels and a sturdy frame, making them suitable for smoother surfaces and providing a smoother ride for the baby.

On the other hand, a pushchair, commonly referred to as a stroller or buggy, is more suitable for older babies and toddlers who can sit upright independently.

Pushchairs have a seat that can be adjusted to various reclining positions and come with safety straps to secure the child.

They often have smaller wheels and a lighter frame, making them more maneuverable and suitable for various terrains.

In summary, prams are best for newborns, providing a lie-flat sleeping position, while pushchairs are more appropriate for older babies and toddlers who can sit up, offering a more versatile seating arrangement.

The choice between a pram and a pushchair depends on the age of the child, the intended usage, and the terrain on which it will be used.

What is a Stroller?

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 18

Why was the stroller always tired? Because it was always pushing a baby!

What an ingenious invention, the urban parent’s trusty steed, and the suburban family’s go-to ride – The Stroller.

This multifaceted contraption, known to some as a pushchair or buggy, is the Batman’s utility belt of child transportation – packed with features, versatile in use, and ready to roll whenever duty calls.

Designed with a backrest ready to recline and safety straps to keep those little adventurers secure, strollers provide a comfort zone on wheels.

But wait, there’s more! Strollers come in a spectrum of styles and sizes, designed to fit the myriad lifestyles of families everywhere.

Need a quick and nimble ride for city navigating? There’s a lightweight and compact stroller for that.

Planning a day-long outing with all the baby essentials? Opt for a more elaborate model complete with storage compartments, adjustable seating positions, and sometimes even cup holders for both the tiny tot and the weary adult.

Strollers are the modern chariots of parenting, merging the child’s need for comfort and safety with the adult’s craving for convenience and functionality.

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll in the park, a shopping spree, or a vacation adventure, strollers stand ready to make the journey smoother.

But let’s not overlook the style factor! With designs ranging from sleek and chic to fun and funky, strollers are no longer mere transportation tools; they’re fashion statements, baby accessories that announce your style while providing a cozy ride.

Unfold that stroller, strap in the little one, and hit the road. The world awaits, and your stroller is ready to help you explore it, one push at a time!

Difference Between Pushchair and Stroller

The difference between a pushchair and a stroller is largely a matter of geography and accent.

If you’re strolling (or should I say “pushing”?) around London, it’s a pushchair.

Across the pond in New York? It’s a stroller.

But whether you call it a pushchair, stroller, or “that thing that carries my baby and half the contents of my house,” it’s all about getting your little one from point A to point B with flair.

So call it what you will – just don’t call it late for naptime!

Strollers are like shopping carts for humans though if you think about it…

Untitled Design Fotor 2023090113358
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 19

What is a Baby Travel System?

Ah, the baby travel system! This three-in-one wonder effortlessly shifts you from automotive adventures to serene park strolls, all without waking the dozing little one.

Think of it as the Transformers of infant transport, but instead of vanquishing villainous robots, its mission is to conquer the evils of interrupted naps and cumbersome transitions.

Now, let’s delve into this mighty triad that comprises the all-in-one baby travel system:

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 20

Infant Car Seat: Buckle up, baby, we’re going for a ride! The infant car seat is your little one’s first throne, suitable for newborns.

Designed to face the rear, this seat is all about safety and snoozing. And here’s the magical part: it snaps right off the base that stays in your car, and clips onto your stroller – so you can whisk your sleeping beauty in and out without a fuss. Trust us, anything that doesn’t disturb a sleeping baby deserves a medal.

Stroller Frame or Chassis: This is where the travel system channels its inner transformer. It’s the skeleton that’s ready to wear different hats.

Need to move the baby from the car to a stroller? Click the car seat into the stroller frame, and voila, you’ve got yourself a baby chariot! It’s lightweight, compact, and loves to play matchmaker between your car seat and the world beyond.

Toddler Stroller: Time flies when you’re growing, and soon your little one will be ready to sit up and see the world from a new angle.

Enter the toddler stroller, the big sibling of the travel system family. It’s got adjustable seating, safety harnesses, and probably more storage compartments than your first apartment. It’s ready to take on the toddler years and turn walks into wonderful adventures.

Now, put these three components together, and you have a baby travel system that’s all about synergy, convenience, and style. It’s not just a set of wheels; it’s a parenting companion.

It’s the answer to “How do we get there without waking the baby?” It’s a statement that says, “I’m a parent, and I’ve got this.”

The baby travel system makes outings less about logistics and more about love. It grows with your child, evolves with your needs, and provides a smooth ride all the way.

What is a Buggy?

The jack-of-all-trades! The term “buggy” can be a catch-all, referring to anything from a simple stroller to a more sophisticated pushchair. If you’re in a conversation and someone drops the ‘B’ word, you might need to ask for specifics.

Untitled Design Fotor 20230901141126
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 21

Buying a Pram or Pushchair for a Newborn?

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 22

Selecting the right pram or pushchair for your newborn is an essential decision that will significantly impact your baby’s comfort and your daily convenience as a parent or caregiver.

With the plethora of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make the best choice. This guide aims to help you navigate the process by highlighting key factors to consider when purchasing a pram or pushchair for your newborn.

From safety features and comfort considerations to practicality and adaptability, understanding these crucial aspects will empower you to make a well-informed decision that meets your baby’s needs and aligns with your lifestyle.

Selecting the right pram or pushchair is a big decision, but it’s also a fun one. Think of it as choosing a new family member that’s going to be part of many beautiful memories.

Research, ask for recommendations, try out different models if you can, and trust your instincts. Read our 61 Expert tips in choosing the right stroller.

Let’s explore what to look for when choosing the perfect pram or pushchair for your precious little one:

Safety Features:

When purchasing a pram or pushchair for a newborn, prioritizing safety features is essential.

Opt for a durable frame and a secure, preferably 5-point, harness to ensure the baby stays safely in place. Effective and reliable brakes are crucial for stopping power.

Compliance with recognized safety standards is also mandatory to ensure the highest level of safety.

Choose a design that is stable and well-balanced to reduce the risk of tipping over. Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the safety and reliability of the product.

Regular maintenance is important to keep the pram or pushchair in optimal condition, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment for your child.

Comfortable Padding and Materials:

When shopping for a pram or pushchair, think of it as picking out your newborn’s very first luxury vehicle.

Look for soft and supportive padding for a comfortable ride and breathable fabrics to keep the baby cool. Opt for washable materials for easy cleaning, as spills and messes are inevitable.

An adjustable reclining seat is useful to cater to the baby’s comfort in various positions. A padded harness ensures safety while preventing discomfort.

Choose a handlebar that is ergonomically designed for comfortable pushing, and ensure that the model has a sunshade to protect against UV rays.

A headrest for neck support is a must, particularly for newborns who can’t yet hold their heads up. All these features contribute to a comfortable and convenient experience for both the baby and the parent.

How Easy is it to Steer:

When looking for the ideal pram or pushchair for a newborn, maneuverability is essential.

Swivel wheels allow for easy navigation through tight spaces, while lockable wheels provide stability on different terrains. Opt for a lightweight and compact design for portability and storage.

One-handed pushing capability is important, because sometimes you’ll be juggling a coffee, a toy, or an occasional rogue pacifier.

Suspension quality ensures a comfortable ride for the newborn. An adjustable handlebar is useful for setting the height to a comfortable level for pushing.

An easy-to-use folding mechanism facilitates quick storage and transport. Responsive brakes are crucial for stopping quickly and safely.

It’s advisable to thoroughly read product reviews to capture all the nuances of a potential purchase. With these features in mind, each trip with your newborn can be safe and convenient.

How Much Space Does It Take Up:

When hunting for that perfect pram or pushchair, think of it as apartment hunting in a bustling city – space is gold!

You wouldn’t want your newborn’s ride taking up more room than your own bed, would you? A model that folds up compact can be a real game-changer, especially during those “Oops, forgot the diapers!” moments when you need to sprint back to the car.

Keep in mind the size of your car trunk when selecting a pram or pushchair, as you’ll need one that fits easily for transportation. Similarly, consider the storage space available at home.

Opt for a model that is compact and easy to store to ensure it doesn’t take up too much space either in your vehicle or living area. So, go for a model that knows how to make itself scarce after its catwalk down the street.

In the world of baby mobiles, the best ones not only roll smoothly but also fold neatly! After all, even the tiniest of royals needs a carriage that doesn’t cramp their style—or your space!

Storage Space and Accessibility:

When shopping for a pram or pushchair, channel your inner Indiana Jones, because you’re going to need all the storage space you can get for those baby expedition essentials!

Think of it as your magical bag of tricks on wheels. Diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, a spare change of clothes – you name it, your stroller’s going to hold it. Some even have room for that sacred cup of coffee!

But beware, not all storage compartments are created equal. Check for those sly hidden pockets, detachable wonders, and secure closures.

Remember, you’re not just pushing a stroller; you’re steering the family command center on the go. So pick a pram that knows how to hold its own (and all of your stuff) without turning every outing into a juggling act.

Compatibility with Car Seats:

Choosing a pram or pushchair that is compatible with your car seat is important for a seamless transition between car travel and walking.

It allows you to easily attach the car seat to the stroller, streamlining the process of taking your baby in and out of the car. However, compatibility between prams and car seats is not universal.

Research is crucial to ensure the two components will work well together. It may be beneficial to test the compatibility in-store before making a purchase.

With the right combination, your outings can become much more convenient and efficient.

What are the Wheels Like:

The wheels of a stroller – the unsung heroes of your baby’s smooth ride! While they may not get as much attention as other flashy features, the wheels play a crucial role in your stroller’s performance.

They’re like the tires of a car, steering your precious cargo through urban jungles, suburban sidewalks, and everything in between.

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 23

Whether you’re navigating the aisles of your favorite grocery store or embarking on a scenic park trail, the wheels of your stroller must be up to the task. So buckle up and let’s take a ride through the world of stroller wheels!

Swivel WheelsFront wheels that can swivel for better maneuverability and ease of turning in tight spaces.
Lockable WheelsAbility to lock the front wheels in a straight position for stability and control on uneven or straight paths.
Suspension SystemA system that absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride for the baby.
Wheel SizeChoose larger wheels for rough terrains and smaller wheels for better maneuverability in urban settings.
All-Terrain CapabilityWheels designed to handle various surfaces, including grass, gravel, and uneven paths.
Detachable WheelsSome models offer wheels that can be detached for easier transportation and storage.
DurabilitySturdy and durable wheel materials to withstand daily use and wear.
MaintenanceConsider how easy it is to maintain the wheels, such as cleaning or lubrication requirements.
Types of Stroller Wheels

By referring to this table, you can easily compare the different features of prams or pushchairs to make an informed decision that suits your specific needs and preferences when selecting the best option for your newborn.

Simple to Maintain Hygiene:

When it comes to baby gear, let’s face it, things can get a little… messy. That newborn bundle of joy might come with more spills, drools, and mysterious stains than you ever thought possible. So selecting a pram or pushchair that’s easy to clean would be a wise move.

Look for the detachable and machine-washable fabrics. And smooth surfaces? Those are your allies in the war on crumbs and sticky spots.

Investing in easy-to-clean baby transportation is like having a cleanup crew on retainer. Your little one will ride in hygienic style, and you won’t be left scrubbing and pondering the origin of “that” stain.

Difference Between Pushchair And Stroller
What Is The Difference Between A Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy And Travel System? 24

What Accessories are Available:

Accessories for your baby’s chariot can take the experience from ordinary to “Oh, baby!” in a snap.

Rain Cover? It’s the invisible shield against sudden downpours. Who knew your baby’s pram could double as a mobile weather station?

Sunshade or Canopy? Consider it the VIP lounge for your little star, keeping those pesky sun rays at bay. Your baby will be chillin’ like a villain in their shady retreat.

Cup Holder? Because balancing a latte while navigating a stroller is a circus act no parent should attempt. Give that coffee a ride; you’ve earned it.

Parent Organizer? Forget the Bat Belt; this is the superhero gadget you need! Keys, phone, wallet – all in one convenient location. Now, if only it could find where you left the car…

Remember, accessorizing isn’t just for fashionistas. It’s for savvy parents looking to make every stroll a walk in the park. Happy accessorizing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is stroller and pushchair the same?

“Stroller” and “pushchair” are terms often used interchangeably, but they can differ slightly. Strollers are generally lighter, more compact, and commonly used in the U.S., while pushchairs are bulkier and popular in the UK.

Pushchairs often have more features and may be suitable for newborns. Both serve the same purpose of transporting a baby or young child while walking.

The choice between the two depends on your needs, lifestyle, and the child’s age. Safety features should always be a priority.

When should I switch from pushchair to stroller?

Switching from a pushchair to a stroller depends on your child’s development and your lifestyle needs. Key indicators include your child being able to sit up independently and having good head control. Consult your pediatrician for personalized advice.

What do Americans call a pushchair?

In the United States, the term commonly used for a pushchair is “stroller.” The word “pushchair” is more frequently used in the United Kingdom and other countries. Both terms refer to wheeled devices for transporting babies or young children while walking, although the specific features and designs may vary.

What do the British call a baby stroller?

In the United Kingdom, the term commonly used for a baby stroller is “pushchair.” The word “stroller” is more commonly used in the United States and Canada. Both terms refer to devices designed to transport babies or young children while walking, but the specific features and designs may differ.


A stroller is just a way to transport your baby and all of their stuff from one place to another.

With that said, don’t overthink it moms and dads! Look at your type of lifestyle and the amount of space you will have in your vehicle trunk to store away your new set of wheels. This will quickly point you in the right direction.

Prams are best for newborns, pushchairs can be adjusted more, strollers are easy to carry, buggies can mean any of these, and travel systems work well for both car and walking trips.

Your choice among these options will depend on your child’s developmental stage, as well as your lifestyle and specific needs.

Having children is like living in a frat house: nobody’s sleeping,  everything is broken and there’s a lot of throwing up. So when you’ve got nothing to lose, invest in a great stroller that fits your needs!

So, dear parents, may your journey be filled with joyful walks, delightful discoveries, and maybe even a few envy-inducing glances at your stylish baby transportation. Read our Stroller Reviews that includes Travel Strollers , All-terrain, Jogger, Double and Travel System Strollers

Happy strolling!


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