Best GB Pockit Plus Stroller Review: Ultra Compact [2024]

Discover the ultra-compact GB Pockit Plus Stroller in our 2024 review.

Explore features, folding tips, and why it’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle, trunk, and budget. Your comprehensive guide to the best in stroller options!


The GB Pockit Plus stroller is the ultimate compact and lightweight solution for on-the-go parents!

This little wonder is small enough to fit in a backpack and can be folded in a snap, perfect for those impromptu adventures or navigating crowded city streets.

And don’t let its size fool you, it’s PACKED with all the features you need to keep your little one safe and comfortable.

So, say goodbye to lugging around a bulky stroller and hello to the ultimate convenience and portability with the GB Pockit Plus.

Having children is like living in a frat house: nobody’s sleeping, everything is broken and there’s a lot of throwing up. So, when you’ve got nothing to lose, invest in this stroller and get out of the house!

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Will it Fit your Lifestyle, Trunk, Budget, and The Fold?

Let’s tick off the boxes!

Gb Pockit Plus
Best Gb Pockit Plus Stroller Review: Ultra Compact [2024] 6

Why choose the GB Pockit Plus?

If you are looking for a lightweight, compact, and travel-friendly stroller that feels like it can fit in your pocket, this stroller is a must.

It’s small enough to fit in most overhead compartments on planes and trains but strong enough to be used from 6 months to 5 years of age!

This GB stroller hits the G-spot!

Gb Pockit +
Best Gb Pockit Plus Stroller Review: Ultra Compact [2024] 7


The GB Pockit Plus only weighs 5.5kg and due to its handbag-like size, will be suitable to take with you wherever you are travelling to. This is a game-changer for jet setters or parents on the go!

This stroller is also self-standing when folded which is ideal for storing away.

Feeling hot and heavy while on your knees? Say goodbye to those days! – thanks to the GB Pockit stroller that’s compact and lightweight!

The stroller is small enough for a baby but strong enough to take a child up to 24.9kg. This is a big deal as most of your standard lightweight strollers’ maximum recommended weight is only 15kg.

The GB Pockit Plus doubles up as a 2-in-1 travel system when you add your Cybex infant car seat of choice with adapters.

Cybex is an industry leader in the world of car seat safety and has won more than 450 awards. We love that they have collaborated with the GB brand!

Other industry car seat leader brands that are compatible with this stroller are Maxi-Cosi and Nuna.

Despite the small size of this stroller, it is fully equipped with must-have features.

It sports a big UPF50+ sun canopy that provides protection against the sun on hotter days and an adjustable backrest to improve nap time for your little one.

The GB Pockit + has agile front wheels which will help parents on the go to navigate busy sidewalks and crowded areas.

Despite the polyester, plastic and rubber combined wheels, the GB Pockit + will ensure a smooth ride over uneven pavements and when exploring city life.

“If you were a car, I would drive you all night long.” – is what you’ll find yourself whispering to this amazing stroller!

Travel strollers such as the GB Pockit + are essential if you need to be away from home for longer and need to move fast.

Most toddlers cannot walk very fast and if you are carrying a newborn, their weight can cause neck or back tension (even if they’re in a carrier) after a long time.

On the plus side, if your toddler or baby wants to be held or be close to you, you can use your GB Pockit + as a trolley to carry your shopping items.

The shopping basket of this small stroller takes up to 5kg which is quite a bit! The stroller is also easy enough to steer with only one hand which is super convenient when you’ve got a baby in your other arm.

Compact and lightweight strollers also serve as portable beds as it’s a safe and comfortable place for your child to take a nap when out and about.

Your child can also take a nap in the ‘shade’ wherever they are, due to the sun canopy of the stroller.

Additional accessories that can be purchased separately for the GB Pockit + are a carry bag and rain cover.

Features & Specifications

  1. The GB Pockit+ stroller is the world’s smallest folding stroller, making it perfect for parents who are always on the go and need a compact solution for their child.
  2. Cybex GB Pockit Plus all-terrain stroller.
  3. It can be folded in just two simple steps, and once folded, it is small enough to fit in a backpack or even the overhead compartment of a plane.
  4. Despite its small size, the Pockit+ has a weight capacity of 55 pounds, making it suitable for children up to 5 years old.
  5. The stroller has a 5-point harness, a reclining seat, and an adjustable footrest, which provide added safety and comfort for your child.
  6. GB Pockit Plus accessories: A storage basket, which is perfect for holding your child’s essentials, and a canopy to protect your child from the sun.
  7. The Pockit+ comes with a rain cover and a travel bag, making it easy to transport and protect.
  8. The stroller has been tested and certified to meet the ASTM F833-15 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Carriages and Strollers.
  9. The Pockit Plus GB has won numerous awards for its design, functionality, and innovation.
Gb Pockit +
Gb Pockit +
Compatible productsGB, CYBEX, Nuna, Maxi Cosi
Best usesBaby
Product Dimensions28 x 17.5 x 39.8 inches
Forward-facing maximum child weight55 Pounds
Harness type5 Point
Maximum weight recommendation25 Pounds
Folded size11.77 x 7.06 x 13.77
Is portableYes
Wheel typeSwivel Front

Suspension & Wheels

The GB Pockit + has agile front wheels which will help parents on the go to navigate busy sidewalks and crowded areas.

Both front wheels have built-in suspension to allow for a more comfortable ride for the baby.

Despite the polyester, plastic and rubber combined wheels, the GB Pockit + will ensure a smooth ride over uneven pavements and when exploring city life.

Compatible infant seats

  • GB
  • Cybex
  • Nuna
  • Maxi Cosi
Gb Pockit +
Best Gb Pockit Plus Stroller Review: Ultra Compact [2024] 8

How to fold up


If you are planning on travelling with your child or own a very small vehicle, this stroller is the best option for you.

It is compact and lightweight but at the same time a strong, long-term option for your little one.

This is a rare combination in the world of small strollers. Our favourite features are the GB Pockit Plus’s ability to fold up handbag style and that it’s self-standing. Clearly, they know their client!


What car seats are compatible with the GB Pockit Plus stroller?

GB, CYBEX, Nuna, and Maxi Cosi.

Does the GB Pockit Plus stroller recline?

Yes, the stroller seat does recline.

Can the stroller be folded up with the car seat adapters attached?

Yes! They just swing out to the sides but still keep the compact shape when folded up.

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