What is a Mompreneur – Best Guide of 2024

What is a Mompreneur?

A “mompreneur” is:

  • A mother who starts and runs her own business.
  • Balances motherhood and entrepreneurship.
  • Often works from home or has a flexible schedule.
  • Focuses on businesses that align with her skills and passions.
  • Utilizes online platforms and social media for marketing and sales.
  • May seek to create a work-life balance that benefits her family.
What Is A Mompreneur? Best Guide Of 2024
What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

Introduction – What is a Mompreneur?

Defining the Term “Mompreneur”

What is a Mompreneur? A mompreneur is a mother who starts and runs her own business, effectively balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with the responsibilities of raising a family.

This term highlights the unique challenges and successes of mothers who venture into the business world, often leveraging flexible schedules and digital tools to achieve both professional and personal goals.

The Rise of Mompreneur Movement

The rise of the Mompreneur Movement has been significant over the past two decades, driven by the increasing desire for work-life balance and advancements in digital technology.

This trend gained momentum in the early 2000s, with a notable surge around 2010 as more mothers leveraged online platforms to start businesses from home.

According to a 2021 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, there was a 27% increase in women-owned businesses from 2010 to 2020, many of which were started by mothers.

YearIncrease in Women-Owned Businesses

This movement has empowered women to achieve financial independence while managing their family responsibilities.

How to become a Mompreneur

  • Identify a business idea that aligns with your skills and interests.
  • Conduct market research to validate your idea.
  • Create a business plan outlining goals, target audience, and strategies.
  • Secure necessary funding.
  • Set up the legal structure of your business.
  • Balance your time effectively between business and family.
  • Use technology and tools to streamline operations.
  • Build a support network of fellow mompreneurs and mentors.
  • Stay adaptable and persistent to navigate challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Mompreneurs are mothers who start and run their own businesses, blending the roles of mom and entrepreneur.
  • The Mompreneur movement has been fueled by the desire for greater flexibility, work-life balance, and the ability to spend more time with children.
  • Mompreneurs can leverage their personal experiences to create innovative products and services catering to the modern family.
  • Becoming a Mompreneur offers benefits such as flexible schedules, scalability of the business, and cost savings.
  • Common Mompreneur business ideas include freelancing, online teaching, selling handmade creations, Mommy blogging, and offering online consultations.

Why Trust Us?

As a seasoned entrepreneur with 28 years of experience and a dedicated mother of two, I have a lot of practical knowledge to share.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to balance running a successful business with prioritizing my family.

I know the challenges and joys of being a mompreneur, from managing time well to finding creative solutions to problems.

My advice and strategies come from real-life experience in different industries.

I’ve dealt with economic ups and downs, kept up with new technologies, and learned what it takes to build a successful business while having a happy family life.

Benefits of Becoming a Mompreneur

Becoming a Mompreneur lets you create your own timetable. You can plan your work around your family’s needs.

This might mean working early or late, or during your kids’ naps. It’s all about balancing motherhood and your business.

I tried working in a corporate job for a few years but found it very limiting. Becoming my own boss gave me the freedom I needed.

Running my own business let me be creative, choose my own projects, and manage my time better. Every morning, I wake up feeling motivated and positive, ready to start my day.

Every morning, I wake up feeling motivated and positive, ready to start my day.

What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur?
What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

Flexible Schedules

One key feature of being a mompreneur is my ability to tailor business operations around family commitments.

For example, I could attend my children’s school plays and help them with their homework while managing my growing business.

Many nights, after putting my toddlers to bed, I would head into my first home-based business, a baby store, to unpack and price all the new baby gear that had arrived.

On weekends, I often spent a lot of time catching up on bookkeeping and other tasks.

When my first business was still small, my housekeeper/nanny would look after the children while I served clients.

At other times, she would help with the children so I could breastfeed.

As my confidence and businesses grew, I expanded operations by hiring help or outsourcing tasks.

For instance, at the moment two of my baby businesses are employing 8 permanent staff and for my blogging or third business, I am making use of virtual assistants.

This support allows me to maintain flexibility while scaling my business.

Scalability of Business

Scalability for my small home-based business means I can grow without running into problems with my setup or resources.

It allows me to increase revenue while keeping costs manageable.

To do this, I streamline my processes, use technology, and sometimes outsource tasks.

1.Examples of how you can streamline your processes are:

Automating Invoicing and Payments: Use software like QuickBooks or FreshBooks to automatically generate and send invoices, track payments, and manage expenses.

Batching Tasks: Group similar tasks together, such as answering emails at specific times of the day, to improve focus and productivity.

2. Examples of how to use technology:

Project Management Tools: Use tools like Trello, Asana, or Monday.com to organize tasks, set deadlines, and collaborate with any team members.

E-commerce Platforms: Set up an online store using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce to manage product listings, sales, and customer orders efficiently.

What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur?
What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

3. Examples of outsourcing tasks:

Virtual Assistants: Hire virtual assistants to handle administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing emails, and providing customer support.

I tend to outsource very little for the first few years of building a business and prefer to first to everything myself.

Content Creation: Outsource content writing, for example Pinterest pins and some of your Social Digital Marketing.

Take note only do this when you have a thorough knowledge of the process and can evaluate the work that is done for you.

Bookkeeping: Use a professional bookkeeper or an accounting service to manage your finances, ensuring accuracy and saving you time.

This is an expensive exercise and you need to be prepared to your own bookkeeping for quite a few years.

Quality Time with Children

Being a mompreneur offers the unique advantage of integrating business activities with family life, creating opportunities for collaboration and learning.

This interaction not only strengthens the bond between mompreneurs and their children but also instills valuable skills and values.

Starting with small tasks, children can assist in packaging products, organizing supplies, or even brainstorming creative ideas.

This photo of me and Mikayla was taken in 1995 in our lounge. She was a mere 6 months old and I just bought my first pre-loved baby gear from local mom’s. Note my 90’s hair style LOL.

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These activities provide practical insights into business operations while nurturing a sense of responsibility and initiative.

For mompreneurs, this hands-on involvement of children is not just about sharing workload; it’s about imparting essential entrepreneurial lessons and nurturing a supportive family environment.

Needless to say, today my daughter Mikayla is operational manager of The Mom & Baby House that I started when she was only 6 months old.

She has the wonderful ability to be both analytical and creative thinker.

Cost Savings

Starting your own business as a mompreneur offers numerous financial benefits that contribute to both personal and professional success.

Long-term savings

By working from home and structuring your business around your children’s schedules, you can eliminate commuting costs and the need for expensive work attire.

Additionally, the flexibility in managing childcare arrangements allows mompreneurs to save significantly on childcare expenses, further bolstering financial stability.

I live in a developing country and always employed a housekeeper that also assisted with the children. This was a big saving but also very convenient.

By reducing overhead costs., mompreneurs can allocate resources more effectively towards business growth and development.

By reducing overhead costs, I can allocate resources more effectively towards business growth and development.

All three of my businesses are home-based, which results in significant savings.

I don’t think I would have been this successful if I had huge rent to pay.

Fortunately, I have a large property with a few storage buildings, which is a great advantage.

Supportive Family Environment:

Mompreneurs can prioritize meaningful interactions, such as participating in school events, helping with homework, or engaging in recreational activities, without the constraints of traditional work hours.

This integration fosters a supportive family environment where entrepreneurship becomes a shared journey.

Many days, my children would help me unpack boxes, carry items, and assist with organizing the inventory.

Their involvement not only lightened my workload but also taught them valuable skills and gave us more time together as a family.

Fulfilling Career Path

Pursuing a passion through entrepreneurship has led to immense personal satisfaction for me.

I started my business based on my interests and skills, turning my hobbies and unique ideas into profitable ventures.

This not only provides me with a source of income but also brings a deep sense of accomplishment and joy from doing what I love.

As a mompreneur, I set a powerful example for my children.

By demonstrating the values of hard work, perseverance, and creativity, I show my kids that it’s possible to achieve their dreams while managing family responsibilities.

This can instill a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation.

What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur?
What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

Mompreneur Business Ideas

Starting a business as a mompreneur can be a rewarding way to balance work and family life.

Mompreneur business ideas often revolve around flexible, home-based opportunities that leverage your skills and passions.

From online ventures like blogging, e-commerce, and virtual assistance to local services such as tutoring, home daycare, and handmade crafts, there are numerous ways to turn your expertise and interests into a successful business.

Online Teaching and Courses

Teaching online lets mompreneurs share their skills while staying flexible and family-focused.

They can create video classes in areas like yoga or writing from home, reaching a global audience without commuting or renting spaces.

This setup allows them to set their own schedules. Online teaching is scalable and accessible, appealing to diverse groups with family-focused content.

It helps build a supportive community that values work-life balance, central to mompreneurship.

Selling Handmade Creations

What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur?
What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

Mompreneurs who love crafting can turn their creativity into a business for personal and financial rewards.

They can sell items like baby clothes, jewelry, or art to a wide audience.

Platforms like Etsy help mompreneurs reach customers who value handmade goods.

They can also explore local markets or create their own online store to expand their reach.

This business model is difficult to scale and is very time consuming. Read my blog; Best Stay At Home Mom Business Ideas by a Mompreneur. In this blog I dice and slice between all the differenct types of home bases businesses.

Mommy Blogging

Starting a Mommy blog gives mompreneurs a creative way to share their experiences and advice with parents worldwide.

Writing honestly and humorously about motherhood helps them connect with readers facing similar challenges.

Successful Mommy blogs thrive on honesty and relatability, building a loyal community.

Monetizing can be done through ads, sponsorships, and selling digital products like e-books or courses.

Take note that this is a long journey and not a sprint.

Online Consultations

Providing parenting advice through online consultations allows mompreneurs to use their experience and knowledge to support other parents.

They can offer personalized guidance through one-on-one chats, write books, or conduct online classes, addressing common parenting challenges.

For instance, they might provide consultations on business strategy, career development, financial planning, health and wellness coaching, relationship advice, or personal development.

This flexible setup lets them connect with diverse clients and give tailored advice.

They can help with sleep schedules, tantrums, or parent-child relationships, sharing practical strategies and support.

Monetizing these services provides a steady income and builds their credibility, reaching parents globally.

What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

Successful Mompreneur Tips

Starting a Mompreneur business should be small and manageable at first. Just like with kids, we should begin slowly and grow over time.

This approach helps in balancing work and family life. Start with a simple idea. See if it works while managing everything.

Then, you can grow your business when you’re ready.

Begin Small and Manageable

Mompreneurs need help to avoid getting too tired and need help to grow their business well.

They might get help with childcare by hiring a nanny. Or they could put their kids in part-time daycare.

My first salary went to hiring a part-time nanny, she ended up helping me in my home bases baby shop and helping with the kids.

They can also find people to do some business tasks for them. This could be work like bookkeeping.

Maybe asking a retired grandfather too assist or even a student. By having help, Mompreneurs can focus more on what’s important.

This way, they keep a good balance in their life.

Outsourcing and Hiring Help

One of the best tips for mompreneurs is to delegate tasks whenever possible.

What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur?
What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

Outsourcing jobs like admin work, social media management, or accounting frees up time to focus on core business activities and family.

By delegating non-essential tasks, mompreneurs can prioritize business growth and work-life balance.

This is definitely not feasible during the first few years of starting a small business.

Overcoming Challenges Faced by Mompreneurs

One big issue is time management. Being a mom and an entrepreneur is hard. However, they can do several things to manage their time better.

  • These include having your own work space, keeping to a schedule, using tools to help, and figuring out what tasks are most important.

By using these tips, Mompreneurs can handle their business and family duties well without getting too stressed.

Time Management Strategies

Managing time well is crucial for mompreneurs balancing business and caregiving while dealing with guilt.

We might feel guilty for missing school events or not buying everything our kids sell. To combat this, they can:

  1. Prioritize self-care: Take regular breaks, engage in hobbies, or practice mindfulness to reduce stress and stay balanced. I find my desk cycle a big help and of course I am a serious meditator.
  2. Set realistic expectations: Accept they can’t do everything perfectly. Focus on important tasks, set achievable goals, and celebrate small wins. This of course is easier said then done and good luck if you are a Type A personality!
  3. Communicate openly: Discuss their work with family to foster understanding and support. Date nights between my husband and me always revolve around discussing my businesses and my future projects. It helped a lot that he was in a senior corporate managerial position. He had more business experience, better strategic thinking and could offer a “birds eye view” of my business.

Combating Mom-Guilt

Open communication with your family about your business can reduce guilt.

Explain to your children and partner why your work is important and how it helps the family. Thank goodness I had a partner who liked the idea of having a wife that is successful in her own right. This can be a deal breaker or a dream maker.

What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur?
What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

Involve them by sharing your successes and challenges, helping them understand your dedication and creating a supportive home environment.

Self-compassion is also key. Be kind to yourself, as you would to a friend, and remember you’re doing your best. It’s okay to seek help or take breaks.

Practicing self-care and acknowledging your efforts can help maintain a positive mindset and reduce guilt.

Financial Planning for Mompreneurs

Effective financial planning is crucial for a mompreneur’s business.

Understanding all costs, including startup expenses, ongoing operational costs, and necessary investments, is essential.

Utilizing a detailed budget, monitor expenditures, communicate with suppliers to negotiate better terms, and explore opportunities for saving money without compromising product quality.

Despite using accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage Pastel, my lack of formal accounting training meant I struggled with successfully navigating these tools.

When faced with missing or incorrect data or allocations, I often found myself unable to resolve the issues effectively. While I could input data and numbers into the software, troubleshooting and correcting errors proved challenging.

This led me to simplify my approach and manage my business finances using a few Excel spreadsheets, which I found more manageable and intuitive given my expertise level.

I highly recommend educating yourself on basic bookkeeping and financial planning principles. Doing so can save you countless hours of frustration and ensure more effective management of your business finances.

Budgeting and Cost Management

  1. Track Earnings and Spending:
  • Keep detailed records of income and expenses to understand cash flow.
  1. Set SMART Financial Goals:
  • Specific: Define clear objectives (e.g., increase revenue by 20%).
  • Measurable: Quantify progress using metrics (e.g., track monthly sales).
  • Achievable: Set realistic targets aligned with resources.
  • Relevant: Goals should directly contribute to business and family financial stability.
  • Time-bound: Establish deadlines to create a sense of urgency and focus.
  1. Create a Budget:
  • Allocate funds for essentials like housing, travel, food, and savings.
  1. Invest in Education and Retirement:
  • Set aside money for ongoing learning and retirement savings to secure the family’s future.
  1. Secure Adequate Insurance:
  • Obtain health, life, and business insurance to mitigate risks effectively.
  1. Consider Legal Protection:
  • Establish legal entities (e.g., LLCs, corporations) to protect personal and family assets from business liabilities.

These strategies help mompreneurs manage finances effectively, ensuring stability and growth both in business and personal life.

Funding Options and Investment

Besides budgeting well, Mompreneurs should look into getting more funds and investment chances.

What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

They could take out small business loans, look for grants or government help, or get support from loved ones or investors.

Choosing the right funding means looking at all the options to see what suits their business best.

Working with financial advisors can offer helpful money advice and planning.

Financial planning for mompreneurs is an ongoing, strategic task that needs updates and checks to stay stable in the long run.

Success Stories of Inspiring Mompreneurs

The world of entrepreneurship has changed a lot thanks to Mompreneurs. They have shown that you can turn problems into chances.

These women have started successful businesses and encouraged other moms to follow their dreams:

  • Sara Blakely, who made Spanx, is excellent at business and a mom of four.
  • Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company has become huge. It sells safe and eco-friendly goods for daily use.
  • Ree Drummond, known as The Pioneer Woman, shares her love for food and stories with the world. She’s a mom of four.
  • J.K. Rowling created the famous Harry Potter books. She went from a single mom on welfare to a loved author around the globe.
  • Kendra Scott built a big jewelry brand from her love of design. She’s a mom of three, balancing it all well.
  • Rihanna, a big music star and business owner, shows moms can do a lot, too.
  • The Baby Einstein Company, by Julie Aigner-Clark, started small but quickly grew. It was bought by Disney later.

Support Networks and Resources

Support networks and online resources are vital for mompreneurs, offering emotional support, practical advice, and community.

I make use of Udemy, Coursera and Youtube for ongoing education. I have joined a few small niche or subject specific Facebook groups.

Within these groups I can share ask for help and I can also share my experience. The first is obvious but the second reinforces what I know.

Mompreneur Support Networks

Mompreneur support networks are essential for empowering entrepreneurial mothers.

They provide platforms—both online and offline—for connection, collaboration, and success.

What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur? What Is A Mompreneur?
What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur? What is a Mompreneur?

Online forums and social media groups offer spaces to share insights, seek advice, and receive mentorship.

Local meetups enable face-to-face networking and access to resources. Organizations like the Mompreneur Networking Group support growth.

These networks help mompreneurs gain insights, overcome isolation, and balance business with family, inspiring them to achieve their goals while nurturing their well-being.

Online Resources

Mompreneurs today benefit from a wealth of online resources tailored to their entrepreneurial journey.

Dedicated websites, blogs, podcasts, and webinars offer invaluable information, inspiration, and practical advice.

These platforms provide comprehensive guides, success stories, and tips on managing time, achieving work-life balance, and exploring innovative business ideas.

Blogs share personal experiences and strategies, fostering community among mompreneurs.

Podcasts offer insights on leadership and marketing, while webinars deliver specialized knowledge in finance and business development.

These resources empower mompreneurs to grow professionally while balancing family responsibilities.

Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs are vital for mompreneurs, offering tailored guidance and insights from experienced entrepreneurs like those at SCORE Mentors and Women’s Business Centers.

These programs accelerate business growth by addressing challenges such as balancing work and family, and navigating market trends and finances.

Mentors provide practical strategies, industry advice, and encouragement, fostering confidence and capabilities.

They also serve as advocates, offering networking opportunities and sharing lessons learned.

Mentorship builds resilience and leadership skills, crucial for sustainable business success and personal fulfillment in entrepreneurship.


Being a mompreneur mixes challenges with rewards, blending career satisfaction with personal growth.

Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship shows it’s possible to pursue dreams while being involved in children’s lives.

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Me And My Daughter Today

Strategies like business planning, outsourcing, and support networks help navigate this path.

Self-care, realistic goals, and learning are vital.

Sharing experiences empowers more women to embrace entrepreneurship confidently.


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What is meant by an entrepreneur?

Someone who creates, or owns and manages, a business.”

What is another name for a Mompreneur?

Many prefer to be called, simply, entrepreneur, while others suggest “fempreneur,” woman entrepreneur, female business owner, businesswoman, or female founder.

What business can a mother do?

As a mother of growing children, you’re probably shopping for clothes constantly. Why not put your expertise to good use by starting your own kids’ clothing business?
If you love to knit and crochet you could sell handmade clothes and accessories, or you could import kids’ clothing or run a drop-shipping business.

Why moms make the best entrepreneurs?

Why do moms make great entrepreneurs? 
Within your daily life as a mother you are demonstrating many skills that make entrepreneurship a great fit for you to run a thriving business.
Without possibly realizing it, you multitask, organize, plan out your day, create lists, delegate, and manage your day to achieve success.

What kind of jobs can a stay-at-home mom get?

Freelance writing, working as a social media manager, data entry, finding ways to monetize your own blog, monetizing your craft skills by starting an Etsy shop, creating online courses, remote customer service rep, remote real estate agent, etc…


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