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Bengali Girl Names Starting with S – Complete Guide

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This blog is all about understanding why names matter in Bengali society and exploring the unique culture and naming traditions of Bengali people.

We’ll take a closer look at popular Bengali girl names starting with S, digging into their history, special qualities, and lesser-known cultural meanings.

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Bengali culture, rich in history and tradition, encompasses a diverse array of customs and practices.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 28

Located in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, Bengal has a distinct cultural identity that is reflected in various aspects of everyday life, including naming traditions.

Bengali girl names starting with S hold immense significance as they not only reflect the ancestry and heritage of individuals but also embody the values and aspirations of families.

Brief Overview of Bengali Culture & Naming Traditions

Bengali culture is deeply rooted in a blend of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and other indigenous beliefs. This amalgamation gives rise to unique customs that shape various facets of life for Bengalis.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 29

When it comes to naming traditions, Bengalis often follow a system wherein names are carefully chosen based on their meanings or religious associations.


In Buddhism, names typically come from various sources, and the choice of names can depend on cultural, regional, or personal preferences. Here are some common sources for Buddhist names:

  1. Sanskrit or Pali Language: Many Buddhist names are derived from Sanskrit or Pali, which are ancient Indian languages. These names often have specific meanings related to virtues, qualities, or aspects of Buddhist teachings.
  2. Buddhist Scriptures: Names from Buddhist scriptures, such as the Tripitaka (the three “baskets” of Buddhist teachings), are often chosen for their significance in conveying spiritual or ethical values.
  3. Attributes and Virtues: Names in Buddhism often reflect virtues, qualities, or attributes that parents aspire for their children to embody. For example, names like Karuna (compassion) or Metta (loving-kindness) are popular.
  4. Cultural Influences: Depending on the region or country, there might be cultural influences in naming practices. Some Buddhist communities may integrate local or traditional names with Buddhist themes.
  5. Historical Figures: Names of revered historical figures in Buddhism, such as Bodhisattvas, Arhats, or prominent monks and nuns, may inspire names for individuals.
  6. Meditative Concepts: Names might also be inspired by concepts related to meditation, mindfulness, and the path to enlightenment.
  7. Personal Experiences: In some cases, parents may choose names based on personal experiences, aspirations, or spiritual insights they’ve had.
Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 30

It’s important to remember that Buddhism is diverse, with various traditions and cultural expressions, so naming practices can vary across different Buddhist communities.


In Hindu families, the process of naming is deeply rooted in cultural and religious traditions. Names are often derived from ancient Sanskrit texts, which hold profound significance in Hinduism. The Vedas, considered the oldest sacred scriptures, serve as a rich source for meaningful and timeless names. Additionally, Hindu parents frequently turn to the names of revered deities like Lord Krishna, who embodies virtues such as love and wisdom, or Goddess Durga, symbolizing strength and protection.

Here are some of the goddess deities who hold significant roles in Hindu mythology and are widely worshipped in various forms across different regions:

Naming in Hindu families is a sacred and thoughtful process, connecting the individual to the rich tapestry of Hindu culture and spirituality.


Muslim families, on the other hand, often choose names for their babies that hold profound meanings in Arabic or Persian, reflecting the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of the Islamic world. These names are typically derived from words found in the Quran, which is considered the holy book of Islam. The meanings behind Muslim names often carry deep spiritual and moral significance.

Arabic names, in particular, are widely favored among Muslim communities. Arabic is the language of the Quran, and many names are rooted in the words and phrases found in the sacred text. The names chosen by Muslim parents may reflect virtues, qualities, or attributes they wish for their children to embody. For instance, girl Muslim baby names like Fatima (captivating), Latifah (gentle), and Zainab (beauty) are widespread and carry positive meanings.

Importance of Names in Bengali Society

In Bengali society, names carry great importance and are considered more than mere labels.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 31

They serve as personal reflections and are believed to influence an individual’s destiny and character traits.

The process of choosing a name involves careful consideration by parents who aim to bestow upon their children a name that embodies positive qualities.

Names have social implications too; they create connections within communities by highlighting shared cultural values or religious affiliations.

Additionally, names can represent family lineage or honor revered ancestors. In this way, they provide a sense of belongingness and continuity across generations.

Bengalis take pride in their rich linguistic heritage and strive to preserve it through meaningful naming practices.

These names not only convey a sense of identity but also serve as a reminder of the values and beliefs that have been cherished for centuries.

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Bengali Girl Names Starting with S

Here is the list that you’ve been waiting for; Bengali Girl Names Starting with S:

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 32


Origin: Bengali

Meaning:Graceful” or “charming

Connotation: Elegance and charm

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Traditional Bengali name.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:The most beautiful” or “auspicious

Connotation: Beauty and auspiciousness

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: A name of virtue.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Affection” or “love

Connotation: Love and tenderness

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Associated with emotions and devotion.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Truth” or “child of joy

Connotation: Truth and joy

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: The name of Lord Indra’s wife.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Daughter of Lord Shiva” or “goddess

Connotation: Divine and sacred

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Associated with Lord Shiva’s lineage.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 33


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Daughter of the ocean” or “oceanic

Connotation: Oceanic and vast

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Refers to the vastness of the ocean.


Origin: Bengali


Connotation: Beauty and charm

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Traditional Bengali name.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Bright” or “good intellect

Connotation: Bright and intelligent

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects intelligence and goodness.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Modesty” or “shyness

Connotation: Modesty and shyness

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects desirable qualities.


Origin: Bengali

Meaning: “Music” or “melody

Connotation: Musical and melodious

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the significance of music in Bengali culture.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 34


Origin: Bengali

Meaning: Beautiful smile

Connotation: A beautiful smile

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the significance of smiles and happiness.


Origin: Bengali

Meaning:Creation” or “innovation

Connotation: Creative and innovative

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects creation and innovation.


Origin: Bengali

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi” or “prosperity

Connotation: Goddess of prosperity

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Associated with Goddess Lakshmi.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Bright” or “shining

Connotation: Bright and shining

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects brightness and radiance.


Origin: Bengali

Meaning: A kind of flower

Connotation: Floral and natural

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the significance of flowers in Bengali culture.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 35


Origin: Bengali

Meaning:Offertory of flowers” or “tribute

Connotation: Tribute with flowers

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the tradition of offering flowers in rituals.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: “Heard” or “sacred knowledge

Connotation: Sacred knowledge and wisdom

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the importance of sacred knowledge.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Wise” or “intellectual

Connotation: Wise and intellectual

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects wisdom and intellect.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Superior” or “auspicious

Connotation: Superior and auspicious

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects high standards and auspiciousness.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Vigilant” or “watchful

Connotation: Vigilant and watchful

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects alertness and vigilance.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 36


Origin: Bengali

Meaning:Floral” or “pleasant

Connotation: Floral and pleasant

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the significance of flowers in Bengali culture.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Fragrance” or “sweet scent

Connotation: Fragrance and sweet scent

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the significance of fragrances.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: “Desire” or “resolution

Connotation: Desire and resolution

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects female determination and aspiration.


Origin: Bengali

Meaning:Goddess of wealth” or “prosperity

Connotation: Goddess of wealth and prosperity

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Associated with Goddess Lakshmi.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Well-disposed” or “friend

Connotation: Well-disposed and friendly

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects friendliness and good disposition.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 37


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Beautiful melody” or “musical note

Connotation: Artistic and melodious

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects artistic and musical connotations.


Origin: Bengali

Meaning:The best” or “excellent

Connotation: Excellence and superiority

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects high standards.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: A melodious tune” or “sweet voice

Connotation: Musical and charming

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Carries musical and artistic connotations.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Beautiful in every way” or “gorgeous

Connotation: Absolute beauty and grace

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects beauty and elegance.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 38


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Holy River“, “Sacred River” or “Sacred Water”

Connotation: Spiritual and divine

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Carries spiritual and cultural connotations


Origin: Bengali

Meaning: “Peaceful” or “serene

Connotation: Peace and serenity

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the desire for a peaceful life.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning:Giver of happiness” or “bestower of joy

Connotation: Happiness and joy

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Carries the essence of spreading happiness.


Origin: Bengali

Meaning: Lucky” or “fortunate

Connotation: Luck and good fortune

Historical, Religious, or Mythological Influence: Reflects the blessings of good luck and fortune.

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Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 39


Shreya, a beautiful and popular option from Bengali girl names starting with S, holds significant meaning and substance.

Derived from Sanskrit, Shreya translates to “auspicious” or “prosperous.” This name embodies positive connotations and is often associated with qualities such as good fortune, success, and happiness.

In the rich cultural tapestry of Bengal, Shreya is regarded as a symbol of divine blessings and serves as a reminder of the importance of leading a virtuous life.

Moreover, the name Shreya carries deep cultural associations within the Bengali community. It reflects the values upheld by Bengali families, emphasizing the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of life.

From academics to artistic pursuits, individuals named Shreya are often encouraged to strive for greatness while remaining humble and connected to their roots.

Notably, this name has found favor not only among Bengalis but also in various other Indian communities due to its timeless appeal.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 40

Several notable personalities bear the name Shreya. One such luminary is Shreya Ghoshal, an accomplished playback singer who has made her mark in Bollywood cinema.

Her melodious voice has captivated audiences worldwide, earning her numerous accolades including several National Film Awards. Her success showcases the talent and determination associated with those named Shreya, serving as an inspiration for many young girls pursuing their dreams.


Suhana is another enchanting option from Bengali girl names starting with S. Rooted in Persian origins, Suhana epitomizes beauty and charm.

The name itself bears significance as it represents radiance and splendor that can illuminate the lives of those who possess it. With its elegant sound and poetic quality, Suhana resonates deeply with Bengali culture, where an appreciation for artistic expression and grace is treasured.

The name Suhana carries symbolism and connotations associated with an enchanting persona. It is often linked to qualities such as warmth, gracefulness, and a captivating personality.

Those named Suhana are thought to embody an inner glow that emanates through their presence, leaving a lasting impression on others. This name encapsulates the idea of timeless beauty coupled with a gentle yet magnetic aura.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 41

In contemporary times, Suhana has gained popularity within the Bengali community and beyond. Its growing usage reflects the desire for parents to choose a name that captures both tradition and modernity.

The charm of Suhana has transcended borders, attracting attention from diverse cultures appreciative of its subtle elegance.

As more families embrace this name, it continues to grow in prominence while retaining its classic allure.


Sraboni is a unique choice from Bengali girl names starting with S that possesses distinctive characteristics imbued with cultural significance.

The pronunciation may vary slightly across different regions of Bengal, but its essence remains constant – representing the arrival of spring or new beginnings.

Derived from Sanskrit roots, Sraboni evokes images of blossoming flowers and rejuvenation after winter’s slumber.

This name’s historical context can be traced back to ancient Bengali literature and folklore where Sraboni symbolizes hope, fertility, and growth.

In traditional celebrations like Pahela Baishakh (Bengali New Year), Sraboni takes center stage as a reminder of nature’s cyclical rebirth.

It celebrates the vibrant colors and fragrances that mark the arrival of spring in Bengal’s idyllic landscapes.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 42

Considering regional variations in pronunciation and spelling adds an intriguing layer to the allure of these girl names.

In different parts of Bengal, one might encounter alternate versions such as Shravani or Sraboni.

However, regardless of the minor differences, the name evokes a shared cultural sentiment that resonates with Bengalis across borders.

The name Sraboni continues to be cherished by Bengali families who seek a connection to their roots and a celebration of nature’s eternal cycles.

Its distinctiveness and association with hope make it an appealing choice for parents seeking a name that embodies deep cultural values.

Somlata: Unveiling the Hidden Gems

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 43

Historical Significance Behind Somlata

In the realm of Bengali girl names starting with S, Somlata stands as a rare and enchanting choice.

Delving into its historical significance reveals a deep-rooted connection to Bengali culture.

Somlata finds its origins in ancient Sanskrit literature, where it is derived from the combination of two words: “som” meaning nectar or divine elixir, and “lata” translating to creeper or vine.

Thus, Somlata encapsulates the essence of a blossoming vine that brings forth sweetness and vitality.

Lesser-Known Cultural References to Somlata

While not widely known beyond Bengal’s borders, Somlata holds cultural references that connect it to various aspects of Bengali life. In traditional poetry and folk songs, the name often appears as a metaphor for beauty, gracefulness, and resilience.

This symbolic association stems from the belief that just as a creeper gracefully intertwines itself around structures, Somlata represents the ability to adapt and thrive in challenging circumstances.

Unique Qualities Associated with Somlata

Somlata carries an exquisite charm that sets it apart from more common names. Its rarity lends an air of exclusivity to those bestowed with this captivating name.

It reflects sophistication and elegance while simultaneously evoking a sense of mystery and allure.

Parents who choose Somlata for their daughters do so with an appreciation for its unique qualities and a desire to bestow upon them an identity that radiates grace, resilience, and enchantment.

Srijani: Unraveling Meaningful Origins

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 44

The Origin and Meaning Behind Srijani

Srijani is another intriguing option out of Bengali girl names starting with S, which holds a wealth of significance.

Rooted in Sanskrit, Srijani combines the words “sri,” meaning beauty or prosperity, and “jani,” signifying the source or creator.

As such, Srijani encompasses the essence of being a harbinger of beauty and abundance.

While Srijani might not be as commonly heard as some other names, it has experienced a gradual resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Perhaps due to its deep-rooted meaning and melodic sound, more parents are turning to this option from girl names as an embodiment of their aspirations for their daughters to embody beauty, success, and creativity.

Noteworthy Individuals Named Srijani

Though rare, there have been notable individuals who have carried the name Srijani.

From talented artists expressing themselves through various mediums to ambitious entrepreneurs making their mark on industries globally. These individuals embody the qualities associated with their name: creativity, drive, and a resolute dedication to achieving greatness.

Sharbari: a Tapestry of History and Symbolism

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 45

Rare Usage and Historical Context of Sharbari

Sharbari is an evocative choice from Bengali girl names starting with S, that brings forth a sense of history steeped in tradition.

While less prevalent than some other names, Sharbari carries echoes from ancient Bengali literature where it is often linked to lush greenery or dense forests.

It conjures images of verdant landscapes teeming with life.

Cultural Significance or Symbolism Attached to Sharbari

Sharbari holds cultural significance beyond its literal meaning by symbolizing fertility, abundance, and harmony with nature.

It represents an intrinsic connection between humanity and the natural world—an acknowledgment of our place within the larger tapestry of existence.

Through this name, parents seek to honor the inherent bond between their daughters and the environment, fostering a deep appreciation for nature’s bounties.

Regional Variations in Pronunciation

It is noteworthy that Sharbari may exhibit regional variations in pronunciation within Bengal and its diaspora.

The pronunciation may vary slightly, emphasizing different syllables or altering the intonation depending on cultural nuances.

However, regardless of these subtleties, the essence and symbolism embodied by Sharbari remain constant.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 46

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The Best Bengali Girl’s Name

If you are looking for ‘the best Bengali girl names’, it generally comes down to a matter of personal choice and that choice could be influenced by factors such as cultural significance, family traditions, or personal meaning.

However, we can still give you the latest most ‘popular‘ female Bengali names at the moment, and they are; Aaradhya, Aarna, Kiara, Sohini, Amaira, Anika, Shreya, Dia, Swara, and Aadya.

Latest Cute Bengali Nickname for a Girl

Adorable nicknames serve as a heartfelt avenue for parents to articulate their profound affection and endearment towards their little ones. These goddess monikers carry an inherent warmth, encapsulating a reservoir of love that defines the parent-child bond.

In Bengali culture, the practice of bestowing affectionate nicknames upon family members, particularly children, is a prevalent tradition. These endearing goddess baby names often draw inspiration from terms of affection, familial ties, or even traits that parents find irresistibly charming.

Most charming nicknames also forge an exclusive and intimate connection between parents and their offspring. They serve as mirrors reflecting specific moments, distinctive traits, or cherished characteristics that hold sentimental significance within the familial embrace.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 47

Bengali cultural norms embrace a rich tradition of assigning unique nicknames, affectionately known as “daak naam” in Bengali. These informal girl names, whether playful, charming, or poetic, contribute to the distinctive identity of each family member, weaving a tapestry of individuality within the familial fabric.

Bengali parents, guided by the simple joy and sweetness derived from calling their children by endearing names, often opt for these cute nicknames. Such names carry an aura of innocence, playfulness, and charm, embodying the pure essence of childhood.

In essence, the endearing tradition of bestowing cute nicknames upon baby girls in Bengali culture is more than a mere practice; it is a poignant tradition that nurtures an atmosphere of love, warmth, and profound connection within the family. These girl names transcend the realm of mere labels, becoming heartfelt expressions of affection and a jubilant celebration of the unique qualities that render each child special

Here are a few popular Bengali girl nicknames that many found adorable:
Ria, Piu, Mimi, Mishti, Tia, Rimi, and Riya.

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Some of The Rarest Bengali Girl Names Starting with S

SamriddhProsperity Maestro: a symphony of prosperity, a maestro conducting the melody of abundance.

SrobonaRhapsody Rain: a rainstorm of rhapsody, a poetic downpour that serenades the soul.

SrimitaElegant Sovereign: an elegant reign, a sovereign presence that commands grace.

ShresthaPinnacle Luminary: a luminary at the pinnacle, a shining star atop the celestial hierarchy.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 48

ShonchitaDreamer’s Echo: an echo of dreams, a reverberation that whispers tales of aspirations.

SudritiSublime Artisan: an artisan of the sublime, a creator crafting beauty with finesse.

SthiraTranquil Zenith: a zenith of tranquility, a serene summit that calms the storms.

ShubhritaAuspicious Muse: a muse of auspiciousness, an inspirational force that blesses the journey.

SaborniCelestial Charm: a charm from the celestial realms, an enchantment that transcends earthly beauty.

SukanyaGraceful Radiance: a radiance of grace, a luminous aura that graces every step.

Prettiest Girl Names In Indian

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 49

Astrology in Naming Hindu Baby Girls

In India, the assignment of Hindu baby names is a deeply ingrained custom that is often frequently influenced by an astrological sign and the particular considerations thereof, such as numerology.

Nakshatras and Birth Charts: Hindu families would often take into account the baby’s birth chart or Kundli, a comprehensive astrological document that encompasses details such as the Nakshatra (lunar mansion) prevailing at the time of birth, or numerlogy. Specific Nakshatras are correlated with particular letters, leading to the consideration of Hindu names commencing with those letters as auspicious choices for the newborn.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 50

Muhurat: The timing of naming, known as the Hindu Namkaran ceremony, is often chosen based on auspicious astrological timings or muhurats.

Namkaran Ceremony: The Namkaran ceremony, typically conducted a few weeks post-birth, stands as a momentous occasion where the infant is formally bestowed with a baby name. In this significant Hindu event, family members, elders, and occasionally a priest actively partake in the ceremonial ritual, contributing to the sanctity and cultural richness of the naming process.

Offerings and Blessings: Within the ceremony, heartfelt prayers and offerings often unfold, symbolizing a collective endeavor to invoke blessings for the well-being of the baby and the prospect of a prosperous and fulfilling future.

Blessing Name for Indian Baby Girls

In Indian culture, the blessing name for a baby girl is often chosen based on positive meanings or attributes that parents wish to bestow upon their child.

Here are a few happy names that are considered auspicious and carry positive blessings:

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 51

The Rarest Girl Name in India

Crafting the rarest girl name in India requires the integration of distinctive and unique elements, steering away from the commonplace. Several factors come into play when contemplating such a name:

Cultural Fusion:

Blend elements from diverse Indian cultures or regions to craft names that symbolize a harmonious fusion of varied influences like sacred scripture, numerology or mythology from either Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam religion.

Rare Sounds:

Choose phonetic combinations that deviate from the norm in traditional Indian names. Uncommon syllables or distinctive sound patterns can contribute to making the name truly stand out.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 52

Symbolic Meaning:

Select a name imbued with a symbolic meaning that is uncommon or less conventional. Delve into the meanings of words across diverse languages and cultures to draw inspiration.

Historical References:

Delve into historical references, ancient texts, or mythologies to discover names that have faded from common usage in contemporary times.

Innovative Spelling:

Experiment with the spelling of a Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu name to infuse it with a distinctive twist. This might entail adding or subtracting letters, employing unconventional combinations, or rearranging the order of letters.


Derive inspiration from uncommon elements in nature, celestial bodies, or distinctive flora and fauna to craft a name that is not only meaningful but also exceptionally rare.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 53

Personal Significance:

Inject the name with personal significance by blending initials, birthdates, or elements from family names in a uniquely distinctive manner.

Artistic Expression:

Contemplate names inspired by art, literature, or alternative forms of creative expression. This approach can yield a name that mirrors a distinctive sense of aesthetics.

Uncommon Prefixes or Suffixes:

Explore prefixes or suffixes that deviate from the usual choices in Indian names. This experimentation can impart a unique and distinguishing touch to the name.

Consult with Experts:

Consult with experts in linguistics, naming, or cultural studies for valuable insights in crafting a name that is not only rare but also culturally resonant.

Modern Bengali Girl Names Starting With S


Unique Bengali Girl Names Starting With Letter S


Beautiful Bengali Girl Names Starting With S



In delving into these enchanting and rarely explored Bengali Girl Names Starting with S, we unearth a trove of history, cultural richness, and profound symbolism.

Somlata, akin to an ephemeral vine, gracefully intertwines with resilience, bestowing upon the name a unique charm in the realm of baby names.

Srijani, an embodiment of beauty and creativity, paints a happy canvas of individuality and artistic allure, offering an exquisite choice for parents seeking meaningful baby names.

On the other hand, Sharbari bridges the gap to nature, serving as a poignant reminder of our inherent connection to the world around us.

Bengali Girl Names Starting With S - Complete Guide 54

By embracing these distinctive names, parents not only grant their daughters unique identities but also weave a tapestry of Bengal’s rich heritage into their lives, making these names a valuable addition to the baby name database.

These names transcend mere labels; they become threads in the fabric of cultural legacy, celebrating individuality and inspiring hope for a future where beauty, abundance, and harmony flourish in every facet of life for girls and newborns alike.

Reflecting timeless values and aspirations, these names offer a glimpse into the profound cultural tapestry of Bengali heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bengali name for beauty?

The Bengali name for “beauty” is “Sundari”

Which is the most rare girl name in India?

While it’s challenging to pinpoint the absolute rarest girl name in India due to the vast diversity of names, here are four uncommon girl names: Tarannum, Ananya, Divyanshi, and Aaradhya.

What is a unique nickname for an Indian girl?

Zara, Aria, Niva, Ishaan, or Riyan.

What is the best Bengali name?

Determining the “best” Bengali name is subjective and depends on personal preferences, cultural significance, and individual taste. Bengali names often carry cultural and familial meanings, and what might be considered the best name can vary from person to person. If you have specific criteria or preferences in mind, such as the meaning, uniqueness, or cultural significance you’re looking for in a name, I can provide more tailored suggestions. Otherwise, the “best” name is a matter of personal choice and holds different meanings for different individuals.

What is a cute Bengali nickname for a girl?

Choosing a cute Bengali nickname for a girl can be a delightful way to express affection. Here are a few suggestions:
Mishti – Meaning sweet, this nickname conveys endearment.
Tora – A sweet and simple nickname.
Puchki – Often used as a cute term of endearment.
Chhutki – Meaning little one, it’s an adorable nickname.
Bubbly – Reflecting a cheerful and lively personality.
Khushi – Translating to happiness, it’s a joyful nickname.
Dimpu – A playful and cute choice.
Sonu – A classic, affectionate nickname.
Golu – Conveying a round and adorable charm.
Khokha – A cute and affectionate term.

What are the rarest names that start with S?

Determining the rarest names starting with the letter “S” can be subjective and depend on cultural, regional, and individual factors. However, here are some names that are relatively uncommon and may be considered rare:

What are the 2 types of Bengali names?

In Bengali culture, names can generally be categorized into two types:
1) Daak Naam (??? ???):
Translated as “calling name” or “pet name.”
Daak Naam is the informal and affectionate name by which an individual is commonly addressed within the family and close circles.
It’s often chosen based on personal characteristics, traits, or moments associated with the person.
This name is used more casually in daily interactions.
2) Bhalo Naam (???? ???):
Translated as “good name” or “formal name.”
Bhalo Naam is the formal and official name that appears on legal documents.
It is often selected based on cultural, traditional, or familial considerations.
This name is used in formal settings, official documents, and public contexts.


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